Jurt Banch - Jurt Banch

Jurt Banch, 128pp, 2016, 2nd Pressing (Edition of 100) with 20CS (Edition of 15)


The perennial tradition of Western Massachusetts-based art collectives continues with Jurt Banch. Never intended for public consumption, the original limited print run of this book became known by outside parties and a second edition has been made available due to popular demand. Consisting of more than 100 pages of poetry and portraiture, Jurt Banch pushes the limits of the “Exquisite Corpse” technique into various methods of artistic expression. A true collaborative effort, this book will enter you into a dreamscape of characters living undecipherable lives of their own, smiling back at you from the pale pulp of the future. What are YOU doing next Tuesday night?

-Brett Robinson, 2016


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