Format: 45rpm

Jerman Barnes - The Finger’d Remove ( / )

LP (45 RPM) Edition of 200 with Download Code. Jerman Barnes sounds like fancy men’s shoe brand, but it’s actually a duo comprised of two of the American underground’s most prolific wanderers — Jeph Jerman and Tim Barnes. Jeph had explored everything from primitively brilliant free jazz with Blowhole to deep electronic explorations under the name Hands To, although in the latter part of the ’90s he shifted his focus to music made with found natural objects. Tim Barnes entered our consciousness as fluent master of experimentally canted percussion before he threw us a curve by joining Matt Valentine’s Tower Recordings ensemble and going deep-prole for a while. Regardless, he and Jeph started releasing duo recordings almost 15 years ago,… Read more »

Palberta - Hot On The Beach ( / )

LP Edition of 360. Remixed, remade, remodeled vinylization of Palberta’s JMC Aggregate cassette of 2016. Hot on the Beach is another great leap sideways by this glorious post-tongue trio. The four brutarian tracks on the a-side are shards of songs reductive enough to have earned their “no wave” deal of approval without breaking a sweat. But as usual, Anina Lily and Nina manage to make this ug-thrust co-exist with a whacked-out feel more in line with late ’70s UK scribblers like the Raincoats or Big in Japan. Really fine. On the second side they do a single extended track called “Prolly for the Best” that sounds something like a dance 12” released by 99 Records, recorded anonymously and very drunkenly… Read more »

Curse Purse - Curse Purse with Gary Panter ( / )

12″ Tour Edition of 50. Numbered. Out Of Print. Because their debut 12” was such a marvel, Curse Purse decided revisit the format, and this time they hauled along guitarist Gary Panter for a ride in the clown car. For those who have never experienced them, Curse Purse (the basic) is a trio with Olivia Kennett on suqeedles and voice, Matt Robidoux on guitar and voice, and “Ted” Lee on drum, guitar and voice. To them, form is nothing but an obstacle to be overcome and parodied. And though he has proven himself to be a thoughtful and cunning string agent in most settings, it appears these three scalawags have subverted the approach of Mr. Panter as well. The sound… Read more »

(New England) Patriots, Palberta - Special Worship ( / )

Palberta / (New England) Patriots “Special Worship” 12″ 45rpm / Insert / Download / Numbered SECOND PRESSING – CLEAR VINYL – Edition of 100 FIRST PRESSING – OUT OF PRINT! Edition of 250 Released to coincide with a tour shared by these two monsters of the uncharted North, Special Worship is only the second vinyl dab by Boston’s (NE) Pats, and the first wax by the Hudson Valley’s Palberta. The (NE) Pats revel in squealing feedback, raunchy spuzz-riffs and mutable vocals that make me think of a cross between the Cows and some weird Texas just pre-core punk bands whose named I can’t recall. Rough, woozy and powerful, even though the trio sports no bassist, the (NE) Pats (who previously shared… Read more »

Andy Crespo Two Cigarettes Kissing

Andy Crespo - Two Cigarettes Kissing ( / )

Andy Crespo “Two Cigarettes Kissing” 12″ (45rpm) Edition of 200 OUT OF PRINT! Andy Crespo has been the go-to bass players for sub-underground locals since time immemorial. Recording with mysterious free jazz units such as Gross, or the original Barn Owl (the trio with Matt Weston & Chris Cooper), or playing with one the countless live bands he’s been in, Crespo is a commandingly smoky, mysterious and powerful presence. Feeding Tube is tickled pink to present Crespo’s first solo vinyl — two side long excursions of bass generated sounds that’ll roam your interior fields like a cloud of bees searching for nico-nectar. Considering Crespo’s personal collecting policies, it’s crazy that he conjured up such a berserk set of splattered electronics/strings/feedback,… Read more »

Guerilla Toss - Smack The Brick ( / )

Guerilla Toss “Smack The Brick” 12″ (45rpm) with download code Edition of 400 Slight line-up change in GT brings new faces to keyboards and bass, resulting in a rather plumper (and, dare I say, more soulful) bottom, without removing any of the pony-rending upper register dynamism we have all grown to love. This new width also adds a certain slinkiness to a few of the evil cheerleader routines that are part of Kassie Carlson’s magic kit. The band spins out streams of thick repeato-riffery, while Kassie’s vocals exhort everyone to explode. Word on the street is that GT’s new label has big things in store for them. So Smack the Brick is either gonna be veiwed as the end of… Read more »

Bugs & Rats ST

Bugs and Rats - S/T ( / )

Bugs And Rats “S/T” LP with Insert / Download Code Edition of 400     Co Release With Surveillance Investments BANDCAMP   OUT OF PRINT! Nine song pus-rock explosion by this Quincy MA trio with guest vocals on a couple of tracks by Kassie Carlson (of Guerilla Toss). The sound has a mega-sludge hunch that will make you feel several sweet reefs to the wind, until you fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride. The band’s pace varies from machine-gun rattle to cough-syrup lunge (sometimes within a single song), so you’ll want to make sure your neck is well-braced, too. In the days when dumbos stodd around, hanging their heads, shaking them mopily to the beat, Bugs & Rats… Read more »

Bang Bros! - 12/12/12 -

Bang! Bros. - 12/12/12 ( / )

12″ (45rpm) Edition of 300 Co-Release with 100% Breakfast OUT OF PRINT!  Bang! Brothers means many things to many people. Look the phrase up on your interweb, and you will discover many facets of amateur erotica that may have previously escaped your notice. But that is only one of its connotations. In its best sense, Bang! Bros refers to the ridiculously ecstatic duo of Mark Johnson and Arkm Foam, best known for their work with the Whithaus Family and Hunnie Bunnies. Both of the gents have now moved away from Boston — where Bang! Bros were based — but not before the threw dawn and took the challenge to play 12 live shows in 12 towns on 12/12/2012. You might think to… Read more »

Justice Yeldham - Popped in the head all the time now

Justice Yeldham - Popped In The Head All The Time Now ( / )

Justice Yeldham “Popped In The Head All The Time Now 12” (45rpm) Edition of 300 Justice Yeldham is the performing handle of Lucas Abela of Sydney, Australia. For the last five or so years, Justice has taken Iggy Pop’s early ‘70s experiments with glass-as-instrument to whole new vistas of bloody ruin. Where the Ig saw glass as something merely to shatter and slash with (rendering old Ben Franklin’s experiements with his “Amonica” quaint in the process), Justice uses shatterage as the capstone to a whole new quasi-musical way of life. Yeldham takes salvaged sheets of glass and contact mics them, runs them through electronics, and blows the ever loving shit out of them. Someone described him as “a trumpet player… Read more »