Eric Arn - QuaranTunes Session No.010

12″ Edition of 25. Numbered. Riso Looseleaf cover / back art printed at Looky Here. (note. variant cover art, some cover art will differ from others…)


Broadcasting from his home in Vienna on the evening of Friday June 19, 2020, guitarist Eric Arn put on a wonderful display of various ways to create sonic beauty. Playing acoustic guitar, and adding vocals at times, Eric’s material and highly melodic approach were an expansion of the form-moves he explored on his first Feeding Tube album, Orphic Resonance (FTR 281), rather than the more prickly textures displayed on its follow-up, Paranza Corta (FTR 384).

Two of the tunes are covers — Peter Laughner’s classic mid ’70s ballad, “Baudelaire” and Jackson C Frank’s “Madonna of Swans” (which Frank recorded as a demo in ’72). Another three are solo acoustic takes on tunes originally recorded by Eric’s ongoing psych unit, Primordial Undermind. The other four tracks are new to me, and display a mix of intimacy and technique that would seem daunting if it weren’t presented in such an inviting way.

A truly great and varied set by a wonderful artist, with whom we’ll hopefully have another project ready before year’s end.

-Byron Coley, 2021


Variant Cover art / Back Art


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