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LP Edition of 350 (Mystery Color Vinyl) Roger Miller, king of many roads both known and unknown, has a long and illustrious recording history. As a member of Sproton Layer, Destroy All Monsters, Mission of Burma, The Din, etc., he has made many records that are definitive statements of powerful outsider rock music in many guises. But this, his third solo LP, originally released by Forced Exposure in 1988, remains one of the great lost chords in his discography. Although he’d been focusing mostly on extended keyboard techniques for a couple of years, Roger approached us with the idea of doing a guitar-oriented record, and furthermore suggested that he’d spraypaint the back covers of all copies in his driveway, after… Read more »

Lights In The Center of your Head

LP Edition of 300 Includes Download Slip. Dusted Magnet Magazine OUT OF PRINT  Great debut album by the new trio led by Detroit/Boston guitar legend Roger Miller. Roger has been going at it since he was a tiny baby, with a recording career that stretches back to Sproton Layer in 1970. He is still probably best known for his work with Mission of Burma, but cognoscenti wallow in his work with the original Destroy All Monsters, F.U.K., Empool (FTR 311), the Farmers (FTR 199), his crazy solo stuff (FTR 217) and recent jamming with M2 (FTR 088). With Trinary System, Roger manages to get wild trio aktion going that touches on all phases of his magnificent trajectory. Things start off… Read more »