Sea Moss


Sea Moss is Noa and Zach, we make all of our own electronics, they are all analog and they are all soldered, designed, and packaged by hand- no midi, no sequencers, nothing digital. Zach uses drum triggers housed in a cash box, Noa uses feedback oscillators housed in tin boxes.
We are also interested in CRT TV Glitch and have done some audio visual type work on that end. We teach workshops, described as a crash course in noise making- in which we show people how to use a breadboard and make a square wave using analog components, and how to manipulate this sound in various ways. We are very much of the belief that you do not need money to make electronic music.. you don’t have to buy anything…. you can… do it yourself! We are self contained- we ‘do our own sound’ which comes in the form of a big pile of amplifiers piled up in a monolithic type stack- two bass cabs with a guitar amp on top. Noa sings out of a contact mic, pressed against her throat, which runs thru the guitar amp (this is the only processing the vocals receive). We play facing each other, with the stack in between, and rely on eye contact and audio / visual cues as a large part of the timing. The machines we use are not ‘pedals’ , they do not process sounds, they synthesize them.

Releases by Sea Moss: