Format: cassette

The Magnificent Pussies - Mouth To Mouth ()

The Magnificent Pussies “Mouth To Mouth” CS Edition of 200 Artwork by Dennis Tyfus Letterpress / Printing by Middle Press There were we — and by “we” I mean “us” –starving, hysterical, naked, prowling the Hebrew streets at dawn, way the fuck out where Brooklyn meets Queens, searching for an angry snack. We did not find it, but we were hungry because we had just finished our first performanec as the MPs at Dennis Tyfuss’ free funk festival in the ‘hood. I was reading from the book of my writing Dennis had issued a year previously. Ted Lee was playing a cymbal he had borrowed from Dennis six months earlier, falsely promising to return it filled with fresh urine. Gary… Read more »


KTB - KTB ()

CS-20 Edition of 150 OUT OF PRINT! Shawnie Brando – Voice / Drum Machines Arian Shafiee – Guitar BANDCAMP! Impose   KTB are Shawnie from Bugs & Rats, and Arian from Guerilla Toss playing an aggressive, stripped down game of noise rock Shenanigans® while lazy young people fall down all around them, scrunching up their faces and mewling. There is something very non-Bostonian about the duo’s sound. This doesn’t mean it sounds Belgian or anything (although I suppose there are Belgian precedents in terms of guitar/thump/voice blending), more that its muscularity is diffused in a way that’s rare in our Commonwealth’s capitol city. It still screeches and stubs its way along in a manner befitting the lovechild of the two… Read more »

G. Jamie / C. Nathan - Youthful Dementia

C. Nathan, G. Jamie - Youthful Dementia ()

G. Jamie / C. Nathan “Youthful Dementia” c-26 Edition of 200 / Hand Sewn Booklet by Colby! Co-Release with Laughable Recordings OUT OF PRINT! Reissue of a cassette, Colby released on his own Laughable Recordings label. Mr. Nathan is based up in Maine, where he recorded Sophie Dickinson’s Cucacandy LP. Greg is from Maine as well, and the pair got together for this sessionin late 2013, with Ralph White sitting in on one track. The sonics recall everyone from early Neil to something that sounds more like a small cabal of stoned American ex-pats singing for their scalps in Denmark in the summer of 1968. Like many other artists from Vacationland, these guys make music that’s like a warm handshake…. Read more »

Curse Purse - Curse Purse ( / )

Curse Purse “Curse Purse” 12″ (Single Sided) Edition of 100 OUT OF PRINT! Curse Purse “Curse Purse” CS Edition of 50 OUT OF PRINT! MESSAGE CP IMPOSE TINY MIX TAPES Ostensibly a record for their recent European/Imapean/Wereallapean Tour, this three song document remains the first tangible evidence of the miracle trio that is Curse Purse (or, as locals call them, “Cuss Puss”). Olivia and Ted from Egg Eggs are joined by Matt (formerly of Speedy Ortiz), and the rumpus they conjure up is estimable. There are semblance of song-form at times, but this is not the bland cut-and-paste-merch-aktion of most combos. CP take the basic outline of a musical event and run with it. The feel of this can be… Read more »

jane la onda - buy buy buy

Jane La Onda - Buy Buy Buy ()

Jane La Onda “Buy Buy Buy” CS Edition of 100 OUT OF PRINT! BANDCAMP! BOSTON HASSLE Jane La Onda (perhaps better known as Kassie Carlson of Guerilla Toss) has made an exercise cassette for the ages. Styled along the lines of early Laurie Anderson and/or Palmolive-era Slits, Jane provides a withering cultural critique that manages to function equally as experimental bedroom pop and an easy guide to home-exercise. Count along with the beat and watch those pounds melt away, even as you learn something about the consumerist dogma of cable television culture. Lo-fi has rarely sounded so beautiful and it has never been as slimming. Work it out! Pause! Enjoy! -Byron Coley, 2014