Wizard Prison - Next Cycle

LP Edition of 500

Wizard Prison is a Seattle-based trio comprised of Scott Colburn (producer/engineer/frequent collaborator of the Sun City Girls, decade long member of Climax Golden Twins and audio genius for Sublime Frequencies), John Vallier (an early member of CGT) and Ben McAlister (of the Degenerate Art Ensemble). Wizard Prison’s music flirts with stoner metal riffery, kosmiche electronics and field recordings, usually at the same time. An intellectual might say their sound is in a state of constant “becoming.” Chiming, churning guitar/bass/drums give way to pulsating synths and pitch-shifted foreign voices chanting to open the door to an alternate dimension. Each side long suite supposdly illustrates the details of the cracked narrative detailed on the insert, but it mostly sounds like a good excuse to get stoned. Next Cycle is vibrationally reminiscent of the Messenger Girls Trio, although Wizard Prison wear outfits that fit quite differently. To make a great record even better, we’ve added the exceptional talents of Baltimore comix hero Eamon Espey. His darkly humorous artwork, on the jacket and poster, provide faux conceptual holism galore. Which is really more than anyone deserves.




Excerpt from Next Cycle