Guerilla Toss - Jeffrey Johnson

LP REPRESS. Edition of 500 in five different colors: Transparent Purple, Transparent Red, Clear, Clear Beer, Transparent Blue

Debut LP session by a young Boston-based quintet who hit with all the Dionysian power of a young Harry Pussy, squared and electronified. Kassie Carlson’s vocals have all the upper register urgency once manifested by the great Adris Hoyos, and her bandmates manage to create large stugs of post-punk-angularity, overlaid with truly dithersome electronics. The result is one of the first transcendent post-no-wave records of our era.

Live, Guerilla Toss create an amazing and beautiful disruption of all known truth-fields. They function at a level of pure discordian creation so pure it is guaranteed to melt all but the stoniest witnesses to its blazing infirmity. But the album, Jeffery Johnson (named after the most elusive member of Jack Black’s legendary Johnson Family, as well as the author of of the record’s cover art), manages to work beautifully as a collection of songs, rusty and scrappy, but songs nonetheless.

Guitars weevle off into the atmosphere, key chords emerge like one of Adele Bertei’s lost tampons, drums cuss sullenly…it’s an amazing mess of sound-bed for our heroine to caper upon.

Get yours now or pine for it later. Your choice.

-Byron Coley, 2012





Guerilla Toss - Jeffrey Johnson - Out Of Print

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