2022 and beyond…

Loren Connors – Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Improvisations Vol.3 LP




Jon Collin “Water & Rock Music Volumes 5-6” LP Edition of 200


Elkhorn “Distances” LP Edition of 400


Rootless “What The Truth Leaves Out” CS Edition of 100

Wedesday Knudsen “Soft Focus Volume One” LP


Jean-Baptiste Favory “CIELS” CD Edition of 300


Eric Arn & Eyal Maoz “Kost Mix” CD Edition of 300


Moon Bros “The Wheel” 12″ 45rpm Co-Release with Armadillo Tail Recording Co.


Jackie-O Motherfucker “Manual Of The Bayonet” LP


Spiral Joy Band “Elvehjem” LP Edition of 300


Magic Tuber Stringband “Tarantism” LP Edition of 400

ZOMES “Love’s Lesson” LP a co-release between Feedingtube Records and Near Unison

Saphron “Red Amber” LP Co-Released with Shagrat


Eugene Chadbourne “Mourning of the Praying Mantis / Worms With Strings” LP edition of 400

Turner Williams Jr. “Briars On A Dewdrop” LP Drowned Lands Series no.4

Drew Gardner “Flowers In Space” LP Drowned Lands Series no.5

Bong Wish “Hazy Road” LP Edition of 400.


Warren Byrom “Answer The Foam” LP Drowned Lands Series No.06

Bruce Russell “Circuits of Omission : Sonaten für synthetisierten Klang (Opus 60)” 12″ 45rpm Edition of 400 

Joseph Allred “What Strange Flowers Grow In The Shade” LP


Living Window “Astralturfing” LP Edition of 200


Spiral Joy Band – In The River LP edition of 400


Mike Watt & Charles Plymell “Live In Fishtown” LP Edition of 400

Delphine Dora & Jackie McDowell “The Dream of Change” LP Edition of 300

Big Blood “The Grove” LP Co-Released with There Is No Trouble In Denmark
Big Blood & The Bleeding’ Hearts “Big Blood & The Bleedin’ Hearts” LP Co-Released with There Is No Trouble In Denmark

Gaute Granli “Monstersol” LP Edition of 300.