Soloriens Native Unity Quartet featuring Marshall Allen - Aerials and Antennas ()

LP Edition of 500 Co-release with Ornesco Release Date – November 22nd, 2019 This first vinyl offering by a sporadically  20-something years unit, still extant, originally assembled under the name Cinema Soloriens by filmmaker/musician James Harrar in 1993, to play accompaniment to his films. The line-up usually includes legendary Sun Ra alto master (and current Arkestra leader) Marshall Allen with Harrar (who is also known for his work with Arthur Doyle and Daevid Allen), plus whoever else is tapped. For this date, recorded in Nashville back in 2016, the quartet was completed by a pair of under-documented musicians from the Atlanta underground — jazz percussionist, Kenito Murray, and new music-oriented bassist,  Maxwell Boecker. Together, the quartet unspools out two side… Read more »

Hôpital De La Conception - The Electric Rockin’ Chair ()

LP Edition of 300. (100 copies for each label) Co-produced by Opaque Dynamo (Fr), Cardinal Fuzz (Uk) & Feeding Tube Records (Usa) BANDCAMP It gives us a sense of spine tingling excitement to bring to you  ‘Hôpital De La Conception (The Electric Rockin’ Chair)’ , a real mind-destroyer for all you zealots of primitive electric guitar fury and the utter expression of instinctive command, a tantalizing charge of impenetrable origin, deeply infused in the savage fire and filled with unruly beauty. The so-called Hôpital De La Conception has  in order to maintain an aura of mystery and ensure the unacceptability of the band member(s)’ real identity; as a matter of fact, the only thing to feed our fantasies lies exclusively… Read more »

Bridget St. John - Live at Betsey Trotwood ()

LP Edition of 500 Co-Released with Shagrat Records Fifty years after her elegantly enchanting debut LP, Ask Me No Questions, was issued by John Peel’s Dandelion label, Bridget St. John releases her first live vinyl. About time! In the intervening decades, Ms. St. John issued four gorgeous LPs during the 1970s, then had a quiet spell after moving to the U.S. In the ’90s a sequence of crucial archival recordings on John Tobler’s Road Goes on Forever label, as well as Nigel Cross’s peerless Shagrat imprint. started appearing. She began playing live again as well, appearing at Phil McMullen’s Boston Terrastock among other places.  With the release of Live at the Betsey Trotwood, Bridget demonstrates to all and sundry that… Read more »

Owen Maercks - Kinds of Blue ()

LP Edition of 500. Included digital download code. Four decades after his last “solo” LP, Teenage Sex Therapist (FTR 153), Owen Maercks is back with a new one. Crazily, much of the same gang is on hand for Kinds of Blue. Guitarist Henry Kaiser was even the instigator of this project (as he so often is), suggesting it was time for Owen to cut the blues album they’d always talked about. Saxophonists Larry Ochs (ROVA) and John Oswald (Plunderphonics) are also back to blow gorgeous squalls. There’s a new rhythm section, in town — Doug Sovern on bass and Scott Amedola on drums — and they sound great. Laying down whatever sounds are required as a base for the most-cracked… Read more »

Danny Oxenberg + Bear Galvin + friends (Pillow Mt. Conspiracy) - Early Abstractions, Vol. 1 ()

LP Edition of 300. Three:four Records (Switzerland) and Feeding Tube Records (USA) are pleased to announce the release of  Early Abstractions, Vol. 1 by Danny Oxenberg (Supreme Dicks), Bear Galvin, and Friends (Pillow Mt. Conspiracy). Early Abstractions, Vol. 1 is the follow-up their 2016 release Late Superimpositions (three:four records), and contains recordings made in New York, Western Massachusetts, and Los Angeles…some old, some older, some relatively new, some borrowed, some blue. Maxime Guitton produces the album, with original art by Hippolyte Hentgen and design/layout by Darryl Norsen. Of their previous release Late Superimpositions, Singsing wrote: “Ce que ce duo flou ramène de telles pérégrinations est comme la carte brûlée d’un territoire authentiquement sauvage où mélodies radieuses et dissonances plus ou… Read more »

