Brett Robinson / Jenifer Gelineau / Mark Cunningham / Ted Lee - Quartet

CS Edition of 150. Two variant risographed cover art/printed at looky here.

Back in 2012 Mark Cunningham of Mars (FTR068, 083, 200, 274, 377) and Blood Quartet (FTR283, 414), who also records as a solo artist (FTR098) was back in Western Mass, where he once had some roots. Mark came by the store to hang, but he was itching to do something, so a jam was suggested. 

Once the shop was closed, Mark brought his trumpet back to the store. To meet him, Brett Robinson stood up his bass, Jen Gelineau lifted her violin and Ted Lee entered his percussion zone. At that time these last three were mostly gigging with Egg Eggs, but they didn’t let that stop them from playing a light and fine improv set. 

On the first side, Mark’s trumpet really sets the pace with long, loosely Baker-fried lines, and everyone hits a fine and abstract groove. On the flip, Jen’s violin carries a bit more of the tonal weight with Mark dropping back into the shadows to lay strange accents onto her saw lines, while Ted and Brett both pop like knuckle monkeys.

Now that’s what I call music. Pretty dang bracing!

–Byron Coley, 2021