Troposphere 7 - To Keyi Toko Zonga ()

LP Edition of 500. Download included. Co-Release with Massachusetts Institute of Contemporary Music Release Date – April 19th, 2024 – Preorder available – $24 MB Jones and Rey Sapienz first encountered one another in 2018. Jones was living in South Korea and visited Kampala, Uganda with his partner. Before their trip he was surprised to find that the Nyege Nyege label knew of him through his ROK SPY record, which had even led certain label associates to wonder if, because of that project’s presentation, he was an actual secret agent. Jones stayed for a few days at Villa Nyege, where label co-founder Arlen Dilsizian introduced him to Rey Sapienz. Prompted by a question Jones had about a man in Uganda… Read more »

Myriam Gendron - Mayday ()

LP Co-Release with Thrill Jockey Release Date – May 10th, 2024 – Preorder available – Black Vinyl – $21 Green Vinyl – $22 CD – $11 CS – $12 Mayday is the third LP by Montreal-based artist, Myriam Gendron. It follows her earlier, critically acclaimed albums, Not So Deep As A Well (2014) and Ma délire – Songs of love, lost & found (2021). Myriam began exploring the complex folk traditions of Quebec (and beyond), with Ma délire, which combines traditional and original songs with arrangements that make space for avant-garde musical interludes by such folks as guitarist Bill Nace (Body/ Head) and renowned jazz percussionist Chris Corsano. Mayday presents an even more syncretic fusion of the elements Myriam uses… Read more »

Curtis Godino - Discorporation ()

LP Edition of 300. ( Limited edition poster included with order while they last ) Release Date – May 10th, 2024 – Preorder available – $24 For his fourth Feeding Tube release, Curtis Godino (now a resident of the greater Nashville area) has created a soundtrack album for a destroyed film that exists only in his mind. Playing with a raft of fine musicians, unencumbered by having to match his music up with an actual extant images, Curtis has created a suite of tunes that are stylistically connected to his earlier works, yet expand themselves into hitherto unexplored realms. A well-regarded maestro of the organ and Mellotron, Curtis’s music has long reminded certain listeners of Frank Zappa’s best mid ’60s… Read more »

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Verdun ()

LP Co-release with Cardinal Fuzz (UK) $24  We are incredibly pleased to announce the forthcoming The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol LP – ‘Verdun’ the first studio lp this war-torn group have recorded in some time and boy oh boy what a magnificent freewheelin’ , incendiary and blissed out racket TBWNIS have conjured. Over the last 15 years there are few groups that have been more prolific or dedicated to pushing psychedelic rock and all things cosmic to its limits. With Verdun their sound has become even more expansive – Scott Thompsons outer zone zonk horn blowing… Jason Vaughan  & Chris Laramee deep space swirling x 2 on synth/keys… Bill Guerrero twelve String is shimmering and Brydsian but this… Read more »

Joseph Allred - Folk Guitar ()

LP Edition of 430. Bandcamp $24 A very nice return to unadorned acoustic guitar playing by one of the form’s masters. Allred’s last album for FTR, What Strange Flowers Grow in the Shade (FTR656) was more of an imaginary band outing, but Folk Guitar plays it straight. Joseph reports they’d been listening to a lot to pieces by 16th Century composer, John Dowland, and the solo work of Pentangle’s John Renbourn while this album was gestating. They also note Hammer Studio horror-film soundtracks as a touchstone for certain tunes, while others were inspired by the music in Chinese fantasy TV shows, and poetic fragments by Sappho. All of which means, this is another deeply considered and beautifully rendered set of… Read more »

Tekla Peterson - Mine To Give ()

CS Edition of 150.  $12 Tekla Peterson is the new pop-oriented solo project helmed by Wisconsin’s Taralie Peterson. Peterson has been a member of Spires That In the Sunset Rise since their founding in 2001. Most recently a duo with Ka Baird, Spires has a sound that began deeply rooted in underground folk music, but evolved into a much more overtly jazzoid space. We released their 2017 collaboration LP with Chicago percussionist Michael Zerang, Illinois Glossolalia (FTR 285). But Peterson has always had solo projects going. First she had Tar Pet, an exceedingly fine exploration of so-called wyrd folk. Later there was more avant/jazz-oriented, Louise Bock, with whom we did a 2017 solo LP, Repetitives in Illocality (FTR374) and 2021’s… Read more »

Alison Cotton - Engelchen ()

LP Edition of 300. Co-Release with Rocket Recordings (UK) $30 Engelchen literally translates as ‘little angels,’ and for many in the febrile, dangerous era of the 1930s in Nazi-occupied Europe, as they wrote letters to arrange their paths out of danger as refugees, these were Ida and Louise Cook  Ida and Louise spent much of their early years in Sunderland, and in adulthood lived in a suburb of London with their parents. They were enormous fans of opera, and led relatively quiet and unfussy lives, Ida working for the civil service as a secretary and Louise as a writer of Mills & Boon romances under a pseudonym. Yet secretly these resourceful and eccentric women were using their musical obsessions as… Read more »

Myriam Gendron - Not So Deep As A Well (Expanded Version) ( / )

Co-Release with Basin Rock (UK)  LP – $25 CD – $14 Myriam Gendron’s stunning Not So Deep As A Well LP became something of a sleeper hit upon its initial release back in 2014. Her debut album shone a warm lamp-light glow upon a curious and captivating new voice in the Quebecois folk world. Nearly ten years on from its release in her native Canada and America, Not So Deep As A Well gets a European release for the first time which also features two tracks not included on the original release – ‘Bric-à-brac’ and ‘The Small Hours’ – both written and recorded in the early days of 2014. Recorded alone in her apartment, with no knowledge of sound engineering,… Read more »

Volksempfänger - Attack Of Sound ()

LP Edition of 300. Co-Release with Cardinal Fuzz (UK). $24 Cardinal Fuzz (UK) and Feeding Tube Records (USA) once again join forces to release this behemoth of an album! “Attack Of Sound” is an unapologetic swooning love letter to pop music. It’s the perfect album, where dissonant and harsh guitars are juxtaposed with almost bubblegum pop. Sheets of feedback over inept tribalism and sugared by amazingly sweet vocals. This album works brilliantly as Ajay & Holly show their innate love of classic 60s pop and psychedelia as much as the Stooges. The ghosts of Love and Phil Spector haunt the wasted grooves of “What The Girl Does” and “Damned And Drowned”, while the lurching punk noise mayhem of “How We… Read more »

Old Million Eye - Quartz Hive ()

LP Edition of 200. Numbered. Riso-graph cover and back art Printed at LOOKYHERE.  $29 Beautiful third LP helmed by multi-instrumentalist/tape manipulator, Brian Lucas. Following up on 2021’s The Incandescent Switch (FTR 606) and 2022’s The Air’s Chrysalis Chime (FTR 675), Quartz Hive is a post-pandemic swirl of cloud sound based on the kind of music that makes all your inner walls melt like wax. Lucas has a wonderful way of creating clusters of texture that circle the room, slowly accreting bits of lovely ambient sound that transform themselves from vague suggestions into full-blown songs without adhering to any logic other than their own. Some of the players colluding here are Old Million Eye vets, like Steven R. Smith, Sheila Bosco… Read more »