Kassie Carlson / Lily Konigsberg - Muriel : Utter Perfection

CS-24 Edition of 150

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and Kassie both have their own bands (Palberta and Guerilla Toss, respectively), but they also share an unhealthy fascination for the berserker wing of the electo-pop underground.

Kassie has previously explored this side of her personality on the Jane La Ondo/Size Queen “split” (FTR180), but here she uses her own name proudly. And why not? Lily shows that she’s as much of a weirdo with her pulsing, bubbling mix of vocals and stubby pulse-rondelays. At times it sounds as though she’s making music for the devil’s own roller rink. And we can only say, “Olé!” Kassie’s side is more summery, like a beach party for the staff of K Records with music emerging from under the sand while Calvin does the Slow Twist.

Open yourself a cold bottle of pop and twist along.

– Byron Coley, 2015


Lily Konigsberg / Kassie Carlson "Muriel : Utter Perfection"