Spiral Wave Nomads - Spiral Wave Nomads

LP Edition of 250. Co-Released with Twin Lakes Records

Raven Sings The Blues

The Vinyl District

13th Track 




The debut LP by Spiral Wave Nomads introduces a new psych duo comprised of two musicians with active histories inside the New England sub underground. Guitarist Eric Hardiman is one of the many hardened string wranglers for Albany’s legendary Burnt Hills, as well as the proprietor of the Tape Drift label and half of the prolific experimental unit, Century Plants. Drummer Michael Kiefer is best known as a member of Myty Konkeror and the exquisite trio that emerged from them — More Klementines, whose eponymous album (FTR 428/TLR 026) has made brains tingle all around the globe.

The Spiral Wave Nomads set is a lovely sprawl of electric guitar improv (aided in spots by bass, sitar and double-tracked guitar) mixed with elegantly tumbling drum work, guaranteed to illuminate many tunnels of spiralling trip-time. Parts of the album may momentarily recall Rangda at their most lysergic, but the crossed-eyed way the two players have of busting up and hanging on to shards of melody and rhythm is all their own. 

If you liked the  More Klementines album, I dare say you’ll like this as well. But it’s in a slightly different bag as well. Vibrationally consonant without resorting to apery. A beautiful sonic spread. 

-Byron Coley, 2019