chik white - QuaranTunes Series No.56

12″ Lathe Edition of 25. Numbered. Loose leaf cover + back art printed at LOOKYHERE.


On the evening of Friday May 27, 2021, Chik White performed one of the gnarliest sets of music heard during the entire QuaranTunes series. In the comfort of his Nova Scotia living room, Mr. White performed a sequence of sonic explorations of mouth-sounds that was as beautiful as it was staggeringly weird.

Anyone familiar with either Chik’s album, Stranger Calls to Land (FTR363), or his many cassettes, has a basic idea of what he’s up to. His work with various jaw harps, toy trumpets and other breath-controlled devices has made people aware of the avant garde potential of a whole new panoply of instruments. But watching him play is just as amazing as hearing it, so the audio visual combination was a knock-out.

He even managed to get a pantload of interesting music of the humble noseflute (a heretofore forbidden notion if ever there was one) and his final piece with his “new horn,” was a goddamn masterpiece. People were howling while he played, since his approach is such an unprecedented blend of rigorous technique and antic charm. As with the best sound poetry, Chik’s music works as both serious audio freakery, and something that is just so unlikely it always provides the shock of the new.

This is a session that definitely gains another element by being viewed. But without the visuals you can just sit back and try to imagine what the hell he’s doing to get all those unearthly sounds. It is a total blast.

-Byron Coley, 2022

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