Big Blood - Operate Spaceship Earth Properly ( / )

LP Edition of 250 Comes with DL Last Box of first pressing… CD Edition of 300 CASSETTE Edition of 100 Silk Screened Cover by Colleen! Our last Big Blood release was the idiosyncratic Ant Farm (FTR 241), Colleen and Caleb’s collaboration with the late composer Elliott Schwartz, which presented music designed for a museum installation. With Operate Spaceship Earth Properly, Big Blood return to the vast universe of strangeness they explore inside their own skin. Now fully incorporating the vocals and guitar of their daughter Quinnisa (previously a “secret weapon” unveiled mostly at live shows, as the Dictators once did with Handsome Dick Manitoba), Big Blood sound nutsier and wilder than ever. Spaceship Earth is a massively psychedelic investigation of science… Read more »

papalordgod - the sheik of downfall creek ()

Edition of 250. Debut LP by Brisbane’s brilliant Greg Hilleard, who we first heard when he was part of the incredible Lost Domain. the sheik is a solo album that makes us think of a summit between the Gibson bros and Parachute-era Eugene Chadbourne (or something equally far-fetched). Pretty amazing by any yardstick. Anyway, Greg had a few words he wanted to share. -Byron Coley, 2018 Here they are: CELEBRATING 200 YEARS OF ROCK N ROLL Former “leader” of Brisbane’s premier room-clearers Strontium Dog (apologies to PORK), whose one and only record is terrible beyond belief (all surviving members agree). Shortly after the timely demise of SD, Gregory was asked to sit in with the Invisible Empire — Brisbane (possibly… Read more »

Joshua Abrams - Excavations ()

LP Edition of 500. Includes DL. The Chicago-based string genius Joshua Abrams first talked to us about the idea of this album a while back. It took a couple of years to get together, but in a way, it’s cool that it’s being released in 2018 — the 50th anniversary of the recording of the first free bass solo LP, Barre Phillips’ Journal Violone. Issued by Opus One in the U.S., Music Man in the UK (as Unaccompanied Barre), and Futura in France (as Basse Barre), Phillips’ groundbreaking album was a gorgeous and gritty exploration of textures that are usually bound deep inside the creative flow of unit improvisation. Hearing these sonorities explored, at length, without extraneous gabble was revelatory,… Read more »

Mette Rasmussen / Tashi Dorji - Mette Rasmussen / Tashi Dorji ( / )

Tour CS with Download Slip Edition of 200 LP Edition of 250 with Download.  Mette Rasmussen is a Danish saxophonist, based in Norway, who has been recording with some of our favorite players (Chris Corsano, Alan Silva, Mats Gustafsson, Ace Farren Ford, etc.) She has also formed this duo with Asheville-based guitarist, Tashi Dorji (whose combo, Manas, has had two LPs on Feeding Tube this far — FTR208 & FTR330). The duo material for this LP was recorded in Montreal, right around the same time Mette and Tashi recorded a trio set for Trost (with the addition of drummer Tyler Damon). And it’s all great stuff. Mette’s playing has a raw tonal approach that makes one think of Eric Dolphy… Read more »

Foom & Foam - Foom & Foam ()

LP with DL Slip. Edition of 450 Co-Release with WeirdEar Records! Documentation of a rare summit meet by two of New England’s stranger musical figurines, recorded at the Whitehaus in Jamaica Plain, MA back in 2012. The piece was created as a sort of dub battle showdown, with FOOM’s turntables and Foam’s cassettes & doodads all plugged into a 4 track and lit the fuck up. The jams here are languidly-paced, in comparison to a lot of contemporary assemblage, and the instant compositions unfold in way that puts one in mind of classic work by the L.A.F.M.S. Too often these days, music with some of the same experimental approach as is heard on FOOM & FOAM is either done at… Read more »

Climax Landers - Climax Landers ()

LP Edition of 100. With Digital Download / Booklet Like the Monkees, the Monks, the Mops and Mozart before them, Climax Landers are a band with a theme song. It is a theme song they use to both begin and end their beguiling debut LP, and the tune itself is catchy as hell. We were first made aware of this Brooklyn based quartet by the fact that two players with whom we’ve previously worked are members of the quartet. Drummer Anina Ivry Block of Palberta (FTR 166, 168, 207, 249) and guitarist Paco Cathcart of The Cradle (FTRCS 215) and Big Neck Police (FTR 246) are both putting in serious effort here, along with leader Will Moloney and bassist Charlie… Read more »

Bang! Bros. - Hard Rocks Vol.21 ()

LP Edition of 200. Digital Download Included. Unlike the last Bang! Bros. record we did (12/12/12, FTR170), this one’s frilly style was not dictated so much by a date as by time. According the jacket’s notations, it was recorded in less than an hour in October, 2016. What? You might cry. What kind of a goddamn record can be recorded in under an hour? We’d like to point out that such live classics as Metallic K.O and Mars Live at Artists Space were recorded inside those temporal parameters. Futhermore, we should point out that Bang! Bros. are a duo who live by the rules of real time interaction. They do not attempt to step in the same river twice. Theirs… Read more »

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen - Kringloop / New Adventures ()

LP Edition of 200. Includes Digital Download. Feeding Tube Records is proud to present the first U.S. LP by Dutch experimental artist Jan van den Dobbelsteen. Jan has been releasing music, non-music and kinda-music on his Cosmic Volume label since 1978. Often these works are connected to visual exhibits or installations, but they also work as standalone sound events.  We had been tracking Jan’s work for a good long while, but it was only after Phil Milstein told us he was friends of Jan and his partner, Danielle Lemaire, that our wheels began to spin. (They had sponsored Milstein’s show-and-tell song-poem trip to the Low Countries.) Introductions were made, and here are the most excellent results. Because van den Dobbelsteen’s… Read more »

Mazozma - Stark Joy

LP Edition of 200. Co-Release with Mystra Records Whats So Funny / In love music video  There is something very special about the sound of a bummed-out smart person alone in a room somewhere (studio or not) with just their guitar for solace. Many killer examples of the form exist — Skip Spence’s Oar, Pip Proud’s Adrenaline & Richard, Roy Montgomery’s 324 E. 13th Street #7, and so on. All of these records shine with very spevial darkness. To this list, I submit the new Mazozma LP,  Stark Joy. Kentucky ex-pat, Mike Turner has been using this recording handle for a while. We did one previous album with him, Heavy Death Head (FTR 268), and like most of his solo… Read more »

New Parents - Transient Response ()

LP Edition of 200. Debut album by this Turners Falls-based quartet led by Adam Langellotti of Sore Eros and widely hailed for his engineering work. The sound on Transient Response is languid ruralist prog-pop, with help from Gary War, Ma Turner, Shannon & Beverly Ketch, and other Valley travelers. New Parents can be pretty raw live, but the overall vibe here is smoother and distinctly out-of-time. Different segments remind me of everything from Fraser & DeBolt to Brinsley Schwarz to Great Plains and back again. Something about the way the production is layered gives the record a feel quite redolent of the early ’70s, but the more you play it, the clearer its contemporary origins become. Amongst the classic rock… Read more »