Greg & Ted - Love Wind and Failure

Greg & Ted - Love Wind and Failure ()

Editon of 250 Absolutely bizarre in their focused simplicity, Greg & Ted make music out of thin air. “Maybe funded by institute in which they reside? Or perhaps just plain serious art? Musique brut that’s what it is. Actually I enjoyed the total weirdness of it.” – – Vital Weekly 180 Gram LP Picture Disc OUT OF PRINT!

Zebu - Hookers in Sweatpants

ZEBU! - Hookers In Sweatpants ()

ZEBU!’s first attempt at the great studio album of all time is truly a classic of the Feeding Tube canon. Featuring some of the most lasting songs of the ZEBU! repertory, each song is a crazy blueprint of the band in its embryonic stages. Produced by Jonathan Granoff and recorded by Nathan Rosborough in a basement in RI, Steve plays banjo, tracks are written on the spot, and genius occurs. Ted says “What? It’s freakin in a gold bag!”


ZEBU! - The $2 CD ()

Recorded on 1.14.07 at The Confetti House in Amherst, MA Except for track 10 which was recorded on 9.13.06 at Mod 50 Enfield, Hampshire College. OUT OF PRINT!