Josephine Foster ‎”What Is It That Ever Was?” LP Edition of 400

Pelican Movement “Fistful Of Ivy” 2lp Edition of 500


Joshua Burkett ” If You Can’t Wander The Waffle Wonder In Drizzle” LP


DUNUMS / Casual Planes “it’s in your ribs” LP Edition of 200


Tashi Dorji “dead cities lie buried / lift comrades, lift comrades” CS Edition of 150


The Escalation (Bruce Russell & Peter Wright) LP Edition of 150 Co-Released with BunkLand / Distand Bombs 

Andrea Pensado / id m theft able “Quarantunes Series no.022 / 037″ 12” lathe 

Orchid Spangiafora & Glands Of External Secretion “QuaranTunes Series no.032″ 12” Lathe 

Bruce Russell “QuaranTunes Series no.039″ 12” Lathe Single Sided. Numbered.

Big Blood “QuaranTunes Series No.027″ 12” Lathe

Loren Connors & Byron Coley “QuaranTunes Series no.049″ 12” Lathe Edition of 41 Numbered.


Dan Melchior “QuaranTunes Series no.53″ 12” Lathe. Numbered. 

– 2022 –


Magic Tuber Stringband “Tarantism” LP Edition of 400

Loren Connors – Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Improvisations Vol.3 LP

Ned Collette – Jokes and Trials LP Re-issue / Co-Released with Sophomore Lounge

Eugene Chadbourne “Mourning of the Praying Mantis / Worms With Strings” LP edition of 400

Turner Williams Jr. “Briars On A Dewdrop” LP Drowned Series no.4

Drew Gardner “Flowers In Space” LP Drowned Lands Series no.5

Warren Byrom “Answer The Foam” LP Drowned Lands Series No.06

Bruce Russell “Circuits of Omission : Sonaten für synthetisierten Klang (Opus 60)” 12″ 45rpm Edition of 400 

Macula Kuru “ST” LP Edition of 200

Human Adult Band Slog Quest Crosstime LP Edition of 200

Pg Six & Louise Bock “All Summer Long Is Gone” LP

Myriam Gendron “Ma Delire” 2LP Co-Release with Les Albums Claus 

Joseph Allred “What Strange Flowers Grow In The Shade” LP

4-Letter Words “Band in Boston” LP Edition of 200


Jon Collin “Water & Rock Music Volumes 5-6” LP Edition of 200


Spiral Joy Band – In The River LP edition of 400


Tom Recchion “Japanese Cassette” LP Edition of 400

Dan Melchior “CB Odyssey” LP Edition of 400 Co-Released with Sophomore Lounge


Kool Music “Dagobah” LP Edition of 250


Jeff Tobis “Kissing Phones Together While Looking Up Coltan – Volume One” LP Edition of 150. Hand Painted by Jeff Tobis

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