Jeffrey Alexander - QuaranTunes Series no.007

12″ Lathe Edition of 32. Numbered. Includes download code. Loose-leaf Risogragh cover and back art printed at Looky Here in Greenfield


Wondrous documentation of the solo set by Jeffrey Alexander, broadcast over Zoom at 7PM Friday May 29. 2020. Jeffrey was in Richmond VA on family business, but managed to kick out the jams as though he were deeply immersed in the comforts of home. Accompanying himself on guitar, the mood was about as intimate as it gets.

Of the five tunes selected for the LP, I can namecheck three. “Strength of Strings” is from Gene Clark’s classic No Other LP, and it approached with a non nonsense form of brooding that is wonderful. “Sunsplash Your Mind” is one of the whistling sparklers’ from Jeffrey’s  2019 solo LP, Meditations for Beowulf (FTR 470). “Black Peter” is the Hunter/Garcia deathbed classic from Workingman’s Dead and is given a quietly old-timey send-off that works great. 

The other two tracks are “Carousel of Flowers,” which evokes a certain kind of Neil Young ballad without copping a single lick. And “Yayla” (the Turkish word for highland) closes things off with an abstract woodwind/string auto-duet that may well be a slab of free improv in the spirit of the Crimean Mountains. Or something! Whatever it means, it sounds great.

Thanks Jeffrey!

-Byron Coley, 2020

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