Matt Robidoux - 3 Pieces

CS Edition of 150

He is probably best known for guerrilla show promotions in Western Mass, and his work with “rock” units like Speedy Ortiz, Curse Purse and Graph. The Three Pieces project, however, is the first example of Matt’s compositional work.

On this tape, MR leads a quintet including Andy Allen (Hollow Deck), Tom Crean (Banjo Assault), Victor Signore and Jeremy Starpoli (Squidlaunch). Using winds, keys, reeds and strings, these five play three of Matt’s written works, focused equally on place and technique. Two of the works focus on microtones, and the third is based on pitch controlled simultaneous improvisation.

It’s a goddamn revelation of a tape for anyone who thinks of Matt as the noise-squirrel he so often resembles. Seriously good work and definitely worth some close listening. -Byron Coley, 2017