World Domination - Solar System Domination 2012

World Domination - Solar System Domination 2012 ()

World Domination “Solar System Domination 2012” LP Edition of 220 OUT OF PRINT! Live 9.12.13 Live 4.6.13 Anthony Pasquarosa is one of era’s most mutable performers. His first solo LP, recorded under the soubriquet Crystalline Roses, is an ingenious post-volk blend of acoustic feverings. Bur he has been equally active as a member of the hardcore trio Aerosols, the post-form fuck-duo SQRM, and Josh Burketts’ trad-folk unit, Frozen Corn. A regular customer at the store, Tony walked in with this demo one day back in 2013, and we were immediately smitten. His sonic vision included weird science fiction and a thug brevity worthy of Mick Farren’s Deviants or Michael Moorcock’s Deep Fix. The music was brutal space metal and the… Read more »

Happy Jawbone Xmas

Happy Jawbone Family Band - A Happy Jawbone Family X-Mas Gift To You, Vol. One: Operation Ho! Ho! Ho! ()

Edition of 300 OUT OF PRINT! The tradition of Christmas albums is at best a mixed bag. Naturally, this means there have been a decent number of fine disks releases in the genre, but they are few and far between. Blowfly’s Christmas Party, Bob Dylan’s Christmas in the Heart and the Poison Idea/Ray & Glover Single at Christmas are obvious gems. But there are far more losers than winners hiding in the stacks of any store’s Xmas section. Thankfully, Vermont’s Happy Jawbone Family Band have decided to make their “Santa play” this year, and the results will make any Noel a hell of a lot more Joyeux. The album plays like one of Eddie Gorodetsky’s legendary Christmas mixes, splicing together… Read more »

We Love You / Duck That - Vinyl - Out Of Print

Duck That / We Love You - Live at Feeding Tube Records, Vol. 1: Frosted Analog Dreams ()

LP Edition of 200 OUT OF PRINT! We Love You (represented here by Dave Gross on sax and Polly Hanson on percussion) turns the all-but-lost art of alto-spitting and skin-scraping spitting into an aural adventure that is both fun and palatable for the whole family. Duck That! is made up of Angela Sawyer (Weirdo Records, Preggy Peggy, Exusamwa, etc…) on duck calls and two ace hornsmen — Josh Jefferson and Steve Norton. Recorded July 24, 2009 at Feeding Tube Records, Easthampton MA. Mastered at New Alliance East, Cambridge MA.