Drazek Fuscaldo / Thymme Jones - Wings Dipped in Fire

CS Edition of 200.


Domestic issue of a Polish LP released in 2022 by Przymyslaw Drazek, Brent Fuscaldo and Thymme Jones. In Poland the record was credited to Mako Sica and Thymme Jones, but that Chicago unit has now decided to work under the Drazek Fuscaldo banner. And that is that.

Recorded at Electrical Audio in the Windy City, with Corey Bengston playing keyboards on the first side, this is music with all the dreamy jazzoid mystery you expect from Drazek Fuscaldo. I have always felt these guys operate in the same post-punk universe as the Sun City Girls, blending free psych, free jazz, free world, and avant garde impulses into something that probably could have existed in a pre-Sun City universe. But where SCG were constant maximalists, DF accept the minimal as an equally power compositional gambit. 

The music on Wings Dipped in Fire sometimes offers as much open space and breathing room as Pauline Oliveros while maintaining a connection to impulses rooted in wildest expanses of free rock improvisation. As DF’s recent work with Hamid Drake (and others) has shown, they have the ability to function at high levels of the post-form jazz idiom, in manner different yet parallel to folks like Natural Information Society. That potential is abundantly evident here, but there is also a very ethereal kind of prog blended into the mix, and lots of other beautiful touches that strike me as unique in the way they’re combined and presented. 

Any way you slice it, Wings is another brilliant recording by this group. And a great place to start listening to them if they have thus far avoided your attention. We at Feeding Tube couldn’t bear to let this album languish as an impossible-to-find import. Hope you have the time to dig into Wings Dipped in Fire. Its rewards are boundless. I shit you not.

-Byron Coley, 2023