Mordecai - Library Music ()

LP Edition of 200. Includes download code. OUT OF PRINT Release Date – September 25th, 2020 Bandcamp Remaining copies at Forced Exposure  Feeding Tube was chuffed to take Professor Steve Hesske’s advice and make way for the fifth vinyl LP by Mordecai. I mean, when the Professor speaks even the cows take notice. And we are all descended from cows, right? So why not? Originally based around Butte Montana, formed by two brothers who claim to have been born (or conceived) (or some damn thing) on crappy Dead tours (’89 and ’92, meaning the ones that resulted in Without a Net and “Althea” from 30 Trips Around the Sun), Mordecai took an unlikely backstory and spun it into solid gold… Read more »

Monoshock - Runnin’ Ape-Like From The Backwards Superman: 1989 – 1995 ()

2xLP Edition of 300. Co-Released with Cardinal Fuzz Release Date – October 23rd – Preorder available soon… Just what you need in these end times – Cardinal Fuzz (Europe) and Feeding Tube Records (N.America) – A vinyl issue of the killer CD comp that SS Records released way back in 2004 with a couple of added treats. Brace yourself for some steller  hair singeing full throttle wipe outs across 4 slabs of heavy black vinyl. Comes with a folded A3 double sided insert. Monoshock was one of THE best bands of the 90s and if they were from Seattle and not Illa Vista & Oakland, California you would already know that. During their six years they released a handful of… Read more »

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Berserkir Volume II ()

LP Edition of 300. Co-Released with Cardinal Fuzz. Artwork – Brett Savage Release Date – October 30th – Pre-order available soon… Dateline unknown…emanations from a planet in meltdown. The universal cosmic event tracker estimates between 22 to 52 points of possible physical contact with The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol but it has lost count. This Canadian improve unit have over the last few years started to get the gushing love and attention they have always deserved. Like all the best artists, they do not fit snugly into any genre – as from one moment to the next their ability to create cosmically juiced up and fucked up music which in many cases when played and recorded was the… Read more »

Alison Cotton - Only Darkness Now ()

LP Edition of 300. Co-Released with Cardinal Fuzz. Artwork – Luke Drodz Release Date – October 30th – Pre-order coming soon.  Here is the second solo LP by the wonderful London-based singer/multi-instrumentalist Alison Cotton. Originally issued on cassette by the mighty Bloxham Tapes, just about everyone who heard Only Darkness Now suggested it might make for an excellent LP. And hey — they were right. Alison’s debut LP ‘All Is Quiet at the Ancient Theatre’ received wide ranging critical acclaim from placing in the Guardians Writers Album Of The Year to placing in the Quietus Albums of the Year. Ms. Cotton has a storied past performing with Saloon and The Eighteenth Day of May, and she still may be found doing… Read more »

Jordan Perry - Changing Always Who Is Waving To Us ()

CS Edition of 150. Release Date – October 30th, 2020 – Pre-Order Available FTR is excited and honored to be working with the Virginia-based guitarist, Jordan Perry, again on his new cassette. Our previous work with Jordan began with a reissue of his eponymous 2017 debut LP originally released by Good Cry Records (FTR 376), and was followed by vinylization of his self-released 2018 cassette, Witness Tree (FTR465). Both of these albums are fantastic blends of folk technique and avant strategies, and the same can be said of this new cassette, Changing Always Who Is Waving to Us. Comprised of four pieces longer than the work on those earlier albums, the material was recorded earlier this year, originally just as… Read more »

Powers / Rolin Duo - QuaranTunes Series no.008 ( / )

12″ Lathe Edition of 32. Numbered. Downlaod Code Included. Loose-leaf cover + back art printed at Looky Here in Greenfield, MA. Don’t fear, little buddy. You did not miss a passel of live Quarantunes lathe LPs while you sleeping in a cloud of misery. Not hardly! Despite the fact that it was the 8th one recorded, the Powers/Rollin Dup session has been released prior to some of the other concerts recorded earlier. Many factors contribute to this, but they are trademarked Feeding Tube secrets, so you’ll just have to accept our word that it is the status quo. Broadcast live on Zoom from Columbus OH at 7 PM (eastern) Friday June 5, 2020, this extremely limited hand-cut LP serves as… Read more »

Jeffrey Alexander - QuaranTunes Series no.007 ( / )

12″ Lathe Edition of 32. Numbered. Includes download code. Loose-leaf Risogragh cover and back art printed at Looky Here in Greenfield Wondrous documentation of the solo set by Jeffrey Alexander, broadcast over Zoom at 7PM Friday May 29. 2020. Jeffrey was in Richmond VA on family business, but managed to kick out the jams as though he were deeply immersed in the comforts of home. Accompanying himself on guitar, the mood was about as intimate as it gets. Of the five tunes selected for the LP, I can namecheck three. “Strength of Strings” is from Gene Clark’s classic No Other LP, and it approached with a non nonsense form of brooding that is wonderful. “Sunsplash Your Mind” is one of… Read more »

Big Blood - Dark Country Magic ()

LP Edition of 500. Co-Released with Cardinal Fuzz Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records are delighted to be able to  bring to you the much anticipated vinyl pressing of ‘Dark Country Magic’ from this wonderful Maine trio (Quinnisa making her first intentional effort with Moo Hoo on this release. Caleb Mukerin and Colleen Kinsella have been key personages of the Portland sonic underground as members of the cosmically-shifting Cerberus Shoals and the folkily psychedelic Fire on Fire before forming the more personal and hermetic Big Blood back in 2006. The band’s multi-phasic discography has thus far reminded people of everything from the Comus to Portishead to Julee Cruise at different moments, yet none of these thumbnails comes close to capturing… Read more »

Joseph Allred - QuaranTunes Series no.009 ( / )

12″ Edition of 32. Numbered. Risograph printed loose leaf cover and back art printed at Looky Here in Greenfield, MA. Youtube Archive. Recorded on the evening of Friday June 12, 2020, at his home in Brighton MA, this lathe documents a spellbinding instrumental set by master musician, Joseph Allred.  The first piece is side-long exploration of the guitar based on a Robbie Basho piece called “Tassajara” (from The Falconer’s Arm I). But Allred’s approach feels less tense, and a bit looser, which always seems like a good thing to. The second piece is a vocal accompanied  by harmonium. A bit like some of the material on his most recent Feeding Tube LP, Michael (FTR 532), there is a deeply spiritual… Read more »

The Left Outsides - A Place To Hide ()

LP Edition of 497. Co-Released with Cardinal Fuzz. Much needed vinylization of an amazing live set, previously issued as a CDR in an edition of 100 by the fine Borley Rectory label. Finally, for the good of all mankind, the music from this great night, opening for Robyn Hitchcock at London’s Betsey Trotwood in October 2018, is turntable ready. A Place to Hide begins with the album’s one new original tune “My Reflection Once Was Me.” The song brims with harmonium-iced vocals that cannot fail to bring a certain German-born chanteuse to mind. Built over a lovely droning base, and slow, martial pulsing, the song answers a rarely asked question — what might it have sounded like if Tim Buckley… Read more »