Format: lp

Joseph Allred - What Strange Flowers Grow In The Shade ()

LP Edition of 480. Bandcamp. Tennessee-based string bender, Joseph Allred likes to change things up from album to album. But usually he does this one element or instrument at a time. On What Strange Flowers Grow in the Shade, Joseph adds a whole heck of a lot of elements. And he does so without ever really disguising the identity of his music. The six tracks here were all recorded with different line-ups. “The Valley” features Chris Davis (Cherry Blossoms) and the Magic Tuber Stringband. “The Ruins” is a Basho-esque solo piece created with large varieties of instrumental glisten. ”A Long Winter” features previous collusionists, Mikey Allred on trombone and Matt Johnson on synth. “Lake Erie” features Jen Powers on dulcimer… Read more »

Magic Tuber Stringband - Tarantism ()

LP 45rpm. Edition of 400. Bandcamp ​The fourth release by this Durham NC-based duo is also their second on Feeding Tube. We did their excellent When Sorrows Encompass Me Round cassette in 2021, and are delighted to be able to do this new one on 45 RPM vinyl.  ​The players, as always are Courtney Werner on cello and fiddle, with Evan Morgan playing guitars, banjo, pump organ and shruti box. Tarantism came together in the depths of the Plague in the spring and summer of 2020 while the pair was living on a mountainside near Hayesville NC. As with their other recordings, the musical textures they play with have traditional Appalachian resonances, but their compositional approach often cuts against any orthodox grain.  ​Courtney writes… Read more »

Saphron - Red Amber ()

LP Edition of 450. Co-Release with Shagrat Records Because he is a relentless seeker of strange truths (especially as they relate to music), Nigel Cross was the gent who uncovered the fact that the London-based artist, Jill Tipping, had been a member of a Sunforest-style folk-rock group back in the day. Further investigation uncovered information that the band had actually recorded some material and these tapes had not been lost! Pressing his case, Nigel got his hands on said tapes and came up with a proposed LP. We were excited when he asked us to participate in the project, and this lovely album is the result.  Here are some notes from Jill on what’s what. It’s early ’70s London and… Read more »

Jef Mertens - No Mathematics ()

LP Edition of 300. Co-release with KRAAK.  – 80 copies available – CIRCLING RAGAS OF RESOUNDING POWER FROM THE BEATING HEART OF BELGIAN DRONEVOLK Hailing from Geel, Jef Mertens has been researching, documenting and subtly exploring the experimental music scene in Belgium and beyond for the better part of two decades. As a filmmaker, he’s dug deep in the realm of Flemish primitive fringe (Dronevolk) and chronicled the makings of giants like Sonic Youth and Borbetomagus. After running the now-defunct free tape label Dadaist Tapes, Mertens comes with a release of his own: NO MATHEMATICS, the first record collab between KRAAK and Feeding Tube. It’s an entrancing debut, where shruti box and guitar conjoin to create circling ragas of solemn… Read more »

Dead Sea Apes, The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Pantheon Of Fuckery ()

LP  Co-Release with Cardinal Fuzz A long time in the making but good things always come to astral travellers as transatlantic soul mates Dead Sea Apes and The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol are joined together on black vinyl for the first time. Two artists that for over the last ten years (& longer) have spent their lives creating music that defies easy categorizations – psych rock / kraut rock /minimal / maximal /avant /free are phrases that only give you fleeting glimpses of what each artist represents. What we do know is that via a sprawling range of sound that is always uncompromising these two artists have pushed each other into a stunning realm of alchemy. The Dead… Read more »

Tom Recchion - Japanese Cassette ()

LP. White Vinyl. Edition of 400. Digital download included. OUT OF PRINT. 2nd pressing coming soon…. Tom Recchion is a legendary character. He is a world-famous art director, a founding member of the L.A.F.M.S., and was even the drummer for Sonic Youth for a brief period. Since the ’70s, Tom has been creating screwed-up music in a dizzying array of formats, from large fully-clothed ensembles to buck naked solo explorations. The Japanese Cassette album falls into the latter category, and it is a head spinning doozy. The music here was originally created in 1986, to be featured on a multi cassette collection being assembled by the Japanese noise musician Hitomi Arimoto. Other musicians involved in the Journey into Pain set… Read more »

Myriam Gendron-Not So Deep As A Well

Myriam Gendron - Not So Deep As A Well ()

LP Clear Yellow Vinyl  Black Vinyl Solace Music Video Digital Distribution by  Mama Bird Recording Co. The debut LP by Montreal’s Myrian Gendron is one of this year’s signature releases. We had previously been made aware of Myriam when she performed at the Michael Hurley cover tune showcase at the Casa del Popolo. That event, tied to l’Oie de Cravan’s publication of The Words to the Songs of Michael Hurley, introduced Myriam as a wonderful if spectral guitarist and singer, whose signature sound was as light as it was intoxicating. Her next performance was an event including the American poet Charles Plymell, and she debuted a set of material based on the poems of Dorothy Parker. We were all blown… Read more »

Blood Quartet - Root 7 ()

LP Co-Release with Foehn Records (Spain) and Cardinal Fuzz (UK). Pioneer of the New York No Wave with the bands Mars and Don King, Mark Cunningham has been part of the Barcelona music underground for almost 30 years, performing solo, with his own groups Raeo, Convolution, Aleatory Grammar and Bèstia Ferida, as a member of Pascal Comelade´s Bel Canto Orchestra and Superelvis, and in countless local and international collaborations. Blood Quartet was formed in early 2015 in Barcelona from a fortuitous collaboration between Cunningham and Catalan underground rock trio Murnau B An outstanding musical treat that starts from the instrumental base of the modern jazz quartet and takes it to the territory of experimentation and electronics. Blood Quartet sound more… Read more »

Spiral Joy Band - In The River ()

LP Edition of 440. Available on bandcamp  Spiral Joy Band are one of the descendents of Richmond VA’s legendary musical juggernaut, Pelt. Active and mutating for nearly 20 years, the iteration of the Spiral Joy Band who recorded this session in Madison Wisconsin in 2011 was a trio. Troy Schafer, Patrick Best and Mikel Dimmick play an array of instruments — violin, viola, harmonium — to produce lush taspetries of the multiphonic drones for which they are known. I remember Pelt getting called “The Hillbilly Theatre of Eternal Music” at the ’98 Terrastock Festival in San Francisco. And indeed, that was a definite part of Pelt’s sound at that point in their evolution. But since 2004, Spiral Joy Band have… Read more »

Alison Cotton - The Portrait You Painted of Me ()

LP Edition of 400. FTR Orange Vinyl Edition. Co-Released with Rocket Recordings Here we have the third solo LP by London’s Alison Cotton, following on previous successes, All Quiet at the Ancient Theatre and Only Darkness Now. And as with each of Cotton’s projects it is a stylistic advance as well as another example of her dark signature sound. Alison’s work with bands is well documented by recordings with Saloon, 18th Day of May, Trimdon Grange Explosion, and her current, ecstatic folk/psych duo, The Left Outsides. But her solo recordings always seem a bit more experimental in terms of song structure and musical texture, as the six tracks on The Portrait You Painted of Me clearly demonstrate. The touchstones of… Read more »