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Guerilla Toss - Jeffrey Johnson - Out Of Print

Guerilla Toss - Jeffrey Johnson ( / )

LP REPRESS. Edition of 500 in five different colors: Transparent Purple, Transparent Red, Clear, Clear Beer, Transparent Blue Debut LP session by a young Boston-based quintet who hit with all the Dionysian power of a young Harry Pussy, squared and electronified. Kassie Carlson’s vocals have all the upper register urgency once manifested by the great Adris Hoyos, and her bandmates manage to create large stugs of post-punk-angularity, overlaid with truly dithersome electronics. The result is one of the first transcendent post-no-wave records of our era. Live, Guerilla Toss create an amazing and beautiful disruption of all known truth-fields. They function at a level of pure discordian creation so pure it is guaranteed to melt all but the stoniest witnesses to its… Read more »

M2 - At Land's Edge

M2 - At Land’s Edge ( / )

LP Edition of 300 BANDCAMP! M2 is an East Coast-based duo comprised of two of the legendary Miller brothers, namely Roger and Ben. They have previously appeared together in such bizarrely protean ensembles as Sproton Layer and Destroy All Monsters, but they are probably best known for their work in autonomous formulations. Ben, most recently with the Glenn Branca Ensemble, Roger with Mission of Burma (and all who sail with them). The music on M2’s debut LP, however, is far from any of the rock-related moves with which they’ve associated in the past. Both have serious bonafides in experimental/improvised sound, of course, but these take a new leap with At Land’s Edge. Roger is playing heavily prepared piano – something… Read more »

Body/Gate/Head - Glaring Luring Yo - OUT OF PRINT

Body/Gate/Head - Glare Luring Yo ( / )

Body/Gate/Head  “Glare Luring Yo” LP Edition of 300 OUT OF PRINT! BANDCAMP! In the spring of 2011, Michael “Powderfinger” Morley was in the U.S. for a short visit. There had been some talk of doing a Gate show or two, but when he visited Western Mass, we decided to put use to his collaborative talents. He played one night at the Yod space in Florence with Kim Gordon and Bill Nace, then at Feeding Tube with Spencer Yeh and Meg Clixby. Both sets provided jumbo pleasure, and Michael managed to record the Yod set for our presentation to you. Kim and Bill were at the beginning of their duo explorations at this point. Can’t even remember if they’d started using… Read more »