Format: lp

Rhyton - Pharaonic Crosstalk ()

LP Edition of 400 Artwork & Design by Robert Beatty. Bandcamp Release Date – September 24th – Pre-order Available –  The sixth LP by NYC trio, Rhyton, is as heavy as an Egyptian space-funeral. The vibe of this masterful album is fully embodied by its gorgeous Robert Beatty cover art, which looks like a Mati Klarwein reinterpretation of Tony Scott’s ’68 Verve LP, Music for Yoga Meditation.  Rhyton was formed in 2011 by Dave Shuford & fellow travelers, with a notion to balance the songwriterly stance of D. Charles Speer with something more improvisation based.  As Shuford says, “Originally we took certain international rock icons, mainly European and Japanese touchstones, to be points of departure. In general, and as the drummer… Read more »

the Iditarod - the Ghost, the Elf, the Cat and the Angel ()

LP Edition of 250. Release Date – October 1st – Preorder Available –  It is with great pleasure we announce the vinylization of the fourth (of five) albums released during their lifetime by this superb Providence-based acid-folk duo, who existed from 1996 to 2003. The Iditarod was primarily the vehicle for Carin Wagner and Jeffrey Alexander, who created a spare UK-damaged folk sound with intimate psychedelic touches and fully contemporary atmospherics, although they often had friends along for the ride. On this album (edited down from the original CD), guest musicians are Matt Everett (from Alec Redfearn’s band, Eyesores), Jesse Poe (from Tanakh) and Margie Wienk (of Fern Knight and Eyesores). Together, they create a lovely haunted forest of sounds. … Read more »

Lazy Magnet - Make It Fun Again ()

LP edition of 250. Download Included. Release Date – October 8th, 2021 – Preorder available – Here is the first Lazy Magnet LP since 2019’s Mahogany. And it’s a beautiful instrumental album which has known many iterations since it was first conceived.  Lazy Magnet has long been the home recording project of Jeremy Harris. Over the course of it’s long arc the actual music has taken many forms – this time he has chosen to dedicate an entire body of work on a single instrument: the acoustic piano. The initial idea for Make It Fun Again dates to 2007, when Harris and his buddy Robert Parker (depicted on the cover) were screwing around recording anti-melodies on a cheap monophonic keyboard…. Read more »

Nudity - Nudity Is God’s Creation ()

2LP Edition of 250.  Co-Release with Cardinal Fuzz Release Date – October 8th, 2021 – Preorder Available –  Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records are at long last ecstatic to bring to you for your listening pleasure “Nudity – Is God’s Creation”2xLP . A retrospective release of recordings dating from 2005 to 2010 of orgasmic interstellar mayhem . Reissued and for the first time available domestically in the USA In 2004, a commune named NUDITY, formed by four travellers from the astral plane, appeared in Olympia, Washington. The founding members were Dave HARVEY (guitar) and Jon Quitty QUITTNER (bass – though Josh Haynes of the mighty guitar fuzz scorchers Feral Ohms plays bass on the majority of the tracks featured… Read more »

Old Million Eye - The Incandescent Switch ()

LP Edition of 250. Release Date – October 15th, 2021 – Pre-order available – First LP, after several fine cassettes & CDRs, by this psych project helmed by Brian Lucas. Lucas is best known these days for his bass work with Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band, but he has a hand in many other California psych outfits. The Wolves have been quiet vis-a-vis new recordings lately, but Old Million Eye has been pretty busy. Often the OME moniker represents solo work, but this time Brian has recruited Dena Goldsmith-Stanley (3 Moons) and Steven R Smith (an old band mate from Mirza) to assist with his journey. And the results are beautiful. The most basic elements of The Incandescent… Read more »

Loren Connors - Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Improvisations Vol.2 ()

LP / Linear Notes by Byron Coley  Edition of 500 Co-Released with Negative Glam Here is the second volume of protean solo improvisations recorded by Loren Connors in his artist’s garret in New Haven, Connecticut. Like the first volume, it was committed to tape and pressed to vinyl in 1979. Never having seen a copy of this record, and having pressed it before we discovered a master cassette exists, this is as good a transfer as can be had for the nonce. Loren’s chair creaks like rusty crow and the amount of random tapping and thumping during the original session just about drove Jim O’Rourke and Jeremy Lemos crazy when they were working on it. But they persisted, and we… Read more »

Joseph Allred - Branches & Leaves ()

LP Edition of 231 Release Date – October 22nd, 2021 – Preorder available –  Don’t hold me to it, but by my count this the sixth LP we have done with the splendid Brighton-based musician named Joseph Allred. Initially known as a master of stringed instruments, Joseph has continuously expanded his musical arsenal. When asked about basics regarding Branches & Leaves, he wrote, “I played harmonium, piano, guitars, glockenspiel, banjo, tambourine, bass drum, and clarinet on this album and did all the vocals myself. I’m glad I got to collaborate with some friends and would like to have done so more, but the pandemic made that impossible. Recorded at the end of 2019 and in the first few months of… Read more »

Mako Sica / Hamid Drake featuring featuring Tatsu Aoki & Thymme Jones - Ourania ()

LP Edition of 300. bandcamp link Fantastic studio recording, caught by Taylor Hales at Chicago’s legendary Electrical Audio, documenting the first full meeting of all the players on this album. Mako Sica, at this point in time revolve around the core duo of Przemyslaw Krys Drazek (electric trumpet, mandolin, electric guitar) and Brent Fuscaldo (vocals, electric bass, harmonica, thumb piano, gong, percussion). For this session, these two are joined once again by Chicago’s always-revelatory percussionist, Hamid Drake, with whom they have previously recorded Ronda (FTR409) and Balancing Tear (FTR513). In addition, Ourania features the upright bass and shamisen of Tasu Aoki (Drake’s longtime partner in Fred Anderson’s trio). Also included in the roster is Thymme Jones, the leader of Chicago’s… Read more »

Mouth Painter - Tropicale Moon ()

LP Edition of 500. Co-Released with Cardinal Fuzz. Great second LP (there was also a cassette) by this Portland OR trio. I became aware of Mouth Painter by following the pedal steel work of Barry Walker Jr., who is akin to the new BJ Cole in terms of being thee underground eminence on his instrument. The rest of the trio features flautist/vocalist Valerie Osterberg (who also contributes songs) and bassist Jason Willmon. Together they comprise a band whose sound is exceedingly hard to pin down. There are rootsy elements to the vocals, but these are offset by floating guitar clouds straight out of Mike Cooper’s recent work. Valerie’s flute inventions add a slight French prog flavor as well, while Jason’s… Read more »

Dalthan - 3 ()

LP Edition of 198. This is the third LP by the duo comprised of Greg Dalton (aka Gary War) and Rob “Sunburned” Thomas, formerly known as Dalthom, but actually named whatever the pair feel like calling it. Recorded shortly before the disastrous election of 2016, it is partially filled with the darkness, paranoia and creeping dread that filled that time period. But there is also a hefty amount of the druggy, electronic ecstasis for which the duo is known (no matter their handle.) Gary and Rob met when the former was playing guitar for Bobb Trimble in the late Oughts. They recorded a (still unreleased) album of “frenzied electronics” in  2012. They followed that with the mellower (and way stonier)… Read more »