Matthew J. Rolin - Matthew J. Rolin ()

LP Edition of 250 We’re excited to release the debut solo LP by Matthew J. Rolin, currently a resident of Columbus Ohio. Rolin cut his teeth with garage and psych outfits in Cleveland, appearing on vinyl by Shoreway, and Nowhere before he found himself adrift and wandering in the direction of Chicago at the end of 2016. Matthew had always been a fan of Jim O’Rourke’s brilliant Bad Timing LP (Drag City, 1997), and when he caught a set by Ryley Walker soon after arriving in the city, he decided to throw himself into developing his acoustic chops. Without really knowing much about the history or context of the American Primitive/Concert Steel String scene, he managed to create a distinctive… Read more »

Million Brazilians - Urban Fossickated Octave ()

LP edition of 250. Beautiful new LP (the seventh, I believe), from this wonderfully abstract outfit, who were birthed in the shadow of Smegma (Portland, OR), but have since relocated to Maine.  The foundational members of the band are Grant Corum (keyboards, vocals, tin whistle, vocals) and Suzanne Stone (alto sax, khene, vocals). For this album, recorded by Big Blood’s Caleb Mulkerin, they are joined by Caleb himself (tape loops & treatments) and Tom Kovacevic (piano & synth), both of whom played together back in Cerberus Shoals. The quartet is hot. Even when it’s a trio.  The music has a blocked-out and dreamy quality, with jazzoid touches and perhaps less of an ethnographic quality than some of the band’s work…. Read more »

Willie Lane - A Pine Tree Shilling’s Worth

LP Edition of 500. Includes Download code. Proud we are to reissue the final piece of Willie Lane’s original Cord-Art LP trilogy. It was recorded in various spots throughout Western Mass, in the years following the release of Guitar Army of One. Initially issued in 2016, in an edition of 350, this lovely session disappeared into the fog of the forest before most folks were able to catch its scent. Now it has re-emerged with re-interpreted cover art by Max Milgram, and sonics we think will please even the most finicky listener. A Pine Tree Shilling’s Worth is my personal fave of Willie’s first three Cord-Art LPs. It has a hazily unstoppable flow, incorporating elements of American Primitive and Bay… Read more »

Liz Durette - Delight ()

LP Edition of 250 Release Date – January 17th, 2020 – Pre-order available – A very whacked new outing from Baltimore keyboard genius Liz Durette. Her earlier albums had a certain avant jazz approach, tempered perhaps by certain new music proclivities. And while I do not doubt she still has the chops for such things, Delight is a horse of an entirely different color. What’s here was all done on keyboards, but at times it sounds like insane calliope music for wicked children with a taste for that old waltz beat. The whole first side could be the soundtrack for a surreal film about dead Viennese courtiers high-stepping their way around the Bardo as though it were a hedge maze…. Read more »

Soloriens Native Unity Quartet featuring Marshall Allen - Aerials and Antennas ()

LP Edition of 500 Co-release with Ornesco This first vinyl offering by a sporadically  20-something years unit, still extant, originally assembled under the name Cinema Soloriens by filmmaker/musician James Harrar in 1993, to play accompaniment to his films. The line-up usually includes legendary Sun Ra alto master (and current Arkestra leader) Marshall Allen with Harrar (who is also known for his work with Arthur Doyle and Daevid Allen), plus whoever else is tapped. For this date, recorded in Nashville back in 2016, the quartet was completed by a pair of under-documented musicians from the Atlanta underground — jazz percussionist, Kenito Murray, and new music-oriented bassist,  Maxwell Boecker. Together, the quartet unspools out two side long gushes of splotchy pan-generic FLOW…. Read more »

Fred Lane and his Disheveled Monkeybiters - Icepick To The Moon ()

LP Edition of 400 with download code.  OUT OF PRINT. More copies available at Forced Exposure  A Man Of Two Names Rev.Fred Lane: When in Rome, DON’T Do As The Romans D0 Amazingly, here is the glorious (long-delayed) follow-up to Fred Lane’s 1988 Shimmy Disc LP, Car Radio Jerome. In the wake of that surreal masterpiece, Shimmy announced an LP called Icepick to the Moon, but it took 31 years to wrestle this slab of bacon to the mat. And you’ll be glad we did. Icepick takes up where Jerome left off. As inhabited by visual artist, Tim Reed, “Fred Lane” (I’ll drop the quote marks after this) is a lounge crooner with smoothly classic vocal chops and a taste… Read more »

Joseph Allred - Traveler ()

LP Edition of 300 . includes download Release Date – January 3rd, 2020. Pre-order available – Welcome to the second album we’ve done with string maestro, Joseph Allred. Unlike O Meadowlark (FTR 451), this one features a smattering of Joseph’s vocals, although his main thrust is still glistening instrumentals. The title song is a goddamn sad one, sung with reedy elegance, dealing with a kidnapped dog that serves as a stand-in for all earthly beings, full of both frailty and resilience. Another vocal track, “The Crown” (which inspired the cover art), stems from a long conversation Joseph had with Max Ochs. It squeezes the inherently surreal aspects of dream-walking into semi-conventional blues tautology, and the fit is just right. The… Read more »

Mosquitoes - Vortex Veering Back To Venus ( / )

12″ (45rpm) Edition of 250 1st Pressing – Out Of Print  2nd pressing – transparent mint color vinyl  Rum Music For August Reviewed By Jennifer Lucy Allan I Feel Like A Porsche The aural pleasure created by this somewhat mysterious trio of London musicians continues to accrue. After two fine self-released records (one a 7”, th’ other a 12”), and the superb Drip Water Hollow Out Stone on the great Ever/Never label, Feeding Tube is honored to present the Mosquitoes’s latest assault on the temples of beauty. The music on Vortex is of a piece with earlier recordings. By this, I mean there is a wonderfully “out” approach to basic rock instrumentation and vocals, which detourns the basic assumptions listeners… Read more »

Big Blood - The Daughters Union ()

LP Edition of 250 Includes Download Code. Second Pressing – 3 Color Swirl Forced Exposure has copies… Raven Sings the Blues review Recorded a bit before the last Big  Blood slab we released — Operate Spaceship Earth Properly (FTR 385) — The Daughter’s Union represents the true introduction of Caleb and Colleen’s daughter,  Quinnisa as a full member of Big Blood. The Maine-based duo had been using Quinnisa as their secret hard rock weapon for quite a while, so it is gratifying as heck to see her finally get her due! In their new fully-fledges trio guise, Big Blood puff themselves up like a most splendid glam rock peacock, fairly bursting with readymade-riffs and inspirational high kicking energy bursts. Initially,… Read more »

Dalthom - Voices & Ragui ()

LP Edition of 50. Black light edition / Rozz Tox Art Edition. No digital download included. Co-Release with Poon Village Temporarily out of stock…waiting for the paint to dry… Sometimes, when a record waits in the wings before it’s released, things shift. The world in which it was recorded is not the world into which it eventually sallies forth. The classic example of this is Deja Vu, mostly recorded in the glow of post-Woodstock-cheese-love, only to take its first breath in the aftermath of Altamont and Manson, just as Kent State was about to explode. And there are plenty of other examples, from Tesco Vee’s Gonzo Hate Vibe to Can’s Landed, but let us not dwell on them. Because with… Read more »