Wampum Physics - WP

Wampum Physics - WP ()

Edition of 200 Wampim Physics is Daniel Bissette and Alex Hiam born and raised gents from the land of Brattleboro, VT. There album that pushes the boundaries of contemporaray underground music with poetic humor and sincere exploration. Are ready for this unique experience!? Plus plenty of cameo appearences from local lurkers of Brattleboro, Vermont. Enjoy!

Fuck Brett

Belltonesuicide / Big People Band / Diagram A: / Moose - M00SE / Big People Band / Belltonesuicide + Diagram A – Fuck Brett ()

Moose / Big People Band / Belltonesuicide & Diagram: A  “Fuck Brett” LP Edition of 100 / Booklet Liner notes by Lisa Crystal Carver & Brett Robinson Brett asked Lisa to perform at his birthday party because he is a fan of all things Suckdog and Rollerderby. She agreed, and taught a bunch of people how to paint the soul of a stranger. She also painted a portrait of Brett for him since it was his birthday, which you can see on the back cover of this LP. Also for the party, Lauri made really awesome stickers that said “Fuck Brett (in a mean way)” and “Fuck Brett (in a nice way)” on them. Not only is Lisa proudly wearing… Read more »

Mystery Triangle

Paul Flaherty / Sam Gas Can / White Limo - Mystery Triangle ()

Paul Flaherty / Sam Gas Can / White Limo  “Mystery Triangle” LP with download Edition of 500 A Feeding Tube Records & Mystra Records Co – Release Like all of the greatest live “festival” records – Woodstock II (Cotillion ’71), Mar y Sol (Atco ’72) & 1968 Memphis Country Blues Festival (Blue Horizon ’69) – Mystery Triangle is an especially exceptional souvenir for those people who were there when it happened. But unlike dud compilatons, Mystery Triangle provides a truly fine sonic gush for even those of us who were too confused (or scared) to “make” the actual “scene”. In November 2011, a goddamn magnificent display of talent went down at Joshua Burkett’s Mystery Train store in Amherst, MA. And… Read more »

Grey Skull - Damaged III

Grey Skull - Damaged III ()

LP Edition of 200 While we were playing the test pressing of this album, the UPS guy came in with a package. He looked at the speaker and said, “Sounds like that baby’s busted, champ.” Chris and I looked at each other and jumped him, popping his eyes out of his head and dragging him into the backroom to drain his blood amidst the backstock. Damaged III is that kind of album. Back when I lived at the Believers House in Easthampton, Grey Skull Manor was just downstairs and we would often feel the evil emanations seeping through the floorboards. Of course, this was long before the trio hung up their horned hats and went straight – George Myers becoming… Read more »


Omnivore - Omnivore ()

Omnivore “Omnivore” LP Edition of 500 ITUNES! First album by Glenna van Nostrand, a Providence Rhode Island-based performance artist obsessed with archaic telecommunication hardware. Using solo vocals run through an old telephone, amplified by a variety of radios, her work creates its own rhythms through hypnotic layering, repetition and the imperfections built into her chosen delivery system. Alternately ethereal and cracked, her performance takes simple kernels of thought and speech, creating mystifying vistas of otherness that hint at the eternal now. The only specific musical accompaniment comes from her use of a telephone’s touch pad as a keyboard, but the rich weirdness of her compositions is consistent and dazzling. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Machines with Magnets… Read more »

Cold Burn

Anla Courtis / C.Spencer Yeh / Jon Wesseltoft / Okkyung Lee - Cold Burn ()

LP Edition of 500 OUT OF PRINT! VICE : Nights Off Week Two: Drone, Eastern Mysticism, and Modern No Wave By Steve Lowenthal Superstar live drone fiesta time here, my friends. Recorded in Olso, during the Auroura Borealic night of January, 2010, this beauty thrums with a majesty-vibe arising deep from within the earth. Each of the participants has been horn-blown around the globe for mastery of individual string/machine attack. C. Spencer Yeh’s violin arcs have powered a million strange improv scenes. Jon Wesseltoft is clearly the king of Norwegian harmonium dudes. Okkyung Lee is a Korean polymath re: formal cello innovations, but her handling of rainbow parallelograms is unequalled regardless of national borders. And Anla Courtis has taken the Argentinian… Read more »