Format: cassette

Donkey No No & Steve D'Agostino - Huff ()

CS-40 Edition of 25. Numbered. Riso Printed J-card printed at Looky Here in Greenfield, MA. Includes download code slip. Bandcamp. A rare collaboration between Steve D’Agostino (ZEBU!, The Wild) on banjo and western mass’s very own Donkey No No.

Donkey No No - Wo Pa ()

CS Edition of 25 numbered. Included download code with cassette. Covers Printed on Risograph from Looky Here.   Bandcamp. OUT OF PRINT.  recorded on 1.30.20 in greenfield, MA.    

MB Jones - NOSCI NOFI ()

CS-32 Edition of 50. Numbered. Riso Printed jcard and labels by LookyHere  Temporary out of stock.    Bandcamp Most splendid new tape by world-traveller, Matt “MB” Jones. Joined on two tracks by fellow restless maniac, Mike Watt, Jones gets back into something akin to his “old swing.” The music on NOSCI NOFI returns to his avant K-Pop roots, with many dubby and psychedelic touches spattering the super catchy surface-moves he creates.  There are female co-vocals on a couple of tracks, and some Korean drumming to go along with Watt’s bass groovulation. There is also a paean to orgasmic female gushing that acknowledges the importance of vibrational assistance in achieving results, which shows that Matt has what might be called a… Read more »

Home Body - Spiritus ( / / )

LP Edition of 250. Pressed by Burlington Record Plant Co-Released with Peace & Rhythm LP Edition of 250. Baby Blue Vinyl CS Pro-Dubbed by NAC. Edition of 500. Comes with download code. CD Edition of 500. Ghettoblaster Video Premiere “Comet” DNA Music Video Little Things Music Video Home Body Bandcamp Audio Femme Vents Magazine Broadway World It takes audacity to start a song with questions as big and unanswerable as “Where did we come from? Who are we really?” But for Western Massachsuetts duo Home Body, those kind of grand cosmic queries are totally natural, fitting snugly into music that digs deep and shoots for the stars. The soaring voice of Haley Morgan and the throbbing, hovering electronics of Eric Hnatow create… Read more »

Donkey No No - Boomka ()

CS-40 Edition of 46. Numbered. Includes Digital Download Slip. Riso Printed at the Looky Here in Greenfield, MA. Temporary Out of stock. Bandcamp Beginning with Jen’s violin-based detournment of Copland’s “Billy the Kid Suite,” Boomka is a ruralist crawl across the  American landscape. It begins in the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts, dithers down through the Appalachian Range, blows across the rivers of the central U.S., emerging onto the windswept crop circles of the plains, ensnaring the mouth breathing song-dusters of the salt seas, wending through the death gulches of the Rockies, only to cross the arid stretches of the Californian desert to extend tongue and tendrils into the sweet Pacific. Like following a holy ghost to water, then asking her… Read more »

Nothing On Semble - Corners and There Places ()

CS Edition of 250 with Download Code. Pro-Dubbed. Deepest Hole Music Video.  Herewith, the first expression of the newest project helmed by Brooklyn polymath, Curtis Godino (known for his work with light shows and visual art as much as for his most excellent musical combo, Worthless [FTR 417]). Mellotron is often Curtis’ sonic weapon of choice, and his expressively modal use of the instrument makes Justin Hayward sound like, well…Justin Hayward.  In Curtis’ hands, this ungainly behemoth of a keyboard retains a massive sort of prog pompery that is equal parts majesty and idiocy. The instrumental sections build weirdly ornate sky castles, which are larded with presumably heisted spoken sections, or cloud-like vocals, often resembling Ummagumma-era Floyd in all its… Read more »

Beige - Beige ()

CS-90 with download slip. Edition of 100. Numbered. Pro-dubbed. Most humans in the 21st century seem bent on making patience less and less of a virtue, but Beige don’t care. On their first full-length release – called Beige – they’re not about to rush through a track so you have time to check your phone or finish fast because you have some TV show to catch up on. They take 84 minutes to get where they’re going, and they use every one of those clock-ticks wisely. Their music is efficiency elongated: each sonic step gets full opportunity to make an impression and build a bridge to the next, and they all take splendid advantage of that ripe chance. Stella Silbert and Liam… Read more »

Jim Shepard - The Letter Tapes ()

CS82 Edition of 99. Numbered. Comes with Download Code. THRENODY  BOOKLET LETTERS / TRACK LISTING  CS-82 FIRST PRESSING OUT OF PRINT. CS-82 SECOND PRESSING OUT OF PRINT. It has been two decades since Jim Shepard died. In the intervening time, large parts of his crazy DIY ethic (shared by such fellow travelers as Mike Rep, Tommy Jay, Ron House and Don Howland) has wormed its way close to the surface of the sub-underground slag heap, at least now and then. But really, it’s an outsider stance. Not hewing to any actual tradition apart from a strange form of rugged individualism, practiced in the name of art. The Letter Tapes is a compilation of material Jim sent to his buddy, Nudge… Read more »

Donkey No No - Love Is Sweet Poison ( / )

CS30 / VHS Edition of 10. Numbered. No Download Included. Mystery Green VHS Included. Recorded Feb.11th, 2019 in Greenfield, MA by a KORG CR-4 with one mic. OUT OF PRINT.  EXCERPT

Mette Rasmussen / Tashi Dorji - Mette Rasmussen / Tashi Dorji ( / )

Tour CS with Download Slip Edition of 200 LP Edition of 250 with Download.  OUT OF PRINT Mette Rasmussen is a Danish saxophonist, based in Norway, who has been recording with some of our favorite players (Chris Corsano, Alan Silva, Mats Gustafsson, Ace Farren Ford, etc.) She has also formed this duo with Asheville-based guitarist, Tashi Dorji (whose combo, Manas, has had two LPs on Feeding Tube this far — FTR208 & FTR330). The duo material for this LP was recorded in Montreal, right around the same time Mette and Tashi recorded a trio set for Trost (with the addition of drummer Tyler Damon). And it’s all great stuff. Mette’s playing has a raw tonal approach that makes one think… Read more »