Idea Fire Company - The Light That Never Ceases To Fail ()

LP  Edition of 250. Download Slip Included. In my count, this is the 25th album by Amherst’s Idea Fire Company. And it a marvel of creative whackery that unfolds its charms like a glamorous stripper doing a matinee show at a well-lit coal mine. Many key auxiliary members have passed through IFCO’s ranks (Dr. Steve, Jessi Leigh Swenson, Meira O’Reilly, Franz de Waard, Graham Lambkin, Matt Krefting, etc.), but the core of the unit has always been Karla Borecky (catcher, piano) and Scott Foust (first base, trumpet/synth). On The Light they are joined by bassist, Mike Popovich (a long-time Foust colluder), and the results are an album of unqualified beauty. Karla’s piano is the central focus here, employing a simple… Read more »

Nothing On Semble - Corners and There Places ()

CS Edition of 250 with Download Code. Pro-Dubbed. Deepest Hole Music Video.  Herewith, the first expression of the newest project helmed by Brooklyn polymath, Curtis Godino (known for his work with light shows and visual art as much as for his most excellent musical combo, Worthless [FTR 417]). Mellotron is often Curtis’ sonic weapon of choice, and his expressively modal use of the instrument makes Justin Hayward sound like, well…Justin Hayward.  In Curtis’ hands, this ungainly behemoth of a keyboard retains a massive sort of prog pompery that is equal parts majesty and idiocy. The instrumental sections build weirdly ornate sky castles, which are larded with presumably heisted spoken sections, or cloud-like vocals, often resembling Ummagumma-era Floyd in all its… Read more »

Ned Collette / James Rushford / Joe Talia - Afternoon-Dusk ()

LP Edition of 300 Includes Download Code. Ned Collette’s last album, the 2LP set Old Chestnut (FTR 362), was hailed as a masterpiece by ‘most everyone who heard it. Part of this was due to the darkly delicate lyrics and vocals of Ned himself (akin to the work of Graeme Jefferies, ca. This Kind of Punishment), but much was also due to the elegant lyricism of the music, which had a fantastic prog/folk heft as impossible to peg as it was to ignore. With this new LP, Collette (an Australian ex-pat, now based in Berlin) goes all-instrumental, along with his long-time drumming partner, Joe Talia (fellow ex-pat, now in Tokyo), and composer James Rushford (also from Australia) on viola. The… Read more »

Aircraft - Sideways/Backwards ()

LP edition of 250. Includes Download Code. Aircraft was the name Steve Cohen used for the largely unknown and quite fantastic synthesizer music he was creating in NYC in the ’80s. This was in the same period Steve was in the late-period No Wave band, China Shop, along with guitarist Naux (who would go on to play with the Voidoids) and percussionist Richard Edson (whose next band was Sonic Youth). Steve had been active in the NYC sub-underground since the ’70s, even playing at Giorgio Gomelsky’s legendary “Zu Music Festival” in 1978. Steve pops up playing bass on various odd sessions with various odd musicians like the late painter-turned-punker-turned-funkateer Snuky Tate, among others. But very few had heard the music… Read more »

Abronia - The Whole Of Each Eye

LP Edition 490 (300 x Black & 190 x 2 Colour Swirl Vinyl) Co-Released with Cardinal Fuzz Post Trash Premiere psychedelicbabymag Premiere Release Date – October 25th, 2019 – Pre-order available.  BLACK VINYL COLOUR VINYL Massively ripped sophomore LP by this Portland OR psych sextet. Half of the line-up has shifted in the two years since their great debut album, but the same berserk stack of musical elements remains on the table.  A lot of bands who fly the psych banner these days have a minimalist view of the music, and choose a sort of post-shoegaze lassitude to present their “vision.” This can be astoundingly great, of course, but it also fails to address the central gobble-crazed nature of true psychedelia…. Read more »