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Million Brazilians - Urban Fossickated Octave ()

LP edition of 250. Beautiful new LP (the seventh, I believe), from this wonderfully abstract outfit, who were birthed in the shadow of Smegma (Portland, OR), but have since relocated to Maine.  The foundational members of the band are Grant Corum (keyboards, vocals, tin whistle, vocals) and Suzanne Stone (alto sax, khene, vocals). For this album, recorded by Big Blood’s Caleb Mulkerin, they are joined by Caleb himself (tape loops & treatments) and Tom Kovacevic (piano & synth), both of whom played together back in Cerberus Shoals. The quartet is hot. Even when it’s a trio.  The music has a blocked-out and dreamy quality, with jazzoid touches and perhaps less of an ethnographic quality than some of the band’s work…. Read more »

Eugene Chadbourne - Solo Guitar Volume 4 1/3 ()

LP Edition of 400 Eugene Chadbourne is one of the great guitar players of the modern era. When he began recording in Canada in 1975, his music was a unique syncretic formulation of elements known and unknown. While its most obvious component was free improvisation in a style then most widely associated with English and European players, Chadbourne’s vision also contained elements of jazz, country, folk, blues, psychedelic and international sounds, referencing these threads in ways so diverse and intensely personalized it would take scholars decades to decode them. Volume 4-1/3 is the last of four Feeding Tube LPs in this series, documenting some of the music Dr. Chadbourne created in the years he lived in Canada, avoiding the shadow of… Read more »

Liz Durette - Delight ()

LP Edition of 250 A very whacked new outing from Baltimore keyboard genius Liz Durette. Her earlier albums had a certain avant jazz approach, tempered perhaps by certain new music proclivities. And while I do not doubt she still has the chops for such things, Delight is a horse of an entirely different color. What’s here was all done on keyboards, but at times it sounds like insane calliope music for wicked children with a taste for that old waltz beat. The whole first side could be the soundtrack for a surreal film about dead Viennese courtiers high-stepping their way around the Bardo as though it were a hedge maze. The more I listen to the record, the more circular… Read more »

Eddie Flowers & the Wax-Lip-Swamp-Dub - ST ()

LP Edition of 300 Includes Download Code with LP. Ten Copies Left. Bandcamp The Sound Projector Review Eddie Flowers is a legend of the American rock sub-underground. Starting as an Alabama-bound fanzine scribe back in the early ’70s, Eddie drifted to Bloomington to lend his presence to the Gizmos in the days before “punk” was codified. Next, he turned up in L.A., where he founded the legendary acid squawlers, Crawlspace.  Crawlspace was a thoroughly nuts collection of loosely rotating heads, who existed from 1985 into the new century. They played few actual “shows,” but still managing to churn out endless documents of their music making. Still, Crawlspace’s few vinyl offerings are exquisitely fucked, and include some of the first heavy… Read more »

Big Blood - Radio Valkyrie

Big Blood - Radio Valkyrie 1905 – 1917 ( / )

Big Blood “Radio Valkyrie 1905 – 1917” 2xlp Everything Is Improving This is only the second proper full-length LP by this Portland Maine-based duo, although there are vast arrays of CDRS and split releases littering their wake. After spending time with both the cosmically-shifting Cerberus Shoals and the folkily psychedelic Fire on Fire, Caleb Mukerin and Colleen Kinsella decided to opt for something more personal and hermetic. Thus, we have Big Blood. The band’s multi-phasic discography has thus far reminded people of everything from the Parson Sound to Opal to Portishead at different moments, yet none of these thumbnails comes close to capturing the elegant mystery of their essence. Sometime electric guitar lines weevil hauntingly in the aether while acoustics… Read more »

Waterless Hills - The Great Mountain ()

LP Co-Release with Cardinal Fuzz Beautifully wandering debut LP by this Manchester-based instrumental project. C Joynes on guitar, DBH on violin, Gavin Clarke on bass and Andrew Cheetham on drums map out a gorgeously spacious psych landscape. They have a wonderful 8” lathe from the same session, but The Great Mountain allows them enough room to breathe through each others’ sound-holes like one big organic blob. There are curlicues of pure cheeb smoke billowing out of their collective engine at certain moments, and whisps of pure West Country prog rurality at others. But the overall effect is transfixing. Great song titles, great vibe, what more could one ask? -Byron Coley, 2020

Fred Lane and his Disheveled Monkeybiters - Icepick To The Moon ()

2nd Pressing Edition of 400 with download code.Pressed in Transparent Green Vinyl LP Edition of 400 with download code.  OUT OF PRINT. More copies available at Forced Exposure  A Man Of Two Names Rev.Fred Lane: When in Rome, DON’T Do As The Romans D0 The Vinyl District  Artist’s Bandcamp  Amazingly, here is the glorious (long-delayed) follow-up to Fred Lane’s 1988 Shimmy Disc LP, Car Radio Jerome. In the wake of that surreal masterpiece, Shimmy announced an LP called Icepick to the Moon, but it took 31 years to wrestle this slab of bacon to the mat. And you’ll be glad we did. Icepick takes up where Jerome left off. As inhabited by visual artist, Tim Reed, “Fred Lane” (I’ll drop… Read more »

Big Blood - The Daughters Union ()

LP Edition of 250 Includes Download Code. Second Pressing – 3 Color Swirl Forced Exposure has copies… Raven Sings the Blues review Recorded a bit before the last Big  Blood slab we released — Operate Spaceship Earth Properly (FTR 385) — The Daughter’s Union represents the true introduction of Caleb and Colleen’s daughter,  Quinnisa as a full member of Big Blood. The Maine-based duo had been using Quinnisa as their secret hard rock weapon for quite a while, so it is gratifying as heck to see her finally get her due! In their new fully-fledges trio guise, Big Blood puff themselves up like a most splendid glam rock peacock, fairly bursting with readymade-riffs and inspirational high kicking energy bursts. Initially,… Read more »

Joanne Robertson - Black Moon Days ()

Joanne Robertson “Black Moon Days” LP with mp3 download.   Bandcamp Edition of 500 2nd Pressing in Clear Vinyl! Black Moon Days is the second amazing solo LP by British polymath Joanne Robertson. It comes six years after her 2008 debut, The Lighter (Textile), which was one of that year’s signal releases. In the meantime, she has continued painting (the activity for which she is best known), curating shows, writing, recording odd bits in trio Tom Greenwood and David Cunningham, touring and recording with Dean Blunt, and doing whatever the hell else it is she does. The songs on Black Moon largely proceed from the avant-volk tradition Joanne first explored on The Lighter. One can hear shards of Sibylle Baier’s deepest darkness in these acoustic moments. But… Read more »

Mako Sica / Hamid Drake - Ronda ()

2LP Edition of 500. Included Download Code with Mail Order Copies. Co-Released w/ Astral Spirits on Cassette / Digital Vulcher Eddie Flowers’ Review Tiny Mix Tapes Magnet Magazine The Vinyl District Chicago Reader Brilliant, inspired and somewhat surprising collaboration between Chicago’s premier free-rock trio and the truly legendary percussionist, Hamid Drake, who has played with everyone from Don Cherry to Peter Brotzmann to Lee Perry. ​ This collusion was precipitated by Matt Jackowiak, a mutual friend, who thought a merging of their sounds might make for an ecstatic explosion. This feeling became mutual after they played a show together at Constellation. The set mixed Mako Sica tunes with improvisations that took everyone to places they hadn’t expected, and the trip was deemed… Read more »