The Cradle - Drink The Water

The Cradle “Drink The Water” CS
Edition of 150

The Cradle is the solo recording project of Brooklyn-based musician Paco Cathcart. Mr. Cathcart is a prolific solo generator, but actually first came to our attention via his studio work for the always incredible Palberta. This led to knowledge about Paco’s own musical work, both as a member of Big Neck Police and on his own, as The Cradle.

Unlike the noisy avant splange of Big Neck Police, The Cradle’s music (at least on Drink the Water, which is one of about 20 albums Paco has recorded) is a sort of woozily teetering assemblage of  neu-volk moves, overlaid with basement pop vocals, and tossed with a lot of sideways form-moves of a fairly genteel nature.

The mood is experimental, but not off-putting or harsh. It can get a bit fevered in places, but that  has more to do with delirium than dance moves. Just strange organic sounds from the depths of a Brookln basement. Goes well with pizza.

-Byron Coley, 2017