Anthroprophh - German Oak ()

LP Edition of 500. Heavy Black Vinyl  Co-Released with Cardinal Fuzz Release Date – December 4th, 2020 – Preorder Available – Please Note : Ships when they arrive. All you need to know is Anthroprophh release records on Rocket Recordings and every so often I get to release one and with ‘German Oak’ you are getting a release that is both unique and very special. Side One is a 17 minute Freak Out / Meltdown / Brain Buzz of a mother fucker – Imagine a star collapsing in upon itself and I reckon you have the sound of German Oak. Side Two is 4 tracks all melded together – 2 tracks of hypnotic minimal electronic bliss meld into a Tacoma… Read more »

Divine Horsemen - Live 1985-1987 ()

CD Edition of 500. Release Date – December 4th – Pre-order available –  Divine Horsemen were a band formed & led by Chris D between the years 1983 and 1988, while he was on hiatus from the Flesh Eaters. Divine Horsemen (taking their name from one of the Flesh Eaters’ most powerful stompers) emerged as a byproduct of Chris’ gorgeous solo album, Time Stands Still. He met singer Julie Christensen a few months before the recording, and the mix of their voices was such a perfect pairing of honey and gravel, they knew they had to keep working together.  Taking a more measured rock tone (as compared to the raging word-zonk of the Flesh Eaters), Divine Horsemen recorded three great… Read more »

Dead Sea Apes Adam Stone Black Tempest - Dataland ()

LP Edition of 500 (250 x Cream Vinyl with Heavy Berry Splatter (picture is a mock up) 250 x Black Vinyl) Release Date – January 29th – Preorder available. We are pleased to announce our forthcoming album DATALAND, a collaboration with Black Tempest and Adam Stone achieved mainly through internet data transfer during the Covid lockdown of 2020. Insistent, evolving electronic sounds encounter a variety of guitars and percussion, from the clockwork kosmische of ‘Lost Hours’ to the stumbling nosie dub of ‘Shop Soiled’, while Adam Stone’s words meditate on life in the post-industrial west, our increasingly atomised and data-driven society and its logical conclusion in a corporatised dystopia. ‘Dataland’ is a meditation upon the average existence of a ‘developed-world’… Read more »

Spiral Wave Nomads - First Encounters ()

LP Edition of 250. Co-Released with Twin Lakes Records Release Date – January 1st, 2021 – Preorder available. Paradoxically, the second LP by Spiral Wave Nomads documents the first time Albany-based guitarist Eric Hardiman and New Haven-based drummer Michael Kiefer attempted to play as two humans inhabiting the same locus inside the time/space continuum. The pair had been trading files and music for a good while. Their eponymous debut LP (FTR 455/TLR 027) was produced remotely and released too much rapture in May 2019. But they had never actually played together until later in that summer. First Encounters is raw documentation of what happened when they walked into the studio at Eric’s, house, set up and let the music flow. … Read more »

Dead Sea Apes & Black Tempest - Sun Behind The Sun (Mirri Board Sleeve Edition) ()

LP Edition of 500. Release Date – January 29th, 2021 – Pre-order available. Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records are proud to present a long awaited reissue of Dead Sea Apes & Black Tempest – The Sun Behind The Sun. This re-issue is presented in a reflective Mirri Board reflective outer sleeve. Manchester’s Dead Sea Apes and Godalming’s Black Tempest engage in a mind meld of galactic proportions on this; both band’s first outing on vinyl. Both entities weave together seamlessly as Grey Alphabets recalls Goblin’s giallo soundtracks, whilst Wilder Penfield pulses with post-punk metal-loid Harmonia kraut vibes. Side 2 is given over to the 25+minute Heliopause – a dubby astral meditation, where Oneida meet Tangerine Dream in an elongated… Read more »

Dead Sea Apes - Night Lands ()

LP Edition of 500 Co-Release with Cardinal Fuzz  (90x Random colour eco-vinyl in stock)  OUT OF PRINT REPRESS – Twisted Stripe Vinyl / Gloss Lam Sleeve. Release Date – January 29th, 2021 – Preorder available. Hot on the heels of last year’s drone masterpiece, The Free Territory (FTR 457), comes this hot bowl of noodles from Manchester’s most elegantly wasted quintet. And while there might be apt comparisons to be made to some of the best current psych purveyors, the central thrill provided  by these sounds makes me think of naught but prime Bay Area ballroom scene acid spew.  The guitar lines unspool like electrical cables filled with acid punch, and remain crackling in the air for moments longer than you… Read more »

Les Conversions - Cassette ()

LP Edition of 300. Co-Released with Drowned Lands FTR is tickled pink to present the second album in the Drowned Lands series, a group of recordings selected by Jason Meagher from recordings made at his Black Dirt Studio. Les Conversions are the trio of Dave Shuford, Pat Murano and Jason himself, three musicians first recognized for their work with the legendary No Neck Blues Band. Their first two LPs, Les Conversions (Kelipah) and Snowwhite (Holidays) were recorded during a single 2011 session and both brim with long form no rules brain fucking that is damn hard to put your finger on,. Suffice to say that of all the countless projects associated with NNCK, Les Conversions are in some ways the… Read more »

The Left Outsides - Are You Sure I Was There ()

LP Edition of 700 Pressing (200 x Ltd Cream and 450 on Heavy Black Vinyl. Full size double sided insert Co-Released with Cardinal Fuzz BLACK VINYL CREAM VINYL At last, a new studio LP from superb London duo, The Left Outsides, to follow up on 2018’s amazing All That Remains.  The basic building blocks remain the same — half of the sound is Alison Cotton and her viola and keys, the other half is Mark Nicholas with a stunning array of guitars — but the structures they create this time are darker and more forbidding than their antecedents. This album feels very much a piece of the season in which it is being released, as the leaves strip themselves from trees… Read more »

Byron Coley - Father Yod’s Kitchen ()

196 Pages. Design by Naomi Yang. In the spirit of community cookbooks through the ages, this collection of recipes involves simple techniques and common ingredients. In this instance, the community represented is the musical sub-underground of Western Massachusetts. Mr. Coley is a home cook, whose professional restaurant experience mostly involves dishwashing. But over the last quarter century he has fed family, friends and large events at his house, the Yod Space in Florence MA, and various other places. Accompanied by his own commentary, as well as that of those who have et his vittles, this book should be as useful as reading material in the bathroom, as it is for instruction in the kitchen. $19.95 + shipping