Chris Weisman - Fresh Sip

Chris Weisman “Fresh Sip” 2xLP
Edition of 500



Vinylization of a brilliant cassette album originally issued by Autumn Records in 2010. Perhaps best known as one third of Happy Birthday, whose eponymous Sub Pop album was much favored by people with ears, Chris is sometimes called The Brian Wilson of Brattleboro. When you swim into the ocean of Weisman’s sound you will find your ass alternately cupped and buffeted by paddles of unique design. Weisman pretty much does all the work on Fresh Sip – vocals, keys, guitar, percussion – all of it blasting out like a classic readymade version of Todd Rundgren rewriting the Chris Bell Songbook with help from Dean Torrance. No less an arbiter of yuppie etiquette than NPR’s “All Music Considered” rated Fresh Sip as one of the top ten cassettes of 2010, and for once those Skele-Toes running shoes wearing cupcakes may have gotten something right. The more it plays the better it sounds. Take that, Bob Dylan, you fucking crybaby.

– Byron Coley, 2012


Chris Weisman - Fresh Sip

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