Format: 2xlp

Happy Jawbone Family Band - The Complete Hotel Double Tragedy

Happy Jawbone Family Band - The Complete Hotel Double Tragedy ()

Edition of 600, Includes Booklet and download. Released in foreshortened single LP format back in 2010, the new edition of this masterpiece of Brattleboro form manipulation is allowed to breathe across two full long-players, and we’re all a lot better off for it. Allowed to sprawl across a couple of albums, a booklet of text and a download card of yet another album, HJFB achieve a rare freedom here, assembling a complete imaginary universe that combines surrealist wordplay with woozy Dunedin-style form-grabs. Composed of seven (or so) people (it changes with the weather), the band seems capable of almost anything. At one moment they can be doing what sounds to be a flamenco version of the Germs’ “Lexicon Devil” then… Read more »

Hurricanes of Love - Quintorian Blues

Hurricanes of Love - Quintorian Blues ( / )

LP with Download slip. Edition of 300. OUT OF PRINT! BANDCAMP! MOSES LAKE BLUES VIDEO by JOEY PIZZA SLICE TINY MIX TAPES REVIEW When Frank Hurricane comes into a room it’s really something. As his name implies, he is impossible ignore. He has built an alarmingly nuanced lexicon out of an amazingly limited number of phrases. “Psychedelic.” “Spiritual.” “Holy.” “Gangsta.” “Pimp.” “Bro.” “Homie.” In the hands of the culture-at-large, these terms have long lost whatever literal or subcultural meaning they may have once had and are now so incredibly overused as to be stripped of any meaning whatsoever. In Frank’s hands, though, each of these words comes alive and full of varied meaning. On paper here it looks ridiculous, but… Read more »

Devin Gary & Ross - Honeycomb of Chakras

Devin Gary & Ross - Honeycomb of Chakras ( / )

LP / Download Included. Edition of 500 OUT OF PRINT This trio — Devin Flynn, Gary Panter and Ross Goldstein — has delivered one of the most blinding psychedelic listening experiences of the last several anna. Only one of these darlings — Ross Goldstein — is known primarily as a musician. Gary Panter is one of our era’s premier visual artists, and Devin Flynn is among the age’s most berserk animation stars. But they have nonetheless managed to blast their way into he very center of a psych-specific cosmos that will make your fingers feel like sausages and your ears wobble as though they’re on stalks. The band has one prior record, the excitingly primitive Four Corners Bounce on Pete… Read more »

Chris Weisman - Fresh Sip

Chris Weisman - Fresh Sip ( / )

Chris Weisman “Fresh Sip” 2xLP Edition of 500 OUT OF PRINT! SAVED IN CHATS Vinylization of a brilliant cassette album originally issued by Autumn Records in 2010. Perhaps best known as one third of Happy Birthday, whose eponymous Sub Pop album was much favored by people with ears, Chris is sometimes called The Brian Wilson of Brattleboro. When you swim into the ocean of Weisman’s sound you will find your ass alternately cupped and buffeted by paddles of unique design. Weisman pretty much does all the work on Fresh Sip – vocals, keys, guitar, percussion – all of it blasting out like a classic readymade version of Todd Rundgren rewriting the Chris Bell Songbook with help from Dean Torrance. No… Read more »

Orchid Spangiafora - Flee Pasts Ape Elf - OUT OF PRINT

Orchid Spangiafora - Flee Past’s Ape Elf ()

Edition of 700 with 2nd record of material not on original 1979 release. OUT OF PRINT! Splendid, expanded reissue of this monster album, which most people know from its placement on the NWW List. Stapleton even went so far as to name a track (“Fashioned to a Device Behind a Tree”) after a mis-hearing of one of Flee Past’s’ many memorable lines. The music has its roots in Hampshire College’s Electronic Music Studio in the early 1970s. While taking a class on Electronic Composition, Robert Carey was smitten by the potentialities lurking inside piles of reel-to-reel tape. Presented with a stack of such stuff, mostly recorded off of television, he began an epic stumble into the universe of musique concret…. Read more »