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The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Ensemble 2016 ()

LP Edition of 400. – All Black Vinyl Heavy. Co-Released with Cardinal Fuzz Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records are pleased to bring your way The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol – Ensemble 2016. Recorded of the floor in August 2016 in the spiritual setting of Birdman Sound – 8 players made up the iteration of the always mutating ensemble cast, who were as follows – John Westhaver, Nathaniel Hurlow, Bill Guerrero, Jason Vaughan, Dave Reford, Scott Thompson, Mark McIntyre and Eric Larock. The session for Ensemble went down at their spiritual home of Birdman Sound in Ottawa in August 2016 where what you hear on record was recorded direct from the floor (and mastered/tweaked by Chris Hardman). The… Read more »

Omeed & The Natural Scene - Pickled Dawn ( / / )

LP Edition of 100. Numbered. Risograph cover/back/ insert. Download Included.  Co-Released with LookyHere.  OUT OF PRINT  Second Pressing LP Edition of 300. Included DL. Cover art by Hannah Brookman No stranger to the Berkshire Mountains, Omeed Goodarzi comes at it in full on send it mode, with this yester-Moro-mobile of an album…. “Keep your eyes on the ball. Make it large make it small.” “Floating through the air, I don’t know how not to sing.” Loaded to the hilt with hard hitting session folk, Omeed’s latest offering is a roiling boiling psychedelic Partch-pop Beatleboro-Freel-Volk masterpiece from the second anyone’s flip flop even threatens to drive a rhythm into the rug. Upon arrival to the studio, Chris Weisman, Mia Friedman, Max… Read more »

Michael Hurley - Blue Navigator ()

LP edition of 1000. Second Pressing. Pleased as punch are we to be reissuing Michael Hurley’s long-lost 1984 album, Blue Navigator. Admittedly, Secret Seven and Mississippi collaborated on a dandy 8-track version a decade ago, but the record has mostly been available as an obscure import CD — if at all — for many a year. The reason for this is that the Rooster Records hq burned down in 1987, taking master tapes, extra covers and whatever else there was with it. This was a general bummer, but especially so for us Hurley fans, since his final LP with Rounder was Snockgrass in 1980, and he didn’t hook up with Fundamental to do Watertower until 1987. The disappearance of Blue… Read more »

Joshua Burkett - If You Can’t Wander The Waffle Wonder In Drizzle ()

LP Edition of 300. This is a reissue of Josh’s 2020 LP, originally released on his own Mystra label, many copies of which ended up being warped. Rather than deny his fans the aural pleasures they so richly deserve, Feeding Tube stepped in to offer some assistance in getting a flatter pressing together. We hope this works out for you. If You Can’t Wander is the seventh LP Josh has released since 1995 and it may be his quietest, most songwriterly effort yet. Of course there are the occasional bloops of electronics (or what have you) that tend to pop up in his much of work, but the bulk of the sound here is acoustic guitar and solo vocals, presented… Read more »

Bruce Russell - QuaranTunes Series no.039 ( / / )

12″ Single Sided lathe. Edition of 33. Numbered. Loose leaf risograph cover / back art printed at LOOKYHERE. On the morning of Saturday January 8, 2021 (Friday evening back on the East Coast of the U.S.), Bruce Russell waltzed his big black sneakers into his front room on New Zealand’s South Island, and tore a breakfast-sized hole in the cosmos.  Russell’s insane knack for producing aural belligerence with his guitar and pedals is legendary. Generations of Dead C fans have swooned amidst its sonic shadows, and Bruce’s many other solo and group projects over the last three-decades-plus have been pretty damn stellar. But I’ve never heard him in exactly the form he achieved for this one. There’s a contained quality… Read more »

The Doozer - Convalescence ()

LP Edition of 500. Co-Released with Low Company Records We are most pleased to present the seventh LP by The Doozer, now based in Edinburgh, but still creating a sound we feel has deep roots in Cambridge England. Convalescence is a somewhat sparser trip than his last album, 2018’s Figurines (FTR 360), but the quality of the songs will be balm to those who have missed his presence. With gentle accompaniment from multi-instrumentalist Ben Kingsbury, Lance Whitehead and Eddie Goodban, the tracks here were recorded in Edinburgh in the summer of 2019, before the shit hit the fans, but some of the songs feel as though they were precipitated by a personal apocalypse, and I’m pretty sure that’s something we… Read more »

Dire Wolves - Flow and Heady ()

LP Edition of 500. Co-Release with Cardinal Fuzz Found A few in the archives… ‘Flow & Heady’, the stunning new record from Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band, captures the group flying high at the height of their powers. Recorded live at the ‘Festival Of Endless Gratitude’ in Copenhagen, and released jointly on Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records, this beautifully packaged LP documents some of the band’s 2019 European Tour. (*the included download code also features two additional live concerts!) For these dates, the Dire Wolves were joined by Nik Rayne of The Myrrors (guitar and clarinet) and Bell Lungs from Scotland (violin, voice and birds), each adding potent textures to the collective’s deep sonic glossolalia. The music… Read more »

The Escalation - ST ()

LP Edition of 150 Co-Released with Bunkland / Distand Bombs The Escalation is Bruce Russell and Peter Wright. Bruce says “An occasional project for two guys who lived in the same small town in New Zealand. Peter Wright has had a long career – emerging from the post-punk Industrial miasma of early ’90s Christchurch into an open landscape of drone-based guitar improvisation. Bruce Russell’s career is even longer, hobbled to the shadow of his eternal supergroup, the Dead C. His solo guitar playing is really the relevant touchstone here, starting as an experiment with the live support of pre-recorded analogue tape-loops, eventually he felt capable of defying a paying audience with just a guitar. Out of that tragic struggle he… Read more »

the Iditarod - the Ghost, the Elf, the Cat and the Angel ()

LP Edition of 250. It is with great pleasure we announce the vinylization of the fourth (of five) albums released during their lifetime by this superb Providence-based acid-folk duo, who existed from 1996 to 2003. The Iditarod was primarily the vehicle for Carin Wagner and Jeffrey Alexander, who created a spare UK-damaged folk sound with intimate psychedelic touches and fully contemporary atmospherics, although they often had friends along for the ride. On this album (edited down from the original CD), guest musicians are Matt Everett (from Alec Redfearn’s band, Eyesores), Jesse Poe (from Tanakh) and Margie Wienk (of Fern Knight and Eyesores). Together, they create a lovely haunted forest of sounds.  Although the ensemble is small, certain passages (like the… Read more »

Rhyton - Pharaonic Crosstalk ()

LP Edition of 400 Artwork & Design by Robert Beatty. Bandcamp The sixth LP by NYC trio, Rhyton, is as heavy as an Egyptian space-funeral. The vibe of this masterful album is fully embodied by its gorgeous Robert Beatty cover art, which looks like a Mati Klarwein reinterpretation of Tony Scott’s ’68 Verve LP, Music for Yoga Meditation.  Rhyton was formed in 2011 by Dave Shuford & fellow travelers, with a notion to balance the songwriterly stance of D. Charles Speer with something more improvisation based.  As Shuford says, “Originally we took certain international rock icons, mainly European and Japanese touchstones, to be points of departure. In general, and as the drummer changed, some of the influences stateside came more to… Read more »