Format: lathe

Donkey No No - 6.13.17 ( / )

Edition of 20. Numbered.  12″ lathe. Out Of Print Unlike some of their more deviously zoned sessions, this recording catches Donkey No No in a reflective and ruralist mood. Omeed’s guitars, Jen’s violin, and Ted’s bowed cymbal all sound like something Bob Dylan would have listened to as a way of negating a bad hangover while on the Rolling Thunder tour. Notes and drones are carefully placed, allowing lots of breathing room to exist on their margins. Probably so that Bob’s head can stop its throbbing. And one can easily imagine, Dylan, sitting on the commode, slowly chewing on an Egg McMuffin, while he awaits the arrival of his poop de jour, wondering what it would sound like if Bruce… Read more »

Lauri McNamara - Carmen Of Ohio / Older, Sicker ( / )

Lauri McNamara “Carmen Of Ohio / Older, Sicker” 7″ Lathe Edition of 20 SOLD OUT!  Inside the context of Egg Eggs, Ms. McNamara has becomes known as a utility noise-generator on several instruments. On this solo set, however, she points her ukelele in the direction of something more closely resembling the New England völk tradition, doing a few femme-voiced readymades, although by doing them on a uke she kinda subverts any real tradition we can think of. But it is a mightily upful effort.   – Byron Coley, 2014