Matt Valentine Preserves “Galactic Ooze” LP edition of 300

PG Six “Live at the Tavern” LP Edition of 200

Old Million Eye “The Incandescent Switch” LP Edition of 250

Lazy Magnet “Make It Fun Again” LP edition of 250

The Impenitents “Lip Therapy” CS Edition of 150

Kass Richards “The Language Shadow” LP Edition of 300 Re-issue / Co-Release with Good Cry Records

Jonny Kosmo “Pastry” LP Co-Release with Dinosaur City Records (Australia)

Rhyton “Pharaonic Crosstalk” LP Edition of 500 Artwork & Design by Robert Beatty

Orchid Spangiafora + Glands Of External Secretion “Couscous” Bizarre” LP Edition of 500

the Iditarod “the Ghost, the Elf, the Cat and the Angel” LP Edition of 200

Kool Music “Dagobah” LP Edition of 250

4-Letter Words “Band in Boston” LP Edition of 200

Dalthan “3” LP Edition of 250

Monocot (Rosali Middleman / Jayson Gerycz) “Direction We Know” LP Edition of 200

DUNUMS / Casual Planes “it’s in your ribs” LP Edition of 200

Jeff Tobis “Kissing Phones Together While Looking Up Coltan – Volume One” LP Edition of 150. Hand Painted by Jeff Tobis

If you wanna add music to Jeff’s record, pick a track and send it to feeding tube (at) me (dot) com.