Format: 12-lathe

Alison Cotton - QuaranTunes Series No.024 ( / )

12″ Lathe Edition of 26. Numbered. Risograph looseleaf cover and back art printed at LOOKYHERE. Release Date – July 22nd, 2022 – preorder available – Recorded on the evening of Friday Sept. 5, 2020 (Saturday morning where she was) at a secret location in London, this session captures Alison Cotton’s sound in gleaming late night clarity. All of the pieces, apart from “I Buried the Candlesticks,” are from one of Alison’s extant releases, but her approach to the material maintained a holistic feel shimmering with a ghostly precision.  Playing beautifully drone-canted viola, with the occasional glimmer of hanging wind chimes, Alison’s voice sounded incredible. Her work often has an out-of-time quality that makes its century of origin tough to nail… Read more »

chik white - QuaranTunes Series No.56 ( / )

12″ Lathe Edition of 25. Numbered. Loose leaf cover + back art printed at LOOKYHERE. On the evening of Friday May 27, 2021, Chik White performed one of the gnarliest sets of music heard during the entire QuaranTunes series. In the comfort of his Nova Scotia living room, Mr. White performed a sequence of sonic explorations of mouth-sounds that was as beautiful as it was staggeringly weird. Anyone familiar with either Chik’s album, Stranger Calls to Land (FTR363), or his many cassettes, has a basic idea of what he’s up to. His work with various jaw harps, toy trumpets and other breath-controlled devices has made people aware of the avant garde potential of a whole new panoply of instruments. But… Read more »

The Lentils - Budget Alchemy ( / )

12″ Lathe edition of 27. Numbered.  Original one of a kind cover art by Luke Csehak. OUT OF PRINT – Also available on cassette / digital from Flower Sounds  There’s a type of vanity that masquerades as ‘good taste’ in the world of recorded music. It suggests a musical teleology of a band’s recorded output which progresses from the lofi salad days to the hifi times of ‘clear intentions’ and ‘marked improvements’. Over time we come to expect these refinements as a type of courtesy to the industry at large. These progressions are often blandly linear, smoothly executed by so called ‘competent actors’ and showcase the holistic capture of our productive forces, pushing us to desire the refinement of affects…. Read more »

Jon Collin - QuaranTunes Series No.030 ( / )

12″ Lathe Edition of 24. Numbered. Loose-leaf cover / back art printed at LOOKYHERE. Bandcamp link OUT OF PRINT  On the evening of Friday Nov. 6, 2020, the British guitarist, Jon Collin, played this bracingly original set of guitar music. Unlike the three LPs of his we have released (Water & Rock Music Vol. 1 FTR399, Vol. 2 FTR418, and Vol. 3-4 FTR534), this session was not done in the outdoors. Rather, it happened in the basement of a friend’s place in Stockholm, amidst a tableau filled with water pipes, electrical doodads, and lots of the other kinds of things with which basements are rife.  It’s hard to know whether his surroundings defined the parameters of his music, but Jon’s… Read more »

Frank Hurricane - QuaranTunes Series No.036 ( / )

12″ Lathe Edition of 19. Numbered. Loose leaf cover / back art printed at LOOKYHERE. OUT OF PRINT Just like everyone else Frank was more or less locked in place in the spring of 2020.  With a new record coming out and plans to take his first consistent backing band in years on tour, the pandemic brought Frank’s juggernaut energy to an unheard of stop.  From the first seconds of franks broadcast from his bedroom he comments on the strangeness of the situation as a “haunted zoom meeting, then starts into creekside cooler, a vibed out groover of his latest full length studio record and his first with a solid, gig hardened backing band.  Though I love the full band… Read more »

Sophie Cooper - QuaranTunes Series No.34 ( / / )

12″ single sided lathe Edition of 28. Numbered. Loose leaf risograph cover / back art printed at LOOKY HERE. Bandcamp Sophie Cooper is  one of Yorkshire’s pre-eminent underground musicians. She can create anything from floating folk harmonics to ghastly noise manipulations, whilst appearing to have a most excellent time doing whatever it is she’s up to . I’ve heard Sophie play in more formats than I can easily recall, and she has released a couple of prior albums with Feeding Tube — Divine Ekstasy (FTR342, a sumptuous duo with Delphine Dora) and Plutonic Shine (FTR499, a sort of post-industrial psych LP by The Slowest Lift, her amazing partnership with VCO’s Julian Bradley).  Sophie promised us something “exciting” for the evening… Read more »

Ned Collette - QuaranTunes Series No.026 ( / )

12″ lathe Edition of 24. Numbered. Risograph Loose leaf cover and back art printed at LOOKYHERE. also available at bandcamp. Australian ex-pat, Ned Collette, came to our attention via circuitous routes, but the song cycle he created for Old Chestnut (FTR 362) was a classic of avant folk form, and its instrumental follow-up,  Afternoon—Dusk (FTR 468), was brilliance of an entirely different type. Thus, when we asked him to participate in the QuaranTunes series, on Friday Oct. 9 2020, we had no idea what he’d be doing. We just knew it’d be damn good. And we was right! Playing acoustic guitar Ned started off with a new vocal tune, then played his way through classic tracks from Old Chestnut and… Read more »

Thurston Moore - QuaranTunes Series No.33 ( / / )

12″ Single Sided Lathe. Numbered. Edition of 37. Loose leaf risograph cover / back art printed at LOOKY HERE. OUT OF PRINT Still drenched in the grease of a traditional Thanksgiving goose, Thurston Moore appeared to us on the evening of Friday November 27, 2020. Sitting in a bedroom in Bethel CT, he whipped out an acoustic guitar, and proceeded to serenade us with the first instrumental preview of a work in progress.  “Son, You Jest” is the working title of Moore’s “rock opera” (he prefers the term “song cycle”) about Lou Reed’s 1959 electroshock sessions. The piece presented here is “Connecticut Heaven,” which was a phrase that repeatedly appeared in Reed’s journals of the era. It presumably refers to… Read more »

Byron Coley, Loren Connors - Quarantunes Series No.049 ( / )

12″ Lathe Edition of 41. Numbered. Loose leaf risograph cover / back art printed at LOOKY HERE. OUT OF PRINT  BANDCAMP DIGITAL  On the evening of Friday March 19, 2021, we were honored to have guitarist Loren Connors appear as part of our Quarantunes series. When discussing what the format would be like, Loren suggested it might be cool if I did some reading to accompany him. We had collaborated over the years on a variety of projects, and we struck upon  the idea of sourcing the text from Loren’s book, Autumn’s Sun. This was a volume originally published by Thurston Moore & myself as part of the celebration of Loren’s 50th Birthday, and had just been reissued in lightly… Read more »

Dan Melchior - QuaranTunes Series no. 053 ( / )

12″ Edition of 26. Numbered / Risograph looseleaf cover / back art printed at LOOKYHERE. OUT OF PRINT Recorded Friday April 16, 2021, here we find ex-pat UK polymath, Dan Melchior in full-on solo acoustic mode. This is just one of Dan’s many guises inside the fields of musical and visual arts, but it’s a damn good one. This evening’s performance was recorded inside a Carboro NC bathroom (legendary for its good acoustics), and we are tempted to say the post-modern skiffle revival begins here.  Dan’s plays a couple old songs, a couple covers (Mississippi Joe Callicott & Bobby Charles!!!) and a bunch of new ones that combine the cynical edge and humorous juxtaposition that marks much of his work… Read more »