Donkey No No - First Tape ()

LP Edition of 100. Numbered. Includes download code slip. Co-Release with Looky Here. Each cover is hand drawn by Hannah Brookman.   Documentation of the first meeting by this oddly titanic trio. Recorded may 16, 2015 at Fayrelawn Studios in Greenfield, Mass, one side indoors, one side outdoors. It’s interesting to hear how fully formed their musical theory was from the very beginning. Guitar, violin and cymbal (with occasional percussion) combine to create drony landscapes that have a wonderfully non-contemporary heft. Sure, there are howling passages that could only exist in the post-modern sonic universe, but there are other large swathes that lock into the non-time-stamped stateliness of early Dirty Three and the avant-hillbilly stylings of Pelt or Spiral Joy Band,… Read more »

Tracey Trance - Pyper Kub

Tracey Trance - Pyper Kub ()

Tracey Trance “Pyper Kub” LP Edition of 700 FOUND MY LAST BOX OF… The fact that many label went in on releasing this LP might give you the idea it’s a loser, but that is a fucking lie. Mr. Trance has been well-represented by a variety of cassettes over the past few years, but this is his first vinyl souvenir, and it’s what the kids call “a record worth keeping”. Describing Trance’s one-man-band schtick and naif vocal presence always seem like they’d be annoying when they’re described to me, but I am here to tell you the opposite is true. Indeed, the more I hear Tracey’s casio/guitar/thumper attack, and his Poindexter-on-helium vocals, the deeper the elemental quality of his simply-wrought… Read more »

Willie Lane - Guitar Army of One ()

LP Edition of 500 includes Download Code. Cover Art By Max Milgram Dusted Remastered reissue of the second brilliant Willie Lane LP released by Cord-Art, originally available (for a few moments, anyway) in 2012. Guitar Army of One is a bit less folk oriented than its predecessor, Known Quantity (FRT 413), in as much as there’s more electricity and pedals being employed. But Willie’s playing at this time was such a weird hybrid — from quiet country blues passages to blown psychedelic bong-wash in the blink of an eye – that no technique or approach was ruled out. Everything was permitted. Which led to some mind-bending results. As the album’s title infers, Willie is on his lonesome this time with nary… Read more »

Mako Sica - Manifest Being ()

LP Edition of 250 includes insert / Download code. Magnet A lot of people flipped out over how amazing Mako Sica’s last album, Ronda (FTR 409), was. Ronda was a 2LP set whereupon the Chicago trio collaborated with legendary local percussionist Hamid Drake. This pairing seemed like a natural to us, but for some reason people have been woefully unaware of Mako Sica despite the fact they’ve been releasing killer records for a decade, and playing live shows that submerge your brain in a sonic soup that recalls the Sun City Girls at their most psychedelically Eastern. The band’s approach to music feels almost alchemical. Trumpet, voice, guitar, drums and keys blend together in mysterious ways. The vocals are always… Read more »

Sex Tide - Flash Fuck / Vernacular Splatter ()

LP with download Edition of 250. I Was So Wrong Music Video In 2017 we released the Possession Sessions LP by this extraordinary Columbus Ohio outfit. And while we wait for them to conjure up new fields of beauytiful spew, we thought it might be a public service to make their first two EPs available as a single LP. Flash Fuck was released in 2013 by Tony Proccacino’s visionary grunt-punk concern, A Wicked Company. Vernacular Splatter came out two years later on the great Columbus label, Superdreamer. Both of these records set our hair (what little of it there is) on fire, so when Mike Rep told us he’d recorded Possession Sessions we were on that bad bot like bees… Read more »

Sea Moss - Bidet Dreaming ()

LP Edition of 250 Co-Released with Crash Symbols. Pre-Order Available – May 10th Release Date  First LP by this rather berserk Portland Oregon duo, made up of vocalist/electronics-scrambler Noa Ver and drummer/electronics-scamperer Zach D’Agostino. Our experience with Portland music had led us to believe it often has a mellow and/or gentle edge, but Sea Moss offer none of that. Their raucous, face-to-face approach to duo dynamism is as weirdly aggressive as anything that’s ever come out the dag end of Brooklyn or Providence, and that’s saying something.  Using homemade electronic devices that generate vast heaps of splutter and careenage, employing a percussive technique that would make Fred Flintstone proud, and singing into a microphone that makes everything sound like someone… Read more »

id m theft able - 2 Autoharps, A Snowmobile, Some Snowplows, A Premature Snowblower ()

CD Edition of 300. On the morning of January 20th 2019 I was woken up especially early at 8am (that’s early for me anyway) by the sound of freezing rain bouncing off my bedroom window.  Rather than trying to go back to sleep I impulsively got up, put on some clothes, brought my two autoharps, a digital recorder, a plastic tote (to protect the recorder from the elements) and an old card table outside, I set the autoharps up on the table so the freezing rain would hit the strings, placed the recorder in the tote next to the autoharps, pressed record, and this is what happened.

Beige - Beige ()

CS-90 with download slip. Edition of 100. Numbered. Pro-dubbed. Most humans in the 21st century seem bent on making patience less and less of a virtue, but Beige don’t care. On their first full-length release – called Beige – they’re not about to rush through a track so you have time to check your phone or finish fast because you have some TV show to catch up on. They take 84 minutes to get where they’re going, and they use every one of those clock-ticks wisely. Their music is efficiency elongated: each sonic step gets full opportunity to make an impression and build a bridge to the next, and they all take splendid advantage of that ripe chance. Stella Silbert and Liam… Read more »

Jon Collin - Water and Rock Music Volume II ()

LP Edition of 250. Download Code Included. Dusted The second volume of Water and Rock Music by British guitarist Jon Collin is another solid gambol in the outdoors. For much of this it sounds almost as though Mr. Collin is wearing a pair of hip waders and is up to his ass in a stream, casting for notes the way Hemingway casted for trout. His string bending recalls Loren Connors at points, but he has a manual approach to filigree Loren has never displayed. Notes bend and hovers, but they also flutter, and the combination of sounds is not quite like anything that’s preceded it. Some listeners have noted that the environmental sounds put them in mind of New Age… Read more »

MARS - N.N. End ()

LP Edition of 500. Includes insert / download code. Release Date – April 26th, 2019 – Pre-order available –  OUT OF PRINT! Barring some miraculous discovery (never out of the question!), this is the final LP in our series of LPs documenting the music of New York’s most amazing combo of the No Wave era.  From their more-quotidian beginnings as China, whose sound was influenced by the Velvets and Television, Mars mutated and grew in a variety of nearly unchartable directions. N.N. End documents the latter, immaculate stages of the band’s destruction of song forms once and for all. The A-side captures a live show at Max’s Kansas City in July 1978. They were still playing some of the songs… Read more »