Jenifer Gelineau - QuaranTunes Series No.011

12″ Edition of 28. Numbered. Riso Looseleaf cover / back art printed at Looky Here in Greenfield, MA.

The Sound Projector – Isolation Video 

On the evening of Friday June 26 2020, at a bit past 7 PM (eastern), Jen Gelineau (the great violinist/violist for Donkey No No, Moose, etc.) performed a solo Zoom concert from a secret location in Greenfield, MA. Playing her instrument of choice, with some foot-activated “devices” attached, Jen improvised a lovely set of music, which is now properly documented.

The first piece, “In,” is based on her arco work, which manages to combined avant garde musical elements while still sounding as though you could splice it into an episode of Ken Burns’ Civil War series. There’s an eternal quality to her signature solo bow work, which makes her melodic inventions sound traditional and freaked-out at the same time. The combination is both exquisite and transportational.

The first tune on the second side, “Through,” opens with a pizzicato segment. This develops a multi-layered rhythmic texture that is sampled and used as the base for more slippery bowing, which Jen’s doubles with wordless vocals to truly ethereal effect. The final piece, “Left,” is abstract collage of processed vocals and other quiet sonic events of unknown origin (although some sound keyboardly).

Altogether, the music Jen created that Friday night in June was a solid blast. If you missed out the first time, a correction is now available. Dig it.

–Byron Coley, 2021

Variants versions of cover and back (not included in every edition)


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