Format: 7

Lilith Outcome - ST ( / )

7″ with download code. Edition of 200. Bandcamp.  $8 Zach Phillips: wurlitzer elec. piano, songs, arrangement & recording; Marlon Cherry: percussion; Ryan Power: bass; Annakalmia Traver, Billy McShane, & Derek Baron: flutes. “In any case, we have discovered that the locking-up concerns an empty space, and is effected by means of a key…” — Georg Groddeck “It sounds like you’re doing most of the work, but that’s okay.” — Cleopatra Mathis, my mother Recorded 5/22/18 at Tomato House live to mono Marantz cassette Album cover by Leon Sandstone

Sam Gas Can - Ernie / Kurt Cobain Hamburger ()

7″ Edition of 300 Co-Released with Plastic Response Records & BUFU Records Samuel “Sam” Gas Can is often viewed as Massachusetts’ answer to the question: Daniel Johnston or Jad Fair? Like those two vaunted talents, “Sam” has a dab hand with creating instantly memorable pop hooks that manage to glow with outside energy even as they rub your (figurative) shoulders. On this single, Sam joins up with some old running mates from Worcester to create an off-kilter roots-pop exploration of the connections between Sesame Street’s Ernest and Fecal Matter’s Kurtis. Both are presented as excellent neighbors, and this message is driven home with exceedingly peppy arrangements that feature harmony vocals, tooting saxophone and a rather out-of-time musical focus. Sounds kinda… Read more »

Curse Purse - Tyfus ()

7″ Edition of 150. Numbered.    Cover by Dennis Tyfus Although this record is purported to be the goodbye kiss from Curse Purse, we have also heard that Gary Panter (the King of the Hippies) has hidden away some secret tapes of the band which may some day see the light of wicked dawn. But for now, this is “it” from Mr. Panter’s favorite trio. And hey, they had a good run, especially considering they were something like an off-shoot of Egg Eggs (that most baroque of all dither-rock units) even if not all of them ever appear on the same Egg Eggs release. But during their run, they really sorta fucked god where he lived. The combination of Miss… Read more »

$alami J.R. - A Man Who Can’t Write a Song E.P.  ()

7″ Edition of 500. Covers Printed By Monoroid BANDCAMP STILL SINGLE As the new year dawns crummy and dark, we can all take heart in the fact that Salami J.R. (aka Joey Pizza Slice) has returned with a new record. Mr. J.R. (aka Mr. Slice) has maintained his position near the top of the ladder of those who seek to destroy and celebrate pop music in equal measure. His decision to eradicate the erase head from the recording process once and for all remains a move that necessitates a certain radical approach to composition. The act of forcing himself to create sound webs atop extant tracks involves an approach to instant composition that is most often evidenced by instrumental improvisers. But… Read more »

Bloodshot Bill - Sings Charles Plymell ()

7″ with booklet. Edition of 450 co-released with Bottle of Smoke Press Bloodshot Bill (a bonfide Norton Records recording artist) is one of Montreal’s greatest exports this side of the Smoked Meat Sandwich. Although he’s done band and duo stuff to great acclaim, it’s his solo work that really brains you. Full on, flat out one-man-band aktion of a sort not often seen since Hasil Adkins took his last wild shot at a possum. shot at a possum. Because Miriam Linna, who runs Norton also runs Kicks Books, she was able to connect a few dots between Bloodshot’s hillbilly hunch and the equally wild words of Kansan born poet, Charles Plymell, the inventor of the Witchita Vortex if ever there was one. Bill… Read more »

Negative One - (-1) ()

7″ Edition of 500 Co-Release with %100 Breakfast BANDCAMP Thirteen tracks of skink-voiced post-core burl from the sloppiest pits of Boston’s Fuck-Curtis scene. Angela Sawyer handles vocals as though she’s imagining herself as a squirrel in the grips of a cartoon bear. Bugs & Rats’ brilliant guitarist, Shawnie Brando, pulls lightning repeat-o munge riffs out of his pocket as though he had an endless supply of spit-wet rags. Bassist Sam Potrykus and drummer Nick Neuburg (most recently paired in the excellent quartet, Aykroyd) so yet their dials to PUMMEL, and motor away like the mooks they almost surely are not. It’s kind of a dandy rip. The lyrics (as printed on an enclosed sheet) are like an insane parody of… Read more »

Jim Sauter, Kid Millions - Million Dollar Band / Bull Run ()

7″ Edition 0f 300. It’s been many a year since we handled a 7” featuring the extreme sonic textures of Borbetomagus’ Jim Sauter, but damn if he doesn;t sound bitchen in this kind of compressed environment. Playing in duo with the multi-directional thumping of Kid Millions, who has been playing with Jim for several years now, the sound is just a blaze of energy that expands in many known directions. Jim’s tone goes from pure saxophonic terror to something that sounds more like an over-amped guitar to synth-like shrieking, in the blink of some eyes. With this small amount of time afforded them, the pair throw down even harder than they have on previous (temporally lengthier) sessions, and the world… Read more »

"Bric-à-brac/The Small Hours" MYRIAM GENDRON

Myriam Gendron - Bric-à-brac / The Small Hours ()

Myriam Gendron “Bric-à-brac / The Small Hours”  7″ Edition of 500 Letterpress Cover by Kiva Stimac of Popolo Press Co-Released with L’Oie de Cravan OUT OF PRINT! Following her acclaimed debut LP, Not So Deep As a Well, Montreal’s Myriam Gendron has created musical settings for another pair of Dorothy Parker poems — “Bric a Brac” and “The Small Hours.” The slow, sensuously beautiful combination of Myriam’s voice and guitar, combined with dolorous genius of Parker’s words is as intimate as ever. The pairing is seamless and natural, conveying an instant warmth that is a wonderful way to see out the winter, hailing the spring on our doorstep, with hints of the endless circle of seasons to follow. With a letterpressed… Read more »