Gary Wilson - A Beautiful Bliss ()

LP Edition of 100. Numbered. Cover Photo by Jessy Parr By our count, this is the 18th album by the Lord of Endicott, patron saint to everyone who ever went on a blind date. For this session, Gary took to his bedroom with just his wig, his dog and his keyboard for company. Given the situation, one might expect this album would be a toss-off, but when Gary decides he’s going to do something he does it right. And so it is here. The setting and arrangements are intimate, resulting in a record that’s something like “Pillow Talk with Mr. Wilson.” Gary doesn’t mince any words here. ALL the songs are about romance in bloom, the roads leading to and… Read more »

Viewer - True Friend Record ()

LP + Download. Edition of 200. Release Date – December 1st, 2017 – PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE There can be no denying that Shannon and Beverly Ketch are as dedicated a pair of freaks as you’ll run into in a month of Sundays. Indefatigable supporters of the Western Mass sub-underground, they’ve done backwoods music festivals, run a DIY club and gallery, and make music that emerges straight from the earth on which they live. Previous ensembles include Bunwinkies, Jow Jow, and many more, but Viewer is (at least as of this recording) a totally homegrown duo project. The music is quiet throughout, but manifests itself in a wide variety of ways. There are lightly surging tracks where Bev’s vocals and the mood… Read more »

Meadow House - This Should Not Be Happening ()

LP Edition of 200. Release Date – December 1st, 2017 – Pre-Order Available I first heard of Dan Wilson (the fellow behind Meadow House, Radionics Radio and a quarter of post-electronics quartet Oscillatorial Binnage) back in 2005 when a friend turned me on to his brilliant radio programs on London’s Resonance 104.4 FM. These shows chronicle the misadventures of a hermetic renaissance man who leaves cassettes full of his home recorded “songs” scattered around the city like litter (a practice known as “tape dropping”). You might find such a tape wrapped in a suicide note, or on a toilet seat in a public restroom or the floor of a subway train. Wilson’s compositions from this period, which were performed on… Read more »

Donkey No No - 6.13.17 ( / )

Edition of 20. Numbered.  12″ lathe. Unlike some of their more deviously zoned sessions, this recording catches Donkey No No in a reflective and ruralist mood. Omeed’s guitars, Jen’s violin, and Ted’s bowed cymbal all sound like something Bob Dylan would have listened to as a way of negating a bad hangover while on the Rolling Thunder tour. Notes and drones are carefully placed, allowing lots of breathing room to exist on their margins. Probably so that Bob’s head can stop its throbbing. And one can easily imagine, Dylan, sitting on the commode, slowly chewing on an Egg McMuffin, while he awaits the arrival of his poop de jour, wondering what it would sound like if Bruce Langhorne was playing… Read more »

Lords Of Thyme - The Future Of Things Past ()

LP Edition of 400. No Download code included.  Co-Release With Shagrat Records Release Date – Dec.1st – PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE   I have learned over the years that when Nigel Cross (founder of Bucketfull of Brains fanzine and the Shagrat label) speaks, it’s worth paying attention. Thus, when he began telling us about this great UK quartet, we sat up straight. His descriptions of their action, name-checking Joe Boyd’s Witchseason Productions, Shelagh McDonald’s debut LP and much else inspired unbridled longing. The Lords cut a 7” and a couple of CDs for the elusive Sunstone label, but Nigel managed to get them to agree to putting together this odds ‘n sods collection for American consumption. The process of getting this record… Read more »

Curse Purse - Tyfus ()

7″ Edition of 150. Numbered.    Cover by Dennis Tyfus Although this record is purported to be the goodbye kiss from Curse Purse, we have also heard that Gary Panter (the King of the Hippies) has hidden away some secret tapes of the band which may some day see the light of wicked dawn. But for now, this is “it” from Mr. Panter’s favorite trio. And hey, they had a good run, especially considering they were something like an off-shoot of Egg Eggs (that most baroque of all dither-rock units) even if not all of them ever appear on the same Egg Eggs release. But during their run, they really sorta fucked god where he lived. The combination of Miss… Read more »

chik white - stranger calls to land ()

LP with download.  Edition of 250 Release Date – November 3rd, 2017 – PREORDER AVAILABLE (ships by end of September) Over the past few years, we started hearing solo jaw harp cassettes by a Canadian musician who called himself chik white. Some of them were straight-forward somewhat-folky blasts of righteousness, others used studio effects to emphasize the psychedelic qualities of the instrument (or so it seemed), and others were nature-based explorations of the jaw harp’s drone possibilities. Heard individually they were striking, but listened to as a group, they went way beyond that. We got in touch with chik (the soubriquet for Darcy Spidle when he’s playing in this format) and suggested doing an LP that would provide a thorough… Read more »

Jean-Baptiste Favory - Things Under: Organic Compositions for Guitars and Electronics ()

LP Edition of 300. Release Date – Nov.3rd, 2017 – PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE Because we are heathens, we first heard about J-B Favory when we reissued Los Lichis’s incredible 2LP set, Dog (FTR 229). Favory was the one non-Mexican member of the ensemble, traveling once a year (or so) to collude with the insane artists of Los Lichis. Had we been less dim, we would have known Favory was an avant composer of note, having served as an assistant to Luc Ferrari and Gavin Bryars, before setting off on his own musique concrete path. He is also the co-host of the longest-running experimental music radio show, Epsilonia (on the anarchist Radio Libertaire), and a guy whose recordings are well loved by… Read more »

Niko Karlsson - Valosta Valoon ()

LP Edition of 300. Release Date – Oct.20th – PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE.   Viewed from the American sub-underground (aka our headquarters), the Finnish scene always looks like a haven of freaks. Surely there are lots of dull rock, pop and rap outfits from this chilly and heavily forested country, but they don’t get exported, so we don’t have to hear them. The Finnish bands we’ve known and loved are psych, prog, hardcore, free jazz, and post-form monsters of all shapes and sizes. A new name to add to the list of Deadly Finns (thanks, Eno) is Niko Karlsson. Well, not entirely new. He had a few very good and different bands called Navigations, Orange Hora and Altaat (all of whom have recordings out there)… Read more »

Men & Volts - A Giraffe Is Listening to the Radio ()

LP Edition of 300. Release Date – Oct.20th – PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE Men & Volts was one of Boston’s great bands, and I was sorry to see them fold up their tent in 1993. I had always known they started as a combo dedicated to playing the music of Capt. Beefheart & the Magic Band, but I was not in Beantown during this era, and thus missed the few shows they played in their original format. Over the years I have bugged David Greenberger (who I knew through his work with The Duplex Planet, etc.) about tapes of this material, but he always claimed it was not really up to snuff. Eventually, however, I wore him down and he turned over… Read more »