Format: lp

A: Pfeffer Kwitter - Peller ()

LP Edition of 200. Includes Download slip. What effect does geography have on music? Whereas I consider this group a quintessentially Western MA group of individuals, I consider this a very Pacific Northwest album. Part of this is my own bias – when I first met Chris, Jess and Dan, they were all living in Western MA and I was in Eastern MA. And when they recorded this album in the Pacific Northwest, I had just moved to the Pacific Northwest. Though Chris & Jess had lived and created music in the Bay Area and Portland Maine prior to their tenure in Western MA and have since moved back to the Bay Area, their music (Fat Worm of Error, Angst… Read more »

Bruce Russell / Noel Meek - Classical Music ()

LP Edition of 250. Comes with Download Code. You know that old phrase, “Teach a penguin to cuss, and you’ll never have to buy another comedy record?” I’m sure you do. But what about its codicil? “Teach a guitarist to play synth, and you’ll never have to buy a new age record?” If you know that one, you might well be put off by the fact  this album features one of New Zealand’s most wickedly post-tongue guitar players fiddling about with oscillators and analog synths (in concert with a guy who does this stuff all the time). But you need not fear. The only New Age being brunted about here is the same one Fahey disemboweled back in ’97. An… Read more »

(New England) Patriots - Patriots ()

LP Edition of 300. Numbered.  SOLD OUT ON OUR END… NE PATS & FORCED EXPOSURE HAS THE REMAINING COPIES. First actual vinyl record dedicated entirely to the music of Boston’s boss post-core art-punk trio. There other two long players are splits, with Palberta (FTR166) and Skimask. And while those two bands are certainly estimable in their own rights, the unadulterated CHURN of (NE) Patriots gives this album a very special squirm. Certain aspects of the blabber still make me think of the late, lamented Cows, and their whole whizzing raunch shebang. But there’s nothing in my personal listening history that has this exact brand of sonic adventurism. The Pats still just use guitars, drums and tongues at work in shaping… Read more »

Alison Cotton - All Is Quiet At The Ancient Theatre ()

LP Edition of 500 comes with Download Code. Co-Released with Cardinal Fuzz.    Bandcamp The Quietus Albums of the Year 2018 – No.49 !! DUSTED MAGAZINE BLACK VINYL – OUT OF PRINT COLOR VINYL – OUT OF PRINT Alison Cotton may be best known as one half of The Left Outsides as well as being a name to be found on many of the finest folk/drone/experimental contemporary recording artists releases via her sonorous Viola playing. So, both Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records (U.S.A.) can bring to you via the medium of Vinyl, Alison Cotton’s debut release – “All Is Quiet At The Ancient Theatre” (after 3 sold out runs via Bloxham Tapes). Over 35 minutes Alison Cotton casts you… Read more »

Dire Wolves - Paradisiacal Mind ()

LP Edition of 500. Co-Released with Cardinal Fuzz. BLACK VINYL OUT OF PRINT! COLOR VINYL (deep mauve marble) Downbeat Review Unfettered and Alive Music Video  Paradisiacal Mind, the group’s tenth (or possibly twelfth?) full-length since 2008, conjures a floating stellular kraut Americano with quite a lot to pull you in to the mix and then drift you right back out again. Following two simultaneous 2017 releases – on Feeding Tube and Beyond Beyond Is Beyond – that explored out-of-body experience, this latest work turns decidedly inward. Psychic rock that guides your vision to heaven, and heaven is in your mind. When cover artist Kyla Quigley asked the band to draw from the tarot to inform her new work, the card… Read more »

Michael Hurley - Living Ljubljana ()

LP. No Download included. Vinyl District Review Aquarium Drunkard Review Raven Sings The Blues Review Paste Magazine Review In March 1995, soon after the German Veracity label issued Wolfways, and just before they did Parsnips Snips (Hurley’s first vinyl after an nine year drought), the Great Snock undertook his first European tour. Joined by bassist Robert Michener (from the Richmond scene Hurley’d been involved in) and percussionist Mickey Bones (legendary Boston drummer & bones player), Hurley hit a bunch of places and Germany and also KLUB K4 in Ljulljana Slovenia, where this set was recorded. The sound is beautiful, the band plays with lazy perfection, and Hurley’s vocals are energetically melodic. He does some songs that were only released on… Read more »

ZEBU! - Owsley ()

LP Edition of 100. Includes Insert / Download Slip. BANDCAMP! Fifth vinyl LP by this bi-coastal duo whose last record (2012’s Chill Wave FTR082) was a goddamn SURF album. And indeed, there are still grains of sand audible in the tones Steve D’Ag wrenches out of his guitar, but the main influence/what-have-ya this time is mind-expanding drugs, and their influence on music. As all good heads know there was a direct connection between surf rock and acid rock. Rick Griffin did the early fliers for his high school buddies, The Challengers, long before he became the king of underground comix/poster art. And listening to an album like Beat of the Earth’s eponymous debut, you can almost hear the Brotherhood of… Read more »

Sunflare - ON ()

LP Edition of 300 (125 in Color Vinyl) With Download Slip.  Bandcamp. BLACKL VINYL – OUT OF PRINT! COLOR VINYL – OUT OF PRINT! After three previous releases of brain frying high volume pedal to the metal freak-outs Sunflare are at last back to bring some serious brain buzzing primitive punk scorch to a prevailing M.O.R. psych scene in need of some serious face melting. Hailing from Lisboa, Portugal – Sunflare are a scorchin’ power trio specialising in High Energy Psychedelic Speed Freak wipe outs. ON is here to fry minds and with a driving rhythm section that brings new meaning to the word relentless and a guitar player that is perpetually free form feedback soloing over every second committed… Read more »

Trimdon Grange Explosion - S/T ()

LP Edition of 500 Comes with Download Code. Co-Released with Cardinal Fuzz BLACK VINYL – OUT OF PRINT COLOR VINYL Back in the early Oughts, there was a great UK folk rock combo called The Eighteenth of May. They did one album and cut out. Trimdon Grange Explosion is that band, minus two members, and their debut LP kicks up one of the finest blends of UK folk and West Coast psych since the glory days of Fairport. Alison Cotton and Mark Nicholas (also of Left Outsides) comprise half the band, alongside guitarist Ben Phillipson and drummer Karl Sabino. And their vibe is akin to a classic Witchseason production. Ringing layers of psychedelic guitars, backed by throbbing rhythms and stacks of… Read more »

Creative Healing - Low Effort Social Events ()

Creative Healing LP Edition of 200 New Massachusetts combo mixing the folks from Hollow Deck (Andy Allen & Mia Friedman) with three old pals who also passed through the Ran Blake Paddle Tunnel at NE Conservatory (Katie McShane, Jesse Heasly and Nick Neuberg). The results are, as the old men say, a real gas. Although it’s not a constant, there are moments throughout this album where the swonky collision of sax, guitar and drums puts me in mind of several classic versions of Beefheart’s Magic Band. Nothing along those lines in the vocal department (which are often delivered as casually as they might be by MX-80’s Rich Stim), but some of the harmonic threads are definitely of a Vlietian ilk…. Read more »