Caught On Tape / John Moloney / Thurston Moore - Banjaxed Blues

Thurston Moore / John Moloney “Banjaxed Blues” 2LP (Co-Release With Manhand) Edition of 270

The third live set by the improvising duo, Caught on Tape. Comprised of drummer John Moloney (Sunburned, Chelsea Light, Home Comfort, etc.) and guitarist Thurston Moore (Coachmen, Dapper, the Din, etc.), Caught On Tape is found here to be in both expansive and contractive modes. As always, much of the sonic structure involves head-birth/freak-register guitar rampagement running into caveman stomps head-on. But there are also reflective passages this time, such as the false bell sequence in “Banjaxed Blues” (a song title worthy of MV/EE). There’s even an actual song. Indeed, the hot run-through of “Staring Statues” (from Thurston’s ’95 solo album, Psychic Hearts) might even be enough to make the pop sissies out there weeping for a few minutes, before the huzz raises its beautifully ugly head once again. The gatefold cover has stickered art by Moloney, Greta Svalberg and Ted Lee. The label art is by Emma Kohlmann. The sounds are nuts. And there are 270 numbered copies, so jump like a trout or die like a dog. As always, the choice is yours. – Byron Coley, 2014

Thurston Moore / John Moloney : Caught On Tape ‎– Banjaxed Blues