Niko Karlsson - Its Own Phantom ()

CS Edition of 100. Release Date – December 2nd, 2022 – Pre-order available on bandcamp. Five years after the magnificent Valosta Valoon LP (FTR331), Finnish multi-instrumentalist, Niko Karlsson is back with a new swab of sound that is even more organic than its predecessor. This time out the focus is more on acoustic strings and percussion, with a minimum of machine driven sounds, even when things get cinematically tense (especially on the b-side). But the bulk of Niko’s new tape (which he had first suggested be released sans any artist info) is a mesmeric assemblage of small gestures that feel something like a meditation exercise taking place in the great outdoors. Acoustic strings swirl around your head like a flock… Read more »

Byron Coley / Ted Lee - As Seen In Your Wildest Dreams ()

LP Edition of 500. Co-Release with Lost Treasures Of The Underworld. Release Date – December 16th, 2022 – Preorder available –  If Coley can do anything and, I assure you, he can do a few things, some very well indeed – cooking, drinking, smoking, chortling, collecting, dissecting, inspecting, sniffing, gassing, pranking – to name but a few, he can, without a beat gone by, make you wanna listen to the goddman records he’s criteeking whether it be in old ishes of Forced Exposure, Boston Rock, New York Rocker, or the LA Weekly or his nugget column in Wire. For many his obscurant references to what is already an obscure contempo side can be so layered – as if the review… Read more »

Gunslingers - Supreme Asphalt Doser ()

LP Co-release with Opaque Dynamo & Cardinal Fuzz Release Date – January 6th, 2023 – Preorder available –  Have no fear, you amphetamine lovers, speed freaks and sonic maniacs, have no fear not to find among these 7 uncompromising tunes the illuminated fever of what constitutes the band’s DNA in its wildest incarnation, the alchemy of a unique style beyond the genres, the irreverent dreams calcined by a sound blowtorch, by the electro shocks overheated in the traumatized adrenalin ; have no fear, you counter-cultural worshippers and hygiene opponents, you zealots of the subtle oversaturation, of the plastic from beyond the grave monstrously remodeled in deformed oddness… Have no fear, you proto-punks, Gunslingers knows no homeland, Gunslingers is everywhere for no… Read more »

Human Hand - Tremor ()

LP Edition of 500. Co-Release with Cardinal Fuzz. Release Date – January 13th, 2023 –  Pre-order available –  The Human Hand live combo comprises Joe Hollick (Wolf People – Jagjaguwar Records, solo), Karl Eden (John Peel favourites tRANSELEMENt) and Jonathan Dickin (MUMS, Honey Spider, Bleak) Joe and Karl met at an Acid Mothers Temple show in 2012 before realising they both lived minutes away from each other in neighbouring sleepy Lancashire Pennine villages. They performed a number of shows together as a wig-out loose improv duo channelling heavy motorik grooves, Anatolian suffused lead lines, a general layer of Northern skuzz tied together with Joe’s signature guitar work. Early HH recordings were juxtaposed by being captured at extremely low volume due… Read more »

Blood Quartet - Root 7 ()

LP Co-Release with Foehn Records (Spain) and Cardinal Fuzz (UK). Release Date – January 20th, 2023 –  Preorder available –  Pioneer of the New York No Wave with the bands Mars and Don King, Mark Cunningham has been part of the Barcelona music underground for almost 30 years, performing solo, with his own groups Raeo, Convolution, Aleatory Grammar and Bèstia Ferida, as a member of Pascal Comelade´s Bel Canto Orchestra and Superelvis, and in countless local and international collaborations. Blood Quartet was formed in early 2015 in Barcelona from a fortuitous collaboration between Cunningham and Catalan underground rock trio Murnau B An outstanding musical treat that starts from the instrumental base of the modern jazz quartet and takes it to… Read more »

Dead Sea Apes / The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Pantheon Of Fuckery ()

LP  Co-Release with Cardinal Fuzz Release Date – February 3rd, 2023 – Pre-order available –  A long time in the making but good things always come to astral travellers as transatlantic soul mates Dead Sea Apes and The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol are joined together on black vinyl for the first time. Two artists that for over the last ten years (& longer) have spent their lives creating music that defies easy categorizations – psych rock / kraut rock /minimal / maximal /avant /free are phrases that only give you fleeting glimpses of what each artist represents. What we do know is that via a sprawling range of sound that is always uncompromising these two artists have pushed each… Read more »

lloyd Thayer - Twenty20 ()

CD Edition of 300.   Bandcamp It has been a couple of years (that felt like a lifetime) since we released lloyd Thayer’s last album, Duets (FTR406), which he recorded with the drummer Jerome Deupree. The intervening time has been weird as hell, but Thayer (master of every string that’s ever been strung) has made the decision to create a fantastic,  sprawling solo suite for himself. And now it is time to share the beauty with you. Unlike the music on Duets, the piece here was played entirely on double-necked Weissenborn guitar, although the sounds are altered and layered in a ways that are a far cry from the delicate slide work for which the Weissenborn is best known. And… Read more »

Jean-Baptiste Favory - CIELS ()

CD Edition of 300. YouTube CIELS It is our honor to present the seventh album by French composer Jean-Baptiste Favory, whose work we first encountered while reissuing a record with the Mexican art collective, Los Lichis. J-B made an annual trip to Mexico to participate in Los Lichis’s  musical and visual anarchy (Dog 2LP FTR229, Savage Lichis Religion : El Ultimo Grito LP FTR354), and was considered a full member of this estimable outfit. We soon discovered he was also the France’s long-running experimental radio show Epsilonia, as well as an exciting solo musician. This led to us releasing his wonderful 2017 LP, Things Under: Compositions for Guitars and Electronics (FTR333). Favory’s main interest remains in electronics composition, so the… Read more »