Jordan Perry - QuaranTunes Series No.023

12″ 45rpm Lathe. Edition of 26. Numbered. Looseleaf cover + back risograph printed at LOOKY HERE. original back cover painted / printed by TL


On the evening of Friday Sept. 18, 2020, guitarist Jordan Perry joined our Zoom concert series from his home base in Charlottesville VA. The four pieces he played are beautiful examples of his stringed art — sparse, quietly angular and abstract, played with careful attention to details and also to shadows.

Jordan’s music is full of tender twists, and the way he works with silence has the effect of suspending time for short bursts of otherness. His is a music to which listeners brings their attention as an active participant. It offers depths and whispers that create vistas unlike those of any other working guitarist I know.

A damn fine evening. With waves of sound worth remembering and brain-surfing through again and again.

You’re welcome.

-Byron Coley, 2022

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