Format: cd-r

Tarp + Arkm Foam - Do Synthesizers Draw Electronic Sheep? ( / )

Reissue of a cassette we recorded live, dubbed and gave away to the attendees of Joshua Burkett & Conrad Capistran’s “Do Synthesizers Draw Electronic Sheep?” show at Rozz Tox Art. Pro-Dubbed , Hand Stamped Cassettes. Edition of 50.   CASSETTE VERSION       CDr VERSION  Edition of 50.    

Lauri McNamara - My Subversive Lifestyle _ No Make Up, No Bra ()

CDr Edition of 50. Numbered. Only a couple copies left of the tour cdr we cut for Lauri’s tour with Jenifer Gelineau. She wanted to record her hits. Even though ever song she writes is a hit. They never leave your head. Don’t fear the truth, thanks doll face!  

Snaps 'n Claps - Greatest Hits

Snaps 'n Claps - Greatest Hits ()

Cdr Girl Group covers by casio and melodica duo featuring lovely and naive harmonies. Get this beaut before they’re all gone! Erin “Snaps” Schneider & Andrea “Claps” Love brings the classic hits and some new ones to boot. An amazing and wonderful joy to hold and listen to! “Like falling in love again and again” -Ted Lee of Feeding Tube Records  


ZEBU! - The $2 CD ()

Recorded on 1.14.07 at The Confetti House in Amherst, MA Except for track 10 which was recorded on 9.13.06 at Mod 50 Enfield, Hampshire College. OUT OF PRINT!