Format: lp

Frank Hurricane - Mountain Brew Light ()

LP Edition of 500. Frank Hurricane is a steward of benevolent mischief, and there is no slowing his holy roll. He has inhaled deeply from a wide swath of this country’s bizarre atmospheres, and when he exhales one gets the distinct impression that he might actually be making some sort of sense out of an entire host of experiences that might otherwise simply confuse and confound. Frank has yanked terms such as “spiritual” or “haunted” down from their ridiculous alters and placed them into tactile, more nuanced tonal motifs. The words don’t take on new meanings per se, but they do exhibit new shades, new hints of character. And character is something sorely lacking in these rotten times. Frank Hurricane… Read more »

Angela Sawyer - On the Pedestrian Side ()

LP Edition of 400. Co-Release with WeirdEar I remember back when Herbert Khaury kicked the bucket, 20 years ago this month. Everyone was wondering who would be the next Tiny Tim? Who would save the ukulele from itself? Some said it would be Jim Beloff, but that guy’s too square to do anything. Some said it would be Keiji Haino, but he wouldn’t sing words. And so, here, two decades out, we have finally decided to toss the crown to Angela Sawyer. This new album, On the Pedestrian Side, has been compared to a more stripped down version of the work Ms. Sawyer does with Exusamwa, and there is a certain sense to that. But a canny listener will be… Read more »

Urochromes - Anthology ()

LP with Download. Edition of 413. Down to the last box! Don’t delay! An overview of the vector, thus far anyway, of this bracing post-core duo/trio/whatever who were once based in Western Mass, and are now scattered between Mass, L.A. and Montreal. The hub of the band is vocalist, Jackieboy, and guitarist, Dick Riddick. According to Jackie, the initial idea was to do “a knuckle dragging hardcore chrome kinda mash up with drum machine. My concept as vocalist was to front the band as a Jewish New Yorker stand-up comedian who’s found himself fronting a punk band and is trying to roll with the punches. Originally I wanted the live performances to be half stand-up and half music but dropped this… Read more »

Angela Sawyer - Croaks ()

LP Edition of 300 One of the highlights of early DEVO live shows was a song Booji Boy sang called, “The Words Get Stuck in My Throat.” It was kind of a sappy tune, about little hidden microphones and Viewmasters and shit, but it made a huge impression on Angela Sawyer when, still in swaddling clothes, she heard it on a bootleg tape recorded it at Max’s Kansas City. She would sit in front of the family Walkman all day and play that song over and over again. It became, what she calls, “the theme song of my youth.” In the years between that epiphany and this LP, Ms. Sawyer has worn many bonnets. She has been in “bands” like… Read more »

Palberta - Hot On The Beach ( / )

LP Edition of 360. Remixed, remade, remodeled vinylization of Palberta’s JMC Aggregate cassette of 2016. Hot on the Beach is another great leap sideways by this glorious post-tongue trio. The four brutarian tracks on the a-side are shards of songs reductive enough to have earned their “no wave” deal of approval without breaking a sweat. But as usual, Anina Lily and Nina manage to make this ug-thrust co-exist with a whacked-out feel more in line with late ’70s UK scribblers like the Raincoats or Big in Japan. Really fine. On the second side they do a single extended track called “Prolly for the Best” that sounds something like a dance 12” released by 99 Records, recorded anonymously and very drunkenly… Read more »

Four Thing - Four Thing ()

LP Edition of 500 with Mp3 Download – Digital Download Zach Phillips was a fixture in the Brattleboro scene for a good many years. As a member of Blanche Blanch Blanche and Big French (among others), as well as the creator of many solo projects under various guises, runner of the OSR label, and all around Renaissance handyman,  Phillips moved to Brooklyn a while back. Once ensconced there he began playing as half of CE Schneider Topical, and generally stirring up the same kinds of mytery-aktion which had marked his Northern existence. Four Thing is the result of one his more oblique strategies. Ostensibly a surrealist parlor game involving four objects, four players, and four potential event sequences, Four Thing (the record),… Read more »

Myriam Gendron-Not So Deep As A Well

Myriam Gendron - Not So Deep As A Well ()

Myriam Gendron “Not So Deep As A Well” LP Edition of 500 4th Pressing Solace Music Video NEWS! FUCKINRECORDREVIEWS named MYRIAM GENDRON’S NOT SO DEEP AS A WELL Best Record of 2014!! The debut LP by Montreal’s Myrian Gendron is one of this year’s signature releases. We had previously been made aware of Myriam when she performed at the Michael Hurley cover tune showcase at the Casa del Popolo. That event, tied to l’Oie de Cravan’s publication of The Words to the Songs of Michael Hurley, introduced Myriam as a wonderful if spectral guitarist and singer, whose signature sound was as light as it was intoxicating. Her next performance was an event including the American poet Charles Plymell, and she… Read more »

Los Lichis - Dog ()

2LP with Inserts / Download PITCHFORK    SPECTRUM CULTURE    DUSTED    ROOTSWORLD This deep into the Internet Era it’s unusual to discover a weird-ass band who’ve been active and recording since the ’90s without ever appearing as a blip on any known radar screen. Yet, here are Los Lichis — a Mexican music/art collective whose recording history goes back 19 years and whose sound is as powerful and strange as any combo around. Some might suggest that Mexico is not known for its underground sonic emanations, but we’ve long dug artists like Loch Ness, Chac Mool, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, Los Llamarada, and various improv-types we hear about from folks who tour down there. Some of Mexico’s punk and… Read more »

Guerilla Toss - Live in Nashville ()

LP. Edition of 800 FACTMAG IMPOSEMAGAZINE Guerilla Toss Live in Nashville reminds me of the Frank Zappa You Can’t Do That Onstage Anymore series where the arrangements and delivery on the studio versions were so near impossible that they could not possibly be recreated live. Zappa and Co. gladly proved all naysayers wrong. Remember that time when Bill Graham bet the Grateful Dead they couldn’t pull off the Blues For Allah album live? Sure you do. The Dead went into the Great American Music Hall and kicked Graham’s ass. This is what G-Toss achieves here. What a band. I mean damn, what a band. Like one of the first great bands of the new century great. Who would you compare… Read more »

Curse Purse - Curse Purse With Gary Panter ()

12″ Edition of 37. Numbered. OUT OF PRINT! Because their debut 12” was such a marvel, Curse Purse decided revisit the format, and this time they hauled along guitarist Gary Panter for a ride in the clown car. For those who have never experienced them, Curse Purse (the basic) is a trio with Olivia Kennett on suqeedles and voice, Matt Robidoux on guitar and voice, and “Ted” Lee on drum, guitar and voice. To them, form is nothing but an obstacle to be overcome and parodied. And though he has proven himself to be a thoughtful and cunning string agent in most settings, it appears these three scalawags have subverted the approach of Mr. Panter as well. The sound they… Read more »