Frank Hurricane and Hurricanes of Love - Life Is Spiritual ()

LP with Download / Booklet Edition of 1000. Co-Released Crash Symbols Raven Sings The Blues Psychedelic Baby Magazine NPR The Vinyl District It’s fair to say that what the world needs now is love. And not just a drop here or there. Enter the Hurricane. This latest offering is a high point in a career that is all about being high and impossible to put a point on.  Life is Spiritual – it’s an evocation, a flowering of a singular vision.  There is nothing static in Hurricane’s world, even if he is drawing on more recognizable forms than in the past. He’s mastered the elusive art of being in the moment. His car is a character, the road is his… Read more »

Spiral Wave Nomads - Spiral Wave Nomads ()

LP Edition of 250. Co-Released with Twin Lakes Records Raven Sings The Blues The Vinyl District 13th Track  Brainwashed  Trailer The debut LP by Spiral Wave Nomads introduces a new psych duo comprised of two musicians with active histories inside the New England sub underground. Guitarist Eric Hardiman is one of the many hardened string wranglers for Albany’s legendary Burnt Hills, as well as the proprietor of the Tape Drift label and half of the prolific experimental unit, Century Plants. Drummer Michael Kiefer is best known as a member of Myty Konkeror and the exquisite trio that emerged from them — More Klementines, whose eponymous album (FTR 428/TLR 026) has made brains tingle all around the globe. The Spiral Wave… Read more »

Ned Collette - Old Chestnut ()

2LP Edition of 300. Insert/ DL Included. Co-Released with It Records (Australia) OUT OF PRINT 2nd Pressing. Pressed in Bottle Green and BlueBell Color Vinyl edition of 500 Co-Released with It Records (Australia) Grant’s Farm Music Video  June Music Video We were introduced to the music of Ned Collette by guitarist Julia Reidy, another Melbourne ex-pat currently based in Europe. Julia’s word is good as gravy around here, so we checked out Ned’s new work and were blown clean out of our socks. Old Chestnut is a haunting prog-folk song cycle for the ages. Ned’s approach to voice and guitar resemble various models at various times. You’ll hear smatterings of Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, Pip Proud in lyrics and phrasing, but these… Read more »

Dire Wolves - Oceans of Green ()

LP Edition of 300 Found the last box of… From the timbers of Fennario, which are located on some low ground near the Presidio, come Dire Wolves. The two members of this Bay Area sextet with whom I’m most familiar are guitarist, etceteraist, Jeffrey Alexander, a tireless exponent of sub-underground psychedelia when he was based in Providence. Mr. Alexander was previously involved with such protean volk-psych ensembles at the Iditarod and Black Forest/Black Sea, and was an early proponent of the deep Finnish underground, releasing several Avarus albums on his Secret Eye label, and touring with the band in the States. The other familiar name is Lau Nau, a Finnish vocalist/composer whose discography is as long as it is weird…. Read more »

The Weeny Man LP

The Weeny Man - The Weeny Man LP ()

Edition of 500. Found a box of these gems… Here we have a collection of recordings culled from multiple tapes, all displaying the antics of little girls and what they do with tape recorders. Featuring creepy religious songs, surrealist commercials about giant feet, radio shows about committing sex acts with stuffed animals, and on and on. Compiled by Skot Spear (Id M Theft Able). Comes in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with artwork by Michael Connor  

Sea Moss - Bidet Dreaming ()

LP Edition of 250 Co-Released with Crash Symbols. First LP by this rather berserk Portland Oregon duo, made up of vocalist/electronics-scrambler Noa Ver and drummer/electronics-scamperer Zach D’Agostino. Our experience with Portland music had led us to believe it often has a mellow and/or gentle edge, but Sea Moss offer none of that. Their raucous, face-to-face approach to duo dynamism is as weirdly aggressive as anything that’s ever come out the dag end of Brooklyn or Providence, and that’s saying something.  Using homemade electronic devices that generate vast heaps of splutter and careenage, employing a percussive technique that would make Fred Flintstone proud, and singing into a microphone that makes everything sound like someone howling curses through an elevator’s intercom, Sea… Read more »

Jesus Vio - Dutch Science ()

CD Edition of 300. Too Much Love Mag Chocoli MV Out this spring on the legendary Western Massachusetts label Feeding Tube, ‘Dutch Science’ dwells on such topics as gripping onto your sanity as you enter true independence and early adulthood, and what it means to make the sacrifices in order to become a working artist in today’s world. Jesus Vio is a working artist who immigrated to the United States after spending much of his childhood bouncing around the world from his native Chile to Berlin, Jesus Vio spent his a chunk of his youth being immersed in vastly different environments. Going through various art schools and touring the world with his former band Free Pizza, Jesus comes into his… Read more »

Phurnne - To Love Lightly… ()

LP Edition of 250. First album — maybe even first physical release? — by this exquisitely odd Massachusetts-based trio of sound-collagers. Violinist, Jen Gelineau, is well known to FTR lovers via her work with Eggs Eggs and Donkey No No. Laptop cruncher Andrea Pensado has likewise released a solo album with us (Without Knowing Why FTR 203) as well as one with her old combo, Los Condenados (Yeppers FTR 126). New to us is electronics-and-tapes-shuffler Stephanie Germaine, but she proves to be a dab hand at making sonic events wiggle in the air like some many Chinese ash-snakes. Phurnne is around five years old at this point, but they have kept a low profile until now, thinking (perhaps) that the… Read more »

id m theft able - 2 Autoharps, A Snowmobile, Some Snowplows, A Premature Snowblower ()

CD Edition of 300. On the morning of January 20th 2019 I was woken up especially early at 8am (that’s early for me anyway) by the sound of freezing rain bouncing off my bedroom window.  Rather than trying to go back to sleep I impulsively got up, put on some clothes, brought my two autoharps, a digital recorder, a plastic tote (to protect the recorder from the elements) and an old card table outside, I set the autoharps up on the table so the freezing rain would hit the strings, placed the recorder in the tote next to the autoharps, pressed record, and this is what happened.

Home Body - Spiritus ( / / )

LP Edition of 250. Pressed by Burlington Record Plant Co-Released with Peace & Rhythm CS Pro-Dubbed by NAC. Edition of 500. Comes with download code. CD Edition of 500. Ghettoblaster Video Premiere “Comet” DNA Music Video Little Things Music Video Home Body Bandcamp Audio Femme Vents Magazine Broadway World It takes audacity to start a song with questions as big and unanswerable as “Where did we come from? Who are we really?” But for Western Massachsuetts duo Home Body, those kind of grand cosmic queries are totally natural, fitting snugly into music that digs deep and shoots for the stars. The soaring voice of Haley Morgan and the throbbing, hovering electronics of Eric Hnatow create songs that are always on the rise,… Read more »