Dead Sea Apes & Black Tempest - Sun Behind The Sun (Mirri Board Sleeve Edition) ()

LP Edition of 500. Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records are proud to present a long awaited reissue of Dead Sea Apes & Black Tempest – The Sun Behind The Sun. This re-issue is presented in a reflective Mirri Board reflective outer sleeve. Manchester’s Dead Sea Apes and Godalming’s Black Tempest engage in a mind meld of galactic proportions on this; both band’s first outing on vinyl. Both entities weave together seamlessly as Grey Alphabets recalls Goblin’s giallo soundtracks, whilst Wilder Penfield pulses with post-punk metal-loid Harmonia kraut vibes. Side 2 is given over to the 25+minute Heliopause – a dubby astral meditation, where Oneida meet Tangerine Dream in an elongated Komische drift. For fans of: Harmonia, Oneida,Goblin, Mogwai, Tangerine… Read more »

Dead Sea Apes - Night Lands ()

LP Edition of 500 Co-Release with Cardinal Fuzz  (90x Random colour eco-vinyl in stock)  OUT OF PRINT REPRESS – Twisted Stripe Vinyl / Gloss Lam Sleeve.  Hot on the heels of last year’s drone masterpiece, The Free Territory (FTR 457), comes this hot bowl of noodles from Manchester’s most elegantly wasted quintet. And while there might be apt comparisons to be made to some of the best current psych purveyors, the central thrill provided  by these sounds makes me think of naught but prime Bay Area ballroom scene acid spew.  The guitar lines unspool like electrical cables filled with acid punch, and remain crackling in the air for moments longer than you imagine they can remain afloat. The keys have… Read more »

Eric Arn - QuaranTunes Session No.010 ( / )

12″ Edition of 25. Numbered. Riso Looseleaf cover / back art printed at Looky Here. (note. variant cover art, some cover art will differ from others…) Broadcasting from his home in Vienna on the evening of Friday June 19, 2020, guitarist Eric Arn put on a wonderful display of various ways to create sonic beauty. Playing acoustic guitar, and adding vocals at times, Eric’s material and highly melodic approach were an expansion of the form-moves he explored on his first Feeding Tube album, Orphic Resonance (FTR 281), rather than the more prickly textures displayed on its follow-up, Paranza Corta (FTR 384). Two of the tunes are covers — Peter Laughner’s classic mid ’70s ballad, “Baudelaire” and Jackson C Frank’s “Madonna… Read more »

Dead Sea Apes Adam Stone Black Tempest - Dataland ()

LP Edition of 500 (250 x Cream Vinyl with Heavy Berry Splatter (picture is a mock up) 250 x Black Vinyl) Release Date – January 29th – Preorder available. BLACK VINYL –  available at FORCED EXPOSURE BERRY SPLATTER VINYL – We are pleased to announce our forthcoming album DATALAND, a collaboration with Black Tempest and Adam Stone achieved mainly through internet data transfer during the Covid lockdown of 2020. Insistent, evolving electronic sounds encounter a variety of guitars and percussion, from the clockwork kosmische of ‘Lost Hours’ to the stumbling nosie dub of ‘Shop Soiled’, while Adam Stone’s words meditate on life in the post-industrial west, our increasingly atomised and data-driven society and its logical conclusion in a corporatised dystopia…. Read more »

Frank & The Hurricanes - Love Ya Love Ya ()

LP Edition of 300. Co-Released with Sophomore Lounge FOUND THE LAST BOX   Frank Hurricane’s been chugging along at his own personal pace for a good while now, and the further he rambles, the further we roam with him. Here he’s joined by Jake Merrick on bass, vocals, and keys and John Spiegel on drums and percussion. And it feels good.  The group exquisitely compliments Frank’s tales of travel and serenity and the embrace of uncertainty. There’s a languid hallucinatory Meat Puppets vibe to “Creekside Cooler,” “Spivey,” and “Wildorado,” a song with a killer Taco Bell shout-out. Elsewhere they lope through after-hours vibes that could be drawn from the Raccoon catalog or some Shangri-La Studio sessions.   Some examples:  “Cold… Read more »

Maxine Funke / P Wits - QuaranTunes Series No.014 ( / )

12″ Edition of 36. Numbered. Riso Looseleaf cover / back art printed at Looky Here. OUT OF PRINT Recorded on July 17, 2020 as part of Feeding Tube’s Zoom concert series, QuaranTunes, we find New Zealand’s Maxine Funke, aided by the always mysterious guitarist P Wits, playing some of the most beautiful sounds around. Several of the songs on the first side have appeared on Maxine’s brilliant records, and they are given gorgeously stark illumination that recalls the hermetic wonder of Sibylle Baier’s Colour Green. Her words and the lightly played guitar seem to emerge from somewhere beyond time, with a quality that is weightless and grounded at the same time. The second side is a longer new piece, matching… Read more »

Joshua Abrams - QuaranTunes Series No.006 ( / )

12″ Edition of 34. Numbered. Riso Looseleaf cover / back art printed at Looky Here. OUT OF PRINT – BANDCAMP LINK Amazing solo set by Chicago’s Joshua Abrams, probably best know these days for his incredible work with his group, The Natural Information Society (well documented on the Eremite label.) But on this night, Friday May 22, 2020, Josh was playing alone, not just on his standard instrument (the bass), but also on clarinet. I was as surprised as the next human when I saw him raise Jimmy Giuffre’s weapon on choice to his lips, but it sounded great. I hope he starts playing it more — there’s definitely a weird and appealing quality to his approach. It’s akin to… Read more »

Spiral Wave Nomads - First Encounters ()

LP Edition of 250. Co-Released with Twin Lakes Records OUT OF PRINT Paradoxically, the second LP by Spiral Wave Nomads documents the first time Albany-based guitarist Eric Hardiman and New Haven-based drummer Michael Kiefer attempted to play as two humans inhabiting the same locus inside the time/space continuum. The pair had been trading files and music for a good while. Their eponymous debut LP (FTR 455/TLR 027) was produced remotely and released too much rapture in May 2019. But they had never actually played together until later in that summer. First Encounters is raw documentation of what happened when they walked into the studio at Eric’s, house, set up and let the music flow.  Very much in the same headspace… Read more »

Michael Morley - QuaranTunes Series No.012 : Flags Battered ( / )

12″ Edition of 39. Numbered. Riso Looseleaf cover / back art printed at Looky Here. OUT OF PRINT On the evening of Friday July 3, 2020 (although it was the morning of Saturday July 4 in New Zealand), Michael Morley (aka He Who Is Gate) went into his front room to play a few acoustic tunes. Luckily for all, a gaggle of people was spying on him via Zoom, so the results of this fine-ass recital were recorded and may now be presented to you in all physical glory. With an approach using equal measures of beauty and abstraction, Morley played a glorious set, quite different from the noisier electric work for which he is known via Dead C, Wreck… Read more »

Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski - QuaranTunes Series No.013 : Live at Sunview ( / )

12″ Edition of 36. Numbered. Riso Looseleaf cover / back art printed at Looky Here. On the evening of Friday April 10, 2020 Marcia Bassett and Samara Lubelski set up their gear in Brooklyn’s Sunview Luncheonette. With the assistance of Barry Weisblat (“The Lumberjack of Sound”) they got the amp mix just right, and as 7 PM rolled around, they proceeded to take the tops of our heads clean off. They played two new pieces, and both were doozies. On the first, “Sunview 1,” the swoop of violin and guitar made me think of B-25s crossing the Pacific at night on their way to light up Imperial Japan. The music was tense and rolling and ominous in a way that… Read more »