Jeffrey Alexander


“Astral Traveler has one side of jammy electric piano improvs heaped with space oinks and otherworldy gabble. The second side begins with the gabble and slides various sheets of space around on it. Water Meds shows a slightly less zoned facet of the San Francisco based Alexander’s key-pumpery. You can definitely feel the breathing of humans on this one. The first side has starlight reflectively twinkling on the surface of organ drones with tiny crackle box freakouts going on in the distance. The flip begins almost like a bizarre instrumental riff on Soft Machine’s “Why Are We Sleeping”, and winds into various pulse-caves from there. A solid way to travel.”
– The Wire

“On his latest offering, Water Meditations, Jeffrey explores churning swirls of shruti box drones, chord-organ moods, the noisy spices of a cracklebox and synthesizer, and some light acoustical accents from a marimba and psaltery. Each instrument equally contributes for a truly transformative performance, placing the listener’s mind in the clouds, and their soul in the streams.”
– Tiny Mix Tapes

“Jeffrey Alexander’s new one, Wayfinding Beacons From Planet To Planet (Pome Pome Tones LP), is pretty dang upfront about its proclivities in both titling and first-noting. This is space-soaked synth/gtr junk from a former Providence dude (Iditarod, Black Forest/Black Sea) who apparently knows his way deep into the prog brush. Parts are like sitting inside an amp that’s blasting slow wah-wah chords, other bits remind me of that Okko’s Sitar & Electronics LP. Very German at times, but great breath-paced listening.”
– Bull Tongue Review

“That sense of discovery is perfectly logical given Jeffrey Alexander’s recent exploits. Alexander, who has performed in The Iditarod, Dire Wolves, Black Forest/Black Sea, and JOMF (pronounced “jawmf” – just kidding, it’s an abbreviation for Jackie O Motherfucker), continues the psychedelic/drone/sound collage experimentation he’s perfected with those groups, and thrusts it to the far reaches of the known universe. His compositions inspire awe at the star stuff flitting through my mind right now (if I had a telescope to pair with my imagination, I’d be peering through it for the full effect), the patterns and transmissions penetrating constellations and nebulae in their attempt to communicate with what’s out there.”
– Critical Masses

“Jeffrey Alexander has a long, meandering career in the subterranean depths of the New Weird America, where free/freak folk, post-rock, and experimental electronics intersect. From The Iditarod (who quietly released a posthumous odds and ends compilation on Morc last year) to his recent Dire Wolves project and his shepherding of the now defunct Secret Eye label, Alexander has remained a stalwart practitioner on the outer fringes. For his latest project, and the first major release under his given name, Alexander has produced Floating Lights. “Flutter” is the second track– a standout session of softly undulating synth and echo that never takes off, but happily orbits in zero-G just on the edge of perception.”
– Ad Hoc

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