Los Lichis & Pakito Bolino - Savage Lichis Religion: El Ultimo Grito ()

LP Edition of 300. Art by Pakito Bolino Unbridled live match-up, recorded in November 2016 in an Oaxacan gallery, pitting Mexico’s most brutal art collective (Los Lichis) against the fractured French brain behind le Derner Cri (Pakito Bolino). Many don’t realize it, since Pakito’s insane artwork and silkscreened books are so overwhelming, but he’s also a guitarist and singer. We’re hoping to reissue some of the musical work he did with his band Mug in the near future. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. Savage Lichis Religion is a wonderful extension of the brilliance they showed on Dog (FTR 229), blending noise, psych, prog, experimental whatsis and all else into a a totally batshit free-rock stew. This is a… Read more »

Silver Dick - Silver Dick ()

LP Edition of 300 Fantastic debut LP by a Manchester trio who stand at the vanguard of Britain’s new new thing. Playing this record, we recall the raw excitement we felt a quarter century ago when bands like Skullflower, A Band, R!!!S!!!, and the Shadow Ring were reinventing the shape of the UK sub-underground. Silver Dick is made up of guitarists Kate Armitage and Martin Greenwood, and drummer Joincey. They’ve all been involved in other projects (from Inca Eyeball to Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura), but there’s a very special jumble to the sound they’ve found with Silver Dick. Like Mosquitoes, they have a way of shaping basic rock instrumentation to create something extraordinary and strange, really only comparable (in our… Read more »

Chris Weisman - Chaos Isn’t Single ()

LP Edition of 300. The eighth Feeding Tube LP by Chris Weisman vinylizes a 2015 CDR originally released by Hidden Temple Tapes. Weisman is, as always, the master of his own domain. Crafting pop tunes worthy of any sophisticated pen you can name (from Nilsson to Beck), his presentation this time is starker than usual. Lots of strummed guitar and shadows of other tastes lurking in the distance. As on his last LP, Play Sharp for Me, Chris seems to have added blue notes and hints of discord to his sweet surges. A certain jazziness from that session persists as well, giving the songs here a lilting swing that makes their hooks all the more dangerous. At times the songs… Read more »

The Doozer - Figurines ()

LP Edition of 300 Royal Advertisement Winning  Red Eye Coming Brilliant sixth album by The Doozer demonstrates that while you can take the boy out of Cambridge, it ain’t easy to do the obverse. The results are twelve inches of splendidly psych-soaked pop readymades laced with tendrils of Syd Barrett, Chris Knox, Pip Proud and early Nick Nicely. Because he has been crafting just this sort of thing for over a decade now, it shouldn’t take so much name-checking to place The Doozer inside his aesthetic continuum. But even after wonderful LPs on labels like Pickled Egg, Siltbreeze, Golden Lab, Woodsist and elsewhere, too damn many people still haven’t grasped this music the way it deserves.. Why this is the… Read more »

Julia Reidy - All Is Ablaze ()

LP w.Download slip / insert Edition of 300 Recently we touched base with the New Zealand ex-pat guitarist Dean Roberts. He’s living in Berlin these days, teaching, playing and staying out late. When asked if there were any interesting, unheralded players we should know about he immediately mentioned Julia Reidy.  Julia is also a guitarist currently based in Berlin, but the city from which she’s apart is Sydney, NSW. While there she was embroiled in the Australian improv scene, and played with the likes of Jon Rose et al. She was focused exclusively on electric guitar back in those days. Since relocating to Europe she has split her concentrations between electric and acoustic, playing in two duos —  Tennis of… Read more »

The Futurians - Distorted Living ()

LP Edition of 300 Clayton Noone (aka CJA) has been cranking oddball noise out of Dunedin since before your mom even heard of the town. The same goes for Beth Dawson (aka Ducklingmonster) and Pat Kraus (aka Kraus), who co-founded this sci-fi-punk-astro-juggernaut back in 2001. They invited Clayton to join right away. Kraus left soon after, to be replaced by Jason Aldridge (aka ISO-12) and Sean Norling (aka Rocko Mandroid), although he still hangs around and his head actually pops up on this very LP. I guess the concept of distorted living has too strong a pull on his  brain. Regardless of the fact that Clayton runs several labels, most notably the very long-lived Root Don Lonie for Cash, this… Read more »

Gross - Gross ()

LP Edition of 100. Numbered. After nine critically–hailed cassettes, the free-splooge trio Gross finally hits vinyl. Comprised of saxophonist/bassist David Gross, bassist Andy Crespo, and drummer “Ted”, Gross bellows with low-end bluster and fully-cracked clamor. True to the cover image, which shows the three in full Muppet drag, there’s humor underlying the instrumental ferocity here. Can’t say I really find the locked grooves that pepper the B-side all that funny, but I can certainly appreciate the idea. But it’s the music that’s the killing feature here. While there are definite jazz elements present inside the way they construct sound, this reminds me a lot more of some weirdo NYC band that Borbetomagus would have invited to play their annual festival… Read more »

Grass Path - 118 Elliot ()

LP Edition of 100. Numbered. Mono. Artwork by Joel Paxton Letter-pressed Covers Printed by Middle Press Recorded live at the Brattleboro venue noted in the album’s title, this is the debut vinyl by the Valley’s latest eruption of deviant activity. Some people may have speculated what it would be like if Donkey No No jammed with Viewer. The mix of lovers-drift and zone-tongue-articulation seems like it would be a marriage made in Olompali. Well, my friends, you need guess no longer, While Grass Path is not an exact merging of these two unstoppable forces, it is an approximation (and a damn fine one) of what might result. Since the time of this recording, the two units have flowed together in… Read more »

Michael Hurley - Redbirds At Folk City ()

LP Edition of 2000. Here’s an expanded vinylization of a boss live show from Snock and his Vermont roustabouts, recorded at Folk City on July 17, 1976. Most of it was first issued back in ’88, as side two of the Land of Lo Fi/Redbirds cassette on Bellemeade Phonics. But some new masters showed up subsequently, so there’s an extra song and a half available for your listening pleasure. And pure pleasure is what it is. I always believed I had seen Hurley play somewhere in NYC before this. I thought maybe it was during the Unholy Modal Rounders’ stint at Broadway Charly’s, but Woodbill has continuously disabused me of this notion over the years. By his count, there were… Read more »

Gary Wilson - A Beautiful Bliss ()

LP Edition of 100. Numbered. Cover Photo by Jessy Parr By our count, this is the 18th album by the Lord of Endicott, patron saint to everyone who ever went on a blind date. For this session, Gary took to his bedroom with just his wig, his dog and his keyboard for company. Given the situation, one might expect this album would be a toss-off, but when Gary decides he’s going to do something he does it right. And so it is here. The setting and arrangements are intimate, resulting in a record that’s something like “Pillow Talk with Mr. Wilson.” Gary doesn’t mince any words here. ALL the songs are about romance in bloom, the roads leading to and… Read more »