Donkey No No - Boomka

CS-40 Edition of 46. Numbered. Includes Digital Download Slip. Riso Printed at the Looky Here in Greenfield, MA.



Beginning with Jen’s violin-based detournment of Copland’s “Billy the Kid Suite,” Boomka is a ruralist crawl across the  American landscape. It begins in the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts, dithers down through the Appalachian Range, blows across the rivers of the central U.S., emerging onto the windswept crop circles of the plains, ensnaring the mouth breathing song-dusters of the salt seas, wending through the death gulches of the Rockies, only to cross the arid stretches of the Californian desert to extend tongue and tendrils into the sweet Pacific. Like following a holy ghost to water, then asking her to dance on the waves while you eat a barbacoa taco.

-Byron Coley, 2020