Palberta - Hot On The Beach

LP Edition of 360.

Remixed, remade, remodeled vinylization of Palberta’s JMC Aggregate cassette of 2016. Hot on the Beach is another great leap sideways by this glorious post-tongue trio. The four brutarian tracks on the a-side are shards of songs reductive enough to have earned their “no wave” deal of approval without breaking a sweat. But as usual, Anina Lily and Nina manage to make this ug-thrust co-exist with a whacked-out feel more in line with late ’70s UK scribblers like the Raincoats or Big in Japan. Really fine.

On the second side they do a single extended track called “Prolly for the Best” that sounds something like a dance 12” released by 99 Records, recorded anonymously and very drunkenly by the Y Pants after a show at Experimedia. They would have kicked the shit out of Pulsalama back in the day, even though there’s only three of them. They wield power like a cudgel.

Good for them. Good for me. Good for you. Good for all of us.

-Byron Coley, 2016

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