Format: single-sided-lp

Sophie Cooper - QuaranTunes Series No.34 ( / / )

12″ single sided lathe Edition of 28. Numbered. Loose leaf risograph cover / back art printed at LOOKY HERE. Bandcamp $30 Sophie Cooper is  one of Yorkshire’s pre-eminent underground musicians. She can create anything from floating folk harmonics to ghastly noise manipulations, whilst appearing to have a most excellent time doing whatever it is she’s up to . I’ve heard Sophie play in more formats than I can easily recall, and she has released a couple of prior albums with Feeding Tube — Divine Ekstasy (FTR342, a sumptuous duo with Delphine Dora) and Plutonic Shine (FTR499, a sort of post-industrial psych LP by The Slowest Lift, her amazing partnership with VCO’s Julian Bradley).  Sophie promised us something “exciting” for the… Read more »

Thurston Moore - QuaranTunes Series No.33 ( / / )

12″ Single Sided Lathe. Numbered. Edition of 37. Loose leaf risograph cover / back art printed at LOOKY HERE. OUT OF PRINT Still drenched in the grease of a traditional Thanksgiving goose, Thurston Moore appeared to us on the evening of Friday November 27, 2020. Sitting in a bedroom in Bethel CT, he whipped out an acoustic guitar, and proceeded to serenade us with the first instrumental preview of a work in progress.  “Son, You Jest” is the working title of Moore’s “rock opera” (he prefers the term “song cycle”) about Lou Reed’s 1959 electroshock sessions. The piece presented here is “Connecticut Heaven,” which was a phrase that repeatedly appeared in Reed’s journals of the era. It presumably refers to… Read more »

Bruce Russell - QuaranTunes Series no.039 ( / / )

12″ Single Sided lathe. Edition of 33. Numbered. Loose leaf risograph cover / back art printed at LOOKYHERE. OUT OF PRINT On the morning of Saturday January 8, 2021 (Friday evening back on the East Coast of the U.S.), Bruce Russell waltzed his big black sneakers into his front room on New Zealand’s South Island, and tore a breakfast-sized hole in the cosmos.  Russell’s insane knack for producing aural belligerence with his guitar and pedals is legendary. Generations of Dead C fans have swooned amidst its sonic shadows, and Bruce’s many other solo and group projects over the last three-decades-plus have been pretty damn stellar. But I’ve never heard him in exactly the form he achieved for this one. There’s… Read more »

The Lentils - My Pillow Lava - Part One - My Deaf Son

The Lentils - My Pillow Lava Part One: My Deaf Son ( / )

The Lentils “My Pillow Lava Part One: My Deaf Son” LP (Single Sided) with Download Code & Book Edition of 200 OUT OF PRINT! First physical evidence of the “band” that entered the room when Happy Jawbone departed. And it’s a beaut. Pressed on clear vinyl with a silkscreen on the blank side (ala Albert Ayler’s Bells on ESP), packed with a 16 page book of Luke Csehak’s notebook fragments, the record is compendium of ideas that were once lost but are now found. For live performance, the Lentils have now assumed some sort of physical presence worthy of their sound’s wide hips. But at the time of this recording, the project was solo Luke. He did the art for the vinyl,… Read more »