Format: lathe

Michael Morley - QuaranTunes Series No.012 : Flags Battered ( / )

12″ Edition of 39. Numbered. Riso Looseleaf cover / back art printed at Looky Here. OUT OF PRINT On the evening of Friday July 3, 2020 (although it was the morning of Saturday July 4 in New Zealand), Michael Morley (aka He Who Is Gate) went into his front room to play a few acoustic tunes. Luckily for all, a gaggle of people was spying on him via Zoom, so the results of this fine-ass recital were recorded and may now be presented to you in all physical glory. With an approach using equal measures of beauty and abstraction, Morley played a glorious set, quite different from the noisier electric work for which he is known via Dead C, Wreck… Read more »

Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski - QuaranTunes Series No.013 : Live at Sunview ( / )

12″ Edition of 36. Numbered. Riso Looseleaf cover / back art printed at Looky Here. On the evening of Friday April 10, 2020 Marcia Bassett and Samara Lubelski set up their gear in Brooklyn’s Sunview Luncheonette. With the assistance of Barry Weisblat (“The Lumberjack of Sound”) they got the amp mix just right, and as 7 PM rolled around, they proceeded to take the tops of our heads clean off. They played two new pieces, and both were doozies. On the first, “Sunview 1,” the swoop of violin and guitar made me think of B-25s crossing the Pacific at night on their way to light up Imperial Japan. The music was tense and rolling and ominous in a way that… Read more »

Chris Corsano - QuaranTunes Series no. 003 ( / )

12″ Lathe Edition of 35. Risograph printed loose leaf cover and back art printed at Looky Here in Greenfield, MA. OUT OF PRINT On the evening of May 1, 2020, Chris Corsano appeared as the third participant in Feeding Tube’s QuaranTunes Zoom concert series. In the middle of what seemed to be The Red Room from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, Mr. Corsano used every appendage at his disposal to obliterate reality. And it was real real nice.  The track titles give you some idea of what his tools were that night — “Brush & Chimes,” “Light Metal” and “Horns.” A fourth track, “Drums,” was recorded on July 4, 2020, because we were so gobsmacked by the performance Chris did in… Read more »

Myriam Gendron - QuaranTunes Series no.004 ( / )

12″ Lathe Edition of 31. Risograph printed loose leaf cover and back art printed at Looky Here in Greenfield, MA. OUT OF PRINT The most excellent Quebecois singer/guitarist, Myriam Gendron, produces music that feels simultaneously home-spun and sophisticated. Her sole LP to date, Not So Deep as a Well (FTR 146) is a gorgeous album whereon she sets the poems of the American intellectual, Dorothy Parker, to her own beautifully crafted guitar tunes. That album was hailed throughout the civilized world, and many fans wait impatiently for Myriam’s two young kids to set her free for artistic endeavors once again. In the meantime, she has worked on some new material, and it was our extreme pleasure to invite her to… Read more »

Joseph Allred - QuaranTunes Series no.009 ( / )

12″ Edition of 32. Numbered. Risograph printed loose leaf cover and back art printed at Looky Here in Greenfield, MA. Youtube Archive. OUT OF PRINT Recorded on the evening of Friday June 12, 2020, at his home in Brighton MA, this lathe documents a spellbinding instrumental set by master musician, Joseph Allred.  The first piece is side-long exploration of the guitar based on a Robbie Basho piece called “Tassajara” (from The Falconer’s Arm I). But Allred’s approach feels less tense, and a bit looser, which always seems like a good thing to. The second piece is a vocal accompanied  by harmonium. A bit like some of the material on his most recent Feeding Tube LP, Michael (FTR 532), there is… Read more »

Powers / Rolin Duo - QuaranTunes Series no.008 ( / )

12″ Lathe Edition of 32. Numbered. Downlaod Code Included. Loose-leaf cover + back art printed at Looky Here in Greenfield, MA. OUT OF PRINT Don’t fear, little buddy. You did not miss a passel of live Quarantunes lathe LPs while you sleeping in a cloud of misery. Not hardly! Despite the fact that it was the 8th one recorded, the Powers/Rollin Dup session has been released prior to some of the other concerts recorded earlier. Many factors contribute to this, but they are trademarked Feeding Tube secrets, so you’ll just have to accept our word that it is the status quo. Broadcast live on Zoom from Columbus OH at 7 PM (eastern) Friday June 5, 2020, this extremely limited hand-cut… Read more »

Jeffrey Alexander - QuaranTunes Series no.007 ( / )

12″ Lathe Edition of 32. Numbered. Includes download code. Loose-leaf Risogragh cover and back art printed at Looky Here in Greenfield OUT OF PRINT Wondrous documentation of the solo set by Jeffrey Alexander, broadcast over Zoom at 7PM Friday May 29. 2020. Jeffrey was in Richmond VA on family business, but managed to kick out the jams as though he were deeply immersed in the comforts of home. Accompanying himself on guitar, the mood was about as intimate as it gets. Of the five tunes selected for the LP, I can namecheck three. “Strength of Strings” is from Gene Clark’s classic No Other LP, and it approached with a non nonsense form of brooding that is wonderful. “Sunsplash Your Mind”… Read more »

Joanne Robertson - QuaranTunes Series no.002 ( / )

12″ Lathe Edition of 30. Numbered. Loose leaf (2) cover & back printed on a Riso Printer at Looky Here in Greenfield, MA OUT OF PRINT For our second Quarantunes concert, we were super excited to arrange for the great Jo Robertson to perform from her home in Glasgow. Jo had been taking it easy on her musical stuff for a while, focusing more on painting, and the word was also that she’d been playing a lot of piano. We were a little trepidatious when we asked if she’d be up for doing a solo set with just guitar, but she said, “Okay,” and there was joyful celebrating throughout Feeding Tube Tower. Because of the time difference it was late… Read more »

MV & EE - QuaranTunes Series No.005 ()

Edition of 31. Numbered. Risograph printed loose leaf cover and back art printed at Looky Here in Greenfield, MA. YouTube Video OUT OF PRINT  Recorded and broadcast on Friday May 15, 2020, straight from the shores of Sweet Pond, this album brims with the naked soul of the MVEE experience. The evening was a burbling sonic pipe with tune flowing into tune with some pauses for dedications, child care and a healthy spackling of spectra-banter. Vocals are traded in even measure, and Erika’s lap steel flows through the hoops of Matt’s effects-laden riffs like lava from the ass of god. We’re treated to a blazing version of Space Homestead‘s “Shits Creek,” and it all wraps up with the pure zone… Read more »

Dredd Foole - QuaranTunes Series no.001 ( / )

12″ Lathe. Edition of 20. Numbered. Loose Leaf Cover + Back Art Printed at Looky Here in Greenfield, MA. Out of print.  Documentation of the first Quarantunes concert, broadcast from Brattleboro VT on April 10, 2020. This features Dredd and his acoustic guitar at his most blues-wailingest. There are a few great new songs, and a bunch of old faves like “Four Roses for Jack,” ‘You Feel,” and ‘Your Heart.” Even playing inside the confines of  his packed record room, there is no mistaking the charged up genius of Dredd. The sound is pure emotion made tangible. The QuaranTunes series is being done in small editions, with Risographed insert covers. The extant copies are split evenly with the artist, in… Read more »