Donkey No No - The Psychedelic Peel

LP Edition of 28. Numbered.


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First new lathe of the year by this resiliently blasted Western Mass trio. Omeed Goodarzi (guitar), Jenifer Gelineau (violin) and Ted Lee (cymbal) get together ‘most every week to squink out the jams. Gary Panter guested on guitar at a recent hoot, but he was too damn scared (or maybe wasted) to do much plucking. “Those guys are too telepathic when they play,” he said. “It’s hard to feel like you can fit anything else in.”

Their approach here is of a piece with earlier DNN recordings — strings and cymbals slide against wordless vocals, or arch themselves into a flight to nowhere. A few birdies chirp now and then, but they are mere window dressing to the genuine weirdness of Donkey No No’s group sound. A friend once describe them as, “a version of Dirty 3 designed for filthy hippies.” And there’s always a trippiness to their float that makes this claim at least somewhat justifiable. But, like Dirty 3, they are always capable of creating melodic lines so simple they sound like folk readymades, but prove to be originals. Swirls and noodles of imaginary logic at its most ecstatic.

Fans will surely be lining up around the block for a lick of this sweet cone. -Byron Coley, 2020

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