Wednesday Knudsen & Willie Lane - Long Time ‘Til Tomorrow ()

LP Edition of 500 – Drowned Lands Series (DL1) First issue in the Drowned Lands series, assembled by Jason Meagher, is the debut duo recording by Wednesday Knudsen and Willie Lane. Long Time ‘Til Tomorrow is a gorgeous instrumental collaboration by guitarist Lane and multi-instrumentalist Knudsen that will knock your Smartwool socks off. Recorded at Meagher’s Black Dirt Studio, the album documents the first time the pair played together. They are, of course, well known to Feeding Tube fans. Willie’s first three Cord Art LPs have been reissued over the last two years (FTR 413, 437, 438) and Wednesday’s two albums with Weeping Bong Band (FTR 313, 448) have slain stoned listeners across the globe. Wednesday is also one of… Read more »

Two Much - The Abstract Horse ()

LP with Download code. Edition of 200. Art by Allison Tanenhaus An incredible, primitive and ecstatic teenage garage rock explosion from the suburbs of 1968 Orlando, Florida. With an instrumental line-up consisting of just guitar and drums, this is a version of rock & roll as raw and naked as only a duo can manage. Think Half Japanese, the Work Dogs, the Bassholes and so on — Two Much are cut from the same wicked cloth. I remember a cassette of some of this material circulating around sub-underground Boston back in the 1980s. Might have been around the time Robin Amos’s post-Girls band, Shut Up (with Glenn Jones), was finishing up their run. Robin was a well-known player on the… Read more »

Lili Dwight & Alison Darrow - If, On A Summer’s Night ()

Written by Lili Dwight. Art by Alison Darrow. Design by Naomi Yang Published by Galactic Smarties, this Limited Edition of 100 signed and numbered hard cover copies is available to you for $70 USD (plus $5 postage in the US). With beautiful color printing on deluxe coated stock, this 10 x 8″ 48 page book is designed for children of all ages. A great read-aloud book, with art that will blow your mind. When Hud & Addie were tiny Terrans, one of my nightly tasks was to entertain them with stories, both from books and my imagination. A few years ago, I decided to write up one of these adventures. Once Alison extracted herself from the rat race, I knew… Read more »

Donkey No No & Steve D'Agostino - Huff ()

CS-40 Edition of 25. Numbered. Riso Printed J-card printed at Looky Here in Greenfield, MA. Includes download code slip. Bandcamp. A rare collaboration between Steve D’Agostino (ZEBU!, The Wild) on banjo and western mass’s very own Donkey No No.

Joanne Robertson - QuaranTunes Series no.002 ( / )

12″ Lathe Edition of 30. Numbered. Loose leaf (2) cover & back printed on a Riso Printer at Looky Here in Greenfield, MA For our second Quarantunes concert, we were super excited to arrange for the great Jo Robertson to perform from her home in Glasgow. Jo had been taking it easy on her musical stuff for a while, focusing more on painting, and the word was also that she’d been playing a lot of piano. We were a little trepidatious when we asked if she’d be up for doing a solo set with just guitar, but she said, “Okay,” and there was joyful celebrating throughout Feeding Tube Tower. Because of the time difference it was late at night for… Read more »

Dredd Foole - QuaranTunes Series no.001 ( / )

12″ Lathe. Edition of 20. Numbered. Loose Leaf Cover + Back Art Printed at Looky Here in Greenfield, MA. Documentation of the first Quarantunes concert, broadcast from Brattleboro VT on April 10, 2020. This features Dredd and his acoustic guitar at his most blues-wailingest. There are a few great new songs, and a bunch of old faves like “Four Roses for Jack,” ‘You Feel,” and ‘Your Heart.” Even playing inside the confines of  his packed record room, there is no mistaking the charged up genius of Dredd. The sound is pure emotion made tangible. The QuaranTunes series is being done in small editions, with Risographed insert covers. The extant copies are split evenly with the artist, in an attempt to… Read more »

Joey Agresta - Let Me To Rock ()

LP Edition of 100. Numbered. Includes Download Code with LP.   Bandcamp I had long ago dismantled my home studio and was only recording songs on my smart phone when Benny Yurco invited me over to his house to make music. Out of the few people who have recorded me over the years no one has understood the way I work better than Benny. He got the gist instantly and before I knew it we were making an album. Everything came easy and it reminded me how much fun making music could be. But by the time I was finishing the vocals Benny had gone on tour, the coronavirus lockdown was beginning, and I was increasingly manic, depressed, and drunk. I… Read more »

Powers / Rolin Duo - S/T ()

LP Edition of 250.   copies still availabe at Forced Exposure  Found a box of 20… Hot on the heels of last year’s Matthew J. Rolin LP (FTR 502), here is a new duo recording featuring Rolin’s acoustic twelve-string and the hammered-dulcimer of Jen Powers. They’ve had a couple previous cassettes, but I’ve never seen ’em! If you have, I can offer you something fine in trade. As with his first LP, Rolin’s command of his guitar is quite wonderful to hear. He uses the whole breadth of the twelve-string’s harmonic potential, which creates a wide surging stream of sound. Powers’ work with the hammered dulcimer (an instrument we hear far too rarely these days!) utilizes a similar approach, which means… Read more »

Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski - Morning Flare Symmetries ()

LP with download code included. Edition of 250 The fourth album that Samara Lubelski and Marcia Bassett have recorded as a duo (the second for us, following 2017’s Live NYC LP) is much less about drones than some of their previous work. Morning Flare Symmetries blares like a ram’s horn blown as a call to angelic battle. Everyone has been unanimous in agreement that this improvising duo has achieved a new highpoint in the musical histories of both Samara and Marcia. They each have deep roots in the East Coast sub-underground, with a whole dang lot of band names between ’em, but in this configuration they just continue to get weirder and better on every outing. The string blend they… Read more »

Naujawanan Baidar - Volume 1 & 2 ()

2LP Edition of 497. Gatefold / Heavy Vinyl includes download slip. Artwork – N.R. Safi.    Pitchfork Review by Marc Masters OUT OF PRINT Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube records are proud to bring to you, Naujawanana Baidar – Volume 1 & 2 on double heavy black vinyl.Naujawanan Baidar (Farsi for Enlightened Youth) is the project of artist and musician N.R. Safi (The Myrrors)With roots in the now-endangered sounds of 1960s-80s Afghan cassette culture, Naujawanan Baidar filters the traditional music of Safi’s paternal heritage through a labyrinth of buzzing drones, tape manipulation, and fuzz-drenched percussion, warping both traditional and popular forms into a tangled mass of tape-saturated noise inspired by the very medium that once carried them.Traditional folk instruments (both… Read more »