Blanche Blanche Blanche - 2wice 2wins

Blanche Blanche Blanche - 2wice 2wins ()

Blanche Blanche Blanche “2wice 2wins” LP Edition of 200 Brattleboro’s Sarah Smith and Zach Phillips have dropped another absolute bomb. The music here is so good, we couldn’t resist releasing it on vinyl, even though the Our Place LP was already in production. Exquisite songcraft, cunningly rhythmic arrangements and Sarah’s lilting vocals give the songs here a deceiving lightness, almost like a 21st Century Gilberto/Jobim collaboration. The more you play it, the deeper it will cut. A perfect record for summer, with an engraved B-side, courtesy of the youngest members of Team Feeding Tube – Addie C. and Coco M. Also available as half of cassette split with Bruce Hart on BBB’s home label OSR Tapes. No EQ. Bass by… Read more »

Egg, Eggs - Cleansing Power of Fruit

Egg, Eggs - Cleansing Power of Fruit ()

LP Edition of 500 BLOG TO COMM REVIEW Despite Matt Krefting’s resistance to all things fruity, there is little doubt that these friendly non-mineral, non-animal products of nature have the capacity to flush positions through our internal trails far better than ‘most anything else. Especially eggs. Still, it is an egg that remains Dave “Mr. E. Candy” Russell’s muse as he fumbles his way through a vocal universe that is collapsing around his French ears. Something like cross between Crocus Behemoth, Little Lulu and Colonel Bruce Hampton, Russell is on fire here. His vocals emerging from fruit-caked lips as though they were pearls shot from the buttocks of an all-seeing vizier. What Russell does exactly is hard to say, but… Read more »

Justice Yeldham - Popped in the head all the time now

Justice Yeldham - Popped In The Head All The Time Now ( / )

Justice Yeldham “Popped In The Head All The Time Now 12” (45rpm) Edition of 300 Justice Yeldham is the performing handle of Lucas Abela of Sydney, Australia. For the last five or so years, Justice has taken Iggy Pop’s early ‘70s experiments with glass-as-instrument to whole new vistas of bloody ruin. Where the Ig saw glass as something merely to shatter and slash with (rendering old Ben Franklin’s experiements with his “Amonica” quaint in the process), Justice uses shatterage as the capstone to a whole new quasi-musical way of life. Yeldham takes salvaged sheets of glass and contact mics them, runs them through electronics, and blows the ever loving shit out of them. Someone described him as “a trumpet player… Read more »

Tracey Trance - Pyper Kub

Tracey Trance - Pyper Kub ()

Tracey Trance “Pyper Kub” LP Edition of 700 The fact that many label went in on releasing this LP might give you the idea it’s a loser, but that is a fucking lie. Mr. Trance has been well-represented by a variety of cassettes over the past few years, but this is his first vinyl souvenir, and it’s what the kids call “a record worth keeping”. Describing Trance’s one-man-band schtick and naif vocal presence always seem like they’d be annoying when they’re described to me, but I am here to tell you the opposite is true. Indeed, the more I hear Tracey’s casio/guitar/thumper attack, and his Poindexter-on-helium vocals, the deeper the elemental quality of his simply-wrought hooks burrows into my brain…. Read more »

Caught On Tape - OUT OF PRINT

Caught On Tape / John Moloney / Thurston Moore - Caught On Tape ()

First Pressing – Edition of 133  Second Pressing – Edition of 1000 Artwork by Raymond Pettibon Label Art by Emma Kohlmann OUT OF PRINT!  And the blonde, as they say, shall lead the blind. Recorded at a variety of gigs during a tour of Europe in the spring of 2012,Caught On Tape documents an autodidact improv summit nearly without peer. Thurston Moore, the self-taught Connecticut guitarist for the Coachmen, Male Slut, Dapper, Wylde Ratttz, Dim Stars, Northampton Wools, Bark Haze, Pillow Wand, Diskaholics Anonymous, Society’s Ills, The Dream Aktion Unit and several other combos, is in full unhinged blaze-mode here. His companion, notable son of the chowder mills,John Moloney (Sunburned, Shit Spangled Banner, Egg Eggs, etc.), rifles through his drum kit frantically, as though he was trying to destroy a rainbow with hammers. The blend is totally berserk. While… Read more »

Still Blue Still Turning leads us into Gross

- Still Blue Still Turning leads us into Gross ()

Still Blue Still Turning leads us into Gross Dave Gross – Sax Nick Williams – Guitar Andy Crespo – Bass Ted Lee – Drums Recored 5.28.11 with two Zoom Recorders by Ted Lee & Jonathan Granoff Matrixed and Mixed by Jonathan Granoff Lathe Cut by Adam Pettis Edition of 19

Snaps 'n Claps - Greatest Hits

Snaps 'n Claps - Greatest Hits ()

Snaps ‘n Claps “Greatest Hits” CDR Edition of 300 Girl Group covers by casio and melodica duo featuring lovely and naive harmonies. Get this beaut before they’re all gone! Erin “Snaps” Schneider & Andrea “Claps” Love brings the classic hits and some new ones to boot. An amazing and wonderful joy to hold and listen to! “Like falling in love again and again” -Ted Lee of Feeding Tube Records