Jordan Perry - Jordan Perry ()

LP Edition of 300. Co-Release W/ Good Cry Records. Much needed reissue of the extremely limited 2017 debut LP by Virginia guitarist, Jordan Perry. We were turned on to it when Chris Guttmacher at Blue Bag Records in Cambridge told Kassie Richardson of Good Cry (who did the initial 100 pressing) to send us a copy. He thought we might be into it, and halfway into one spin we knew he was right. There have been several fat boatloads of acoustic guitar players floating across our turntable the past few years. And to be honest, we’ve dug the majority of them. Seems like there must be a lot of good stuff in the water, or something. Despite this, a preponderance… Read more »

Foom & Foam - Foom & Foam ()

LP with DL Slip. Edition of 450 Co-Release with WeirdEar Records! Release Date June 1st – Pre-Order Available. Documentation of a rare summit meet by two of New England’s stranger musical figurines, recorded at the Whitehaus in Jamaica Plain, MA back in 2012. The piece was created as a sort of dub battle showdown, with FOOM’s turntables and Foam’s cassettes & doodads all plugged into a 4 track and lit the fuck up. The jams here are languidly-paced, in comparison to a lot of contemporary assemblage, and the instant compositions unfold in way that puts one in mind of classic work by the L.A.F.M.S. Too often these days, music with some of the same experimental approach as is heard on… Read more »

Bridge Of Flowers - Live / Demos ()

LP Edition of 100. Insert / Download. Dandy-ass debut LP by a local quartet who take their name from the most famous connector to ever cross the Deerfield River. And Deerfield is good to get into the equation, since South Deerfield was the home to the Woodrose Ballroom in the early ’70s, and that venue hosted the Velvet Underground four or five times. The reason this’s a cogent fact is that Bridge of Flowers have a languid, guitar-led roll that recalls nothing other than the Loaded-and-onward Velvets in no uncertain terms. Not that Bridge are aping history. Indeed, they may not even be familiar with the sound of the VU as they entered the era of Doug Yule and Sterling… Read more »

Tommy Jay & The General - Florida Songs ()

LP Edition of 250 Release Date – May 4th – Pre-Order Available Tommy Jay and The General have been kicking around the Columbus scene (and various points on the map of that scene’s diaspora) since the days of the True Believers (the ur-group in the history of Columbus underground hubbub). And this newly recorded album shows them to be at the height of their own amazing arc. Florida Songs is only Tommy’s third proper LP under his own personal name and it’s a killer. Recorded with help from a few old friends, including Nudge Squidfish, Florida Songs is a classic Raunchy Rock formulation by every known standard. Although the mood and tone shift mightily from song to song, the main… Read more »

Zach Phillips - How To Slip Away ()

LP Edition of 250. Release Date – May 4th – Preorder available – Although I am not a painter, i urge you to sit down and listen to this, as if it were a game show, on prime time   ‘i won the prize, ring the bells’ somewhere between an interview and the world’s greatest puzzle someone would sing your songs for you regarding self-reference & identity an horsepower engine cruiser where it lacks in bathetic synth vortismuto in the afternoon it locks in an aplomb power balled tour d’fourths THE FOURTH WALL IS ON THE LANDSCAPE’S STAGE don’t you recontextualize the tritone add variety of style/attitude including will, weal, wheel, the liner notes you’ll def. want 2 read, the… Read more »

Gary War - Gaz Forth ()

LP Edition of 300. NOISEY For the last while, Greg Dalton (aka Gary War) has been back in Massachusetts, after spending years working on his music down in twin Isles of Kiwi. Since returning he has popped up in the amazing psych duo, Dalthom (along with Sunburned’s Ron Thomas), and even played with the legendary Bobb Trimble on a live Burger cassette, but Gaz Forth is the first new Gary War LP in over five years. Recorded with long-time collaborator, Daniel Rineer, as well as Robert Cathart III (Pigeons), Jeremy Pisani (Red Favorite), Kris Thompson (Abunai, Trimble), Cynthia Nixon (Purple Pilgrims) and John Moloney (Sunburned), Gaz Forth hearkens back to some of the left-field pop amalgamations Mr. War had a… Read more »

Sam Gas Can - Ernie / Kurt Cobain Hamburger ()

7″ Edition of 300 Co-Released with Plastic Response Records & BUFU Records Samuel “Sam” Gas Can is often viewed as Massachusetts’ answer to the question: Daniel Johnston or Jad Fair? Like those two vaunted talents, “Sam” has a dab hand with creating instantly memorable pop hooks that manage to glow with outside energy even as they rub your (figurative) shoulders. On this single, Sam joins up with some old running mates from Worcester to create an off-kilter roots-pop exploration of the connections between Sesame Street’s Ernest and Fecal Matter’s Kurtis. Both are presented as excellent neighbors, and this message is driven home with exceedingly peppy arrangements that feature harmony vocals, tooting saxophone and a rather out-of-time musical focus. Sounds kinda… Read more »

KTB - II ()

LP Edition of 150. Numbered. Second outing for Shawnie (Bugs & Rats) and Arian (Guerilla Toss) under the guise of Ketamine the Benevolent. As with their preceding cassette, the moves on this record recall the outer fringes of the Euro underground dance scene of the 1980s. Think of Germany’s Tommi Stumpff or Sweden’s Cat Rapes Dog and you’re in the right bathysphere. Some of the tunes are skinned and peeled as naked as early Suicide, others bring to mind the smaller destructo units on the KK Records/Play It Again Sam/WaxTrax axis. But the basics remain the same. Guitar + drumbox + vocals = aggro galore. It’s the just kind of thing Tesco Vee would have loved to grind his hips… Read more »

David Fair - Ballets ()

3LP Edition of 200. Numbered. Silk-Screen Covers by Monoroid Subtitled Dance Like This, this set retrieves the long-lost solo debut by David Fair (half of the original Half Japanese). Made up of six side-long loops, the record is hypnotic and beautiful. Rather than blather on further, we decided to do a short interview with the artist himself. Here ’tis. when did you get the idea for this album? I don’t remember what year it was, but I think it was after Charmed Life was recorded but before it came out. It might have been between Half Gentlemen / Not Beasts and Loud. Jad had done a little solo project called Zombies of Mora Tau. The group of ballets was going… Read more »

The Left Outsides - The Shape Of Things To Come ()

LP Edition of 300 Co-Released with Cardinal Fuzz    Soundcloud Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records are proud to bring to you a Re-Issue of The Left Outsides LP – “The Shape Of Things To Come”. Originally released in 2015 on the Dawn Bird label on vinyl and on CD via Xemu, with the Vinyl edition been long out of print and hard to find. The Left Outsides, Mark Nicholas and Alison Cotton are a husband and wife duo based in London, England whose atmospheric, hypnotic songs echo Nico’s icy European folk, pastoral psychedelia and chilly English fields at dawn. The Shape of Things to Come is mixed by Martin Noble of British Sea Power and Graham Sutton of Bark Psychosis. Thirteen… Read more »