Format: cassette

Tashi Dorji - dead cities lie buried / lift comrades, lift comrades! ()

CS Edition of 100 OUT OF PRINT This new tape by Asheville NC’s Tashi Dorji is a hard-edged suite for solo acoustic guitar recorded in the depths of the Plague. Because I’ve been listening to Remko Scha a lot lately, it’s impossible for me to not-imagine the music here (especially the title track) as an extension of the marvelous Machine Guitar works by that great Dutch artist.  Tashi is known for creating harsher acoustic tones then many of his contemporaries, but that often seems more based on his decisions to constantly disrupt melodic expectations inside his work. On “dead cities lie buried…” his approach has a massive circular logic, in which small sonic events take place behind a revolving, repetitive… Read more »

PG Six & Louise Bock - All Summer Long is Gone ()

CS Edition of 100. $10 This is a cassette preview of an amazing instrumental pandemic album recorded by this somewhat unlikely duo. The LP will be out whenever things get backer to normaler. But the cassette is here NOW! PG Six (aka Pat Gubler) is based in the New England and is known for his mastery of many stringed objects. He has appeared on six earlier Feeding Tube LPs, the most recent of which is the great PG Six Live at the Tavern (FTR 556). Louise Bock (aka Taralie Peterson) is a multi-instrumentalist long associated with both the Midwest and Spires That in the Sunset Rise, but she has other axes in the fire as well, and has been on… Read more »

Horse Boys - III/IV ()

CS-60 Edition of 200. Pro-dubbed. 2010. No download included. $6 Brattleboro wunderkind Zach Phillips wows us again with an hour long journey through modernist piano fugues, half-exhumed pop oddities and sound collages.  This is Phillips third and final album as Horse Boys, as recent shifts in recording technology have enabled him to produce audio missives of shimmering beauty*.  Until these newer works get issued, this tape is the best available view into this prolific youngsters magical universe

Magic Tuber Stringband - When Sorrows Encompass Me ‘Round ()

CS Edition of 200 Pro-Dubbed Cassettes. Bandcamp $8 Magic Tuber Stringband is Durham NC-based duo, made up of Evan Morgan and Courtney Werner. Their primary instruments are guitar and fiddle, but they are not married to these particular axes and follow their instincts when they feel other instruments are called for. Playing music with its bite rooted in the Piedmont tradition, Magic Tuber mostly write their own material, while exploring and expanding dynamics of string interaction that are as old as the hills. Treading a line that begins in equal parts of blues and Anglo-Scottish lineage, they introduce different motific elements at points. “Teo’s Farewell” has a central portion with a very Middle Eastern feel. “Wood Thrush Song” is a… Read more »

The Impenitents - Lip Therapy ()

CS Edition of 135. $6 How happy we are to present the debut cassette by this new, scrambled Massachusetts trio. The Impenitents line-up includes Salem’s always wonderful Andrea Pensado, whose previous releases for the label are the Without Knowing Why LP (FTR 203), Los Condenados’ Yeppers LP (FTR 126) both of which display different aspects of berserk invention mixed with pure charm. On Lip Therapy she is in charge of vocals and some electronics.  This is Erik Browns’s Feeding Tube debut, although he has shared releases with folks like Belltone Suicide, Noise Nomads and Limbs Bin while recording as Wish for Skin, Scald Hymn or one of his other various operational noise-handles. His job here involves electronics and scrap metal…. Read more »

Michael R. Bernstein - Slower Learn ()

CS Edition of 200. Download slip included. Bandcamp $8 Feeding Tube is excited to announce the first new release in a good long while by Michael R. Bernstein, one of the central figures in the sub-underground scene of the late ’90s onward. Back when he was still based in NYC, Bernstein played and recorded extensively with Double Leopards and Religious Knives, and also ran the important Heavy Tapes imprint. After that he relocated to the DC area, eventually opening the excellent HR Records (one greater DC’s best stores). Some time in the last year, Mike decided to start making some music and passed along a few files. This cassette, subtitled Meditations and Realizations for Five Voice, is a documentation of… Read more »

Damo Suzuki & The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Live 2012 ()

CS Edition of 200 $9 Cassette reissue of a legendary LP, recorded live in Ottawa at the Dominion Tavern on March 23, 2012 during Damo’s Canadian tour. Originally released in an edition of 100 on the band’s own Birdman Sound label, this set finds the peripatetic Can singer (who, like Chuck Berry before him, tends to play with instrumental backing by local talent) in some of the best company he has yet found. TBWNIAS (in septet format this evening) lay down thick slabs of the distended heavy guitar psych with which they’ve made their rep. But they’re always had underground Germanic influences that surface in their work, so when Damo switches into Tago Mago mode, they are on it, with… Read more »

Jordan Perry - Changing Always Who Is Waving To Us ()

CS Edition of 150. $6 FTR is excited and honored to be working with the Virginia-based guitarist, Jordan Perry, again on his new cassette. Our previous work with Jordan began with a reissue of his eponymous 2017 debut LP originally released by Good Cry Records (FTR 376), and was followed by vinylization of his self-released 2018 cassette, Witness Tree (FTR465). Both of these albums are fantastic blends of folk technique and avant strategies, and the same can be said of this new cassette, Changing Always Who Is Waving to Us. Comprised of four pieces longer than the work on those earlier albums, the material was recorded earlier this year, originally just as a way to document some improvisations. Jordan returned… Read more